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A Happier Man, Issue #44-- My Low Self Esteem
September 28, 2016

My Low Self Esteem

My low self esteem caused most of my problems with my wife. Yes, it turns out that she has very severe mental health issues that make her an extremely difficult person to deal with. I did not know about any of her issues at the time. It is only years later where the truth comes out.

But just because a person is mentally ill does not give them the right to hurt someone else.

And she hurt me. It was beyond hurt. It was near total destruction.

My low self esteem caused me to get with her in the first place, to put up with her nonsense through most of our marriage and to stay with her so long even after I knew my only choice was to leave.

I did not think highly enough of myself to recognize that she was destroying me and that in order to save myself, I had to leave.

My low self esteem told me to stay, to take it, to tolerate her verbal abuse, that I did not matter.

It was only after leaving her, did I start to understand all this and how important a person’s self esteem is. And now, reflecting back on my life I see that the good things in my life have been caused by times, moments or episodes of having higher self esteem.

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My Low Self Esteem

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