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A Happier Man, Issue #42-- Live as You Want
September 24, 2016

Live as You Want

You have to live as you want to have a great life.

The problem is that no one around you is interested in you doing what you want to to do.

No one.

That's why you have to go on-line to read articles, listen to podcasts and watch videos made by people you don't know who seem to have a better life than you.

And they seem to be interested in sharing that information with you and encouraging you to go after whatever it is that you want.

That's what I did. I needed to search out information from a wide variety of sources to begin to turn my life around.

Even though I had very loving, and supportive parents, wonderful siblings and great friends.

But those good people were kept from me by an overly critical, suspicious and controlling wife.

The person closest to me, my wife, would not allow my favorite people into my life.

So I had to read on the internet stories, advice and ideas from others.

My wife controlled the real people in my life, but she could not control the on-line people.

So I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all the people who wrote their heart-wrenching, pain filled, tear soaked stories about the misery their wives caused in their lives.

And how only be leaving, did their lives improve.

Thank you. You were right.

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Live as You Want

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