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A Happier Man, Issue #008 -- Do It For You
December 29, 2015

Do It For You

Do it for you might be the best advice I have ever received.

Most of the advice you get is geared toward doing something for other people. Work hard in school to please your teachers. Play hurt in sports to satisfy your coaches. Go to college to make your family proud. Stop smoking for your children. Lose weight for your wife. Stop drinking for your families sake. Get a better job to make more money and buy a bigger house for your wife and children and give more money to others.

Do this, do that, get into debt...all to please your parents, your wife, your kids, your school, your teachers, your coach, your religion, your government or your god.

It's as if what you want does not matter at all.

To "them" you are nothing. Just something to push around.

You need to tune out their garbage advice which is just "them" selfishly making demands on you.

You decide what you want to do to improve your life or even if you want to improve it at all.

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