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A Happier Man, Issue #210- Christmas Mistakes
December 24, 2022

Issue # 210

Christmas Mistakes

I have made my share of Christmas mistakes and witnessed many more.

Christmastime should be filled with happiness, abundance, cheer and good feelings. Not anxiety, jealousy, fear, despair, exhaustion and frustration.

The last 14 years I have been having great Christmas's. Better than as a child. Much better than as a married man. Even better than as a young man.

I used to hate December and sometimes still have nightmares about the hard times of my marriage.

But those bad days are firmly behind me now. I consciously desire to have very nice holidays and structure how I do things to make my Christmas seasons as rewarding as I can.

I have observed what seems to help the most and what seems to hurt people the most around Christmastime.

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Christmas Mistakes

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