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A Happier Man, Issue #172- What Makes You Happy
April 05, 2020

Issue # 172

What Makes You Happy

Find out what makes you happy and do more of that. Find out what makes you unhappy and eliminate it or at least minimize it.

The first step is if you don't know what makes you happy, you will need to spend plenty of time determining what it is.

If you have a serious problem, what are some ideas on how to solve it. What would it take solve it.

What types of actions make you happy.

What are things that you do that involve other people?

What are things that you do alone?

What did you used to do that you enjoyed, that you don't do now?

What do you catch yourself daydreaming about?

If you had unlimited money and time, what would you do?

What are things you could see yourself adding into your current lifestyle?

Focus on doing things that make you happy. Use your spare time to determine what this is. How do you want your life to go? What do you want to do more of? What do you do that you really hate that you need to end? What extreme problems do you need to end?

Your happiness can go up dramatically as you start to make these changes.

Sometimes if you can end something really bad, really negative, like a bad marriage, a bad job, a bad situation you are in or the place you live, the opening up of your life will allow the space to open your eyes to the possibilities.

Being miserable closes you down so everything looks tough or even impossible.

It is critical that you don't listen to anyone who says happiness is not important.

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