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A Happier Man, Issue #100--Strength Foundation
November 24, 2017

Issue # 10

Strength Foundation

You need a strength foundation. You have to progressively weight train with enough intensity to be strong.

This baseline strength or foundational strength will allow you to do with weights what you want. Whether you want to keep progressing and compete in strength events, or get stronger for your sport, or develop massive muscular bodybuilder size or just enjoy being big and strong and able to do more for yourself.

Strength first.

Don't worry about losing weight or the size of your muscles at first.

Your muscles will get larger, denser and harder the stronger you get.

Your belly will get flatter and you will lose body fat the stronger you get...if you control the amount and type of food you eat.

But you need some strength. Weakness is no good in men. You have to be strong. Not just for vanity, although that is important. For your health. So you can do for yourself. So you can defend yourself. So people leave you alone. So people respect you. So you are not a burden. So you can care for yourself when you are sick and get old.

Strength is critical to the quality of your life.

If you just look at older men without any strength you will see what I mean.

Everything is difficult for them. Everything takes an incredible amount of time if they can do it at all. Most things that a younger person takes for granted, a weak old man cannot do.

Do you want that for your life?

I thought not.

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