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A Happier Man, Issue #95--Safer Weight Training
October 22, 2017

Issue # 95

Safer Weight Training

Here is some safer weight training advice if you love lifting weights, testing your strength, getting stronger and developing bigger, sexier muscles without wrecking your progress by getting injured.

This applies to everyone, but especially older men, like me, or men who may be middle aged and not in good shape to start out with.

Most bodybuilding and weight training advice is geared towards younger men or men who make the gym the focus of their lives. In other words, the advice is not geared towards normal men living normal lives.

I have been getting hurt by weight training consistently for years. I see other men get hurt all the time and I see people doing lifts that will hurt them in the near future and may even cripple them eventually.

The problem is that our minds are so much stronger than our bodies, we can push ourselves past what we should be doing. Plus there is this built in societal pressure to continually go past our pain limits. It's almost as if someone above us wants us getting hurt, going to the doctor, buying pain medications, having operations and living a pain-filled life to line someone's pockets and keep us in our place.

Even if the conspiracy is not at that level...although it probably is...your coaches, at every level and every time you turn around, are always barking out orders at you...rub some dirt on your injuries, screaming no pain - no gain, or telling you it is all in your mind and to give 110%.

Injuries are not in your mind. Injuries are in your body, but your mind plays a major role in your injuries because it pushes you past what you should be doing. Your mind ignores the pain signals your body gives it. And your mind would rather please other people than you.

You don't have to continually believe the lies you're told, including from your own mind.

If you truly want to be a happier man in all areas of your life you have to ignore any advice that gets you sacrificing yourself, getting injured for stupid reasons.

So, start making better decisions and enjoy making gains with safer weight training.

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