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A Happier Man, Issue #102--Masculine Male Shoulders
December 13, 2017

Issue # 102

Masculine Male Shoulders

You need strong, muscular masculine male shoulders to live a good, healthy life where you can do most things for yourself. You cannot live well if you are hurting or so weak that you need help to do the simplest tasks.

Big, powerful, muscular shoulders are not so much about how you look. It is how you feel. You want to feel strong, healthy and able to do all the weight training you want and get involved in whatever adventurous activities that thrill you the most.

Of course, you will look better. Big, rounded, muscular shoulders look fantastic with your shirt on or off.

It feels good to have a pretty girl her head on your shoulder. It also feels good to pick a girl up off the ground when you are getting to know her.

Both are benefits of healthy masculine male shoulders.

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