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A Happier Man, Issue #211- Happier Mans Weight Training Routine
December 24, 2022

Issue # 211

Happier Mans Weight Training Routine

I wanted to share my happier mans weight training routine that I currently use.

By using this routine, I have developed enormous strength where I am stronger in my late 50's than at any time in my life. Even more than in my mid-20's when I was very serious about lifting.

The issue I had in my 20's was continually over-training, foolishly trying to build a bodybuilder physique without steroids. I was usually extremely sore, exhausted, nursing injuries and either sick or on the verge of getting sick.

Looking back I was just doing too much volume.

With this new found knowledge, I look better than I have in years. Not as good as in my 20's, but much better than my 30's and early 40's when I was not weight training, eating enormous amounts of carbs, sleeping poorly and just generally being pushed around by a verbally abusive wife until I left her.

And I feel great which is why I think I have something to offer you.

In general, I am a firm believer in weight training, lifting heavy weights with modest to low volume to build strength, feel better, look better, avoid injuries and avoid over training.

The hip, low back, neck, shoulders, wrists and elbow injuries I have suffered under are healed and I hope to continue feeling good.

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Happier Mans Weight Training Routine

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