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A Happier Man, Issue #26-- Weekend Travel
June 20, 2016

Weekend Travel

I have always loved weekend travel.

We didn't do much weekend traveling when I was a kid. There were 3 kids and money did not seem to be abundant. Then as a teenager we had a small farm and the cattle to tend every day.

In college, I started to enjoy weekend travel.

My freshmen year I traveled from my Platteville, my school, to Lacrosse for the annual Oktoberfest celebration in late September. Drinking, carousing, laughing, cavorting with drunken girls, seeing the sights of a different city, all condensed into a Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning.

It was fantastic. Except for the hungover drive back to school on Sunday afternoon and the extreme amount of extra homework, later that Sunday night.

But I forgot about the hangover pain and overwork pain by Halloween when I jumped in one of my new friends car to go to Madison for one of the largest Halloween parties in the country.

The house parties, bars and streets were packed with Halloween revelers and I joined in.

I spent many happy years as a young man, traveling on weekends and having fun.

During my married life with children...not so much.

But almost immediately after I left my wife I went back to my happier lifestyle of weekend travel. Mostly on the extreme cheap for most of the years and now as my finances are getting stabilized, I can relax more about the money and actually spend some.

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Weekend Travel

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