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A Happier Man, Issue #166- Weight Training for Older Men
February 08, 2020

Issue # 166

Weight Training for Older Men

Weight training for older men is critical to the quality of your life. Lifting weights, getting stronger and keeping your muscles is critically important for men, even older men. You need to be strong, the stronger you are the better you will feel.

Plus, you will look better.

I saw how critical strength was to older men as I watched my once vital, powerfully strong father wither into frailty and death in the last year of his life.

This once unbelievably energetic and powerful man struggled to get up from a chair. Going to the toilet was very difficult. Getting out of bed took everything he had. Every single simple action he needed to make was almost monumentally difficult.

This is what happens to older men. As you age and get weaker, every part of your life is going to be an enormous struggle with each day eroding into more and more misery.

Do you want that?

I certainly don't.

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