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A Happier Man, Issue #171- Enjoy Being Alone
March 30, 2020

Issue # 171

Enjoy Being Alone

If you can enjoy being alone you will always have a great life and always be able to get through tough times.

This is March 2020 as I write this and the world is mostly locked down due to the coronavirus. All the normal things we love to do, we cannot do. All the normal coming and going, seeing friends and family, going to events (music, sports, interests, clubs, church, etc.), going out for meals, coffee, drinks, meetings, social gatherings and travel is cancelled.

There is none of the get together with other people type fun to be had. It's not against the law...yet...but almost.

At this time in history, we just have to grit our teeth and get through this. The main fear is to avoid the overloading of the health care system.

I live alone. I started working from home. I stay away from people most of the time for days at a time. If I happen to get near someone every once in awhile, getting some supplies or taking a walk, I keep my distance.

So I'm doing what they want us to do. And I am not complaining about it.

That does not mean it does not suck.

I know many people are suffering, lonely, frustrated and afraid. They have never really been alone before.

But being alone is not difficult, scary or something to avoid. I always enjoy being alone.

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