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A Happier Man, Issue #29-- Get Serious About Your Life
July 09, 2016

Get Serious About Your Life

You need to get serious about your life. If you are foundering or struggling or things are not going your way, you need to make changes.

It is time you let the desires, opinions and coercive demands of others take a back seat to what you want. You only have a little time left, you know.

Get Serious About Your Life Before it's Too Late

The clock is ticking. The relentlessness of aging waits for no one. If you continue to stay in dysfunctional relationships or stagnating jobs or an unsatisfying lifestyle without making serious plans to make the dramatic changes you need to make your life better, your life will not get better.

Massive changes are in order.

You need your life to be great or be working on it.

Any other way you will be quite unhappy...maybe miserable...maybe even borderline suicidal.

I spent too much of my life living in a miserable marriage and in other extremely difficult circumstances to waste any more of my precious time.

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Serious About Your Life

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