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A Happier Man, Issue #68-- Tracking Your Workouts
January 14, 2017

Issue # 68

Tracking Your Workouts

Tracking your workouts is critical to making whatever fitness improvements you are trying to make.

I'm always amazed when I'm at the gym and I see someone training very intensely but not writing anything down what they are doing.

Your health and fitness is just as critical as anything else in your life. Just as you keep track of your checking account balance, your investment portfolio, your hours at work, the status of your projects and the whereabouts of your children, you need to be tracking your workouts.

Plus, it's easy, fun, rewarding and gives you something to do between sets so you get the proper rest.

In fact, looking at your progress is extremely inspiring while you are sitting there as well as giving you an excuse to get enough rest between sets so you can go all out.

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Tracking Your Workouts

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