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A Happier Man, Issue #017 -- Take a Stand
February 25, 2016

Take a Stand

The moments where you take a stand will define your life. It is almost as if your life is a series of inconsequential events punctuated by a few brief, moments where you either rise to the occasion, make something of your life, or step back, avoid doing what you need to do and fade back into nothingness.

I know this seems harsh and cruel to define someones life,but that is how it is. How can a great life for you be anything other than you taking a stand? The better you want your individual life, the more you will take a stand.

My life has been mostly this down cycle of not doing much with occasional bursts of something real, something great, something fun and even something monumental thrown in.

You will not have any kind of life at all without doing this. You know I am right. You know this is said over and over again and yet you still ignore it.

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