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A Happier Man, Issue #105--Masculine Male Chest
January 01, 2018

Issue # 105

Masculine Male Chest

You may not need a big, powerful masculine male chest to live a good life. But most men would prefer it. A big, thick, muscularly powerful makes you look better, feel better and fills out your shirt and suits.

Plus, if your chest is big, you can still look good if your belly is on the big side.

Of course, a flatter belly is better, healthier and sexier. But, if you have a big chest, you still look masculine while you are working toward a flatter belly.

So work on your chest.

It's satisfying to work your chest in the gym. Normally you will see and feel the effects right away from chest training. It is a big muscle. You can study yourself in the mirror and notice a bit of size gains and the fat around the outside reducing.

It feels good to have a pretty girl rest her head on your masculine male chest, especially in bed after a good sex romp.

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