Masculine Activities
The Key to a Great Life

Masculine activities are one of the major keys to a happier life...for men.

The most masculine men of past generations spent all their time doing masculine activities all day, every day, all the time.

They had to for their survival and the survival of their families.

Farmers, ranchers, miners, lumberjacks, construction workers, mechanics and factory workers were all physically demanding jobs that created strong, muscular, masculine, tough men who could withstand the daily beating these jobs required.  They had no choice.  Be masculine, be tough or die.

The problem with modern life in the west is there is no real need to for men to spend any time on masculine activities anymore.

There is just an ever so tiny slice of western men in tough jobs.  And these tough jobs are not tough like they used to be.  They are only somewhat tough, a small portion of the time.  Most of the time they are quite cushy compared to the demands of generations ago.

What Some People Think is Causing Feminized Men

Most of the news you see on why modern men are so non-masculine is that the products we come in contact with are making men more feminine:

  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Estrogen
  • Soy
  • Excessive carbs
  • Huge quantities of sugar

These environmental factors don't help us.  But men have created these products to make the world easier for women, and men.

Plastic was created by men to make women's lives easier.

Soy was created by men to make women who did not want to eat 'cute" animals some protein to eat so they would not wither away and die.

Chemicals of every type has been created by men to create this incredibly civilized world that makes living so easy.

Environmental conditions should be a concern.  But not enough of a concern because there is nothing you can do about it.  You can only control yourself, your thoughts, your actions and how you deal with the world.

Men of older generations lived under much worse conditions and still were masculine.  It is action that creates a man, not environmental conditions. 

The Real Problem not doing masculine activities, so we become less masculine.  It is not living in a poisoned environment, although, that does not help.  It is the lack of correct actions.

Busy, modern life has created an imbalance.  In essence , men are "stuck" spending most of their precious time on non-masculine activities. 

If you, as the husband or dad, don't do all the non-masculine stuff, your wife and family life will fall apart. That is most of the reason men in a relationship are almost like women.

Years ago, our mothers and grandmothers handled all this with a cheerful grace while the man of the house was busy busting his back at a really tough job.  What little free time you had, the woman of the house would let you be free to relax and rest to do it all again the next day.

Now, most women need you to handle even the simplest things that our mothers would easily handle in stride.  This continual emphasis on taking care of non-masculine and usually trivial activities eats away at your precious free time.

And you need time to improve your life.

There is nothing hard about living now in the Western world.  Most of the time, you, as a man, would not need to face any kind of a real hardship at all.

This easiness about living makes all men  - wusses, compared to men of older generations.

It's possible that at some point there will not be any need for men to do any hard, physically demanding masculine type work ever.  Robots and machines will do it all.  Everything that used to be difficult to do will just be done by machines.  I have seen stories of exoskeleton machines strapped to humans creating a superhuman.

There may not be a need for masculine, muscular, tough men at all.  Maybe, except to be sex slaves for women rulers.

So, how does this affect you? 

If you want to stand out in this world that is accelerating towards a totally feminized, sexless, unhappy, sterile existence, you must stay more masculine.

It is not easy.  The pressure on men to conform is unbelievably difficult. It is so easy to just roll with this. 

Of course, the pressure on men to do what "they" say to do has always been there.

Because we are men, we cannot just conform.  We resist.  We evade.  We ignore.  We persist in doing things, acting out, living our lives how we want to live them.

If you don't, you will not have a good life.

You have to act in your own best interests in spite of what they say.

If you conform, you will be miserable.  Your happiness is not part of the equation that our rulers have decided on.

Men have always been forced to submit.  Not just now.  Always. 

There have just been other ways to force us into submission

  • Enslaving us by drafting us into a military machine to send us in waves to our death
  • Imprisoning us for minor vices of what is contained in our blood
  • Keeping our wages low so we have to continually use our precious time scraping by in survival
  • Stealing most of our money away in the form of taxes, fees and fines
  • Eating away our savings with inflation
  • Pitting us against each other in various forms of competition
  • Turning women away from us with feminism
  • A media continually turning attention toward trivial matters instead of focusing on real issues
  • Equating the crude, boorish behavior of reprehensible men with the real problem of actual physical violence and murder

You have to deal with this oppressive system that will stop at nothing to keep us in line.

Masculine Activities
Or How to Stay Masculine in a World Bent on Destroying It

Poster child of the type of non-masculine man we are being pushed toward being

Since modern life does not require masculinity to survive, you have to add it into your life. 

Truthfully, you will never be as masculine as older generations.  You don't need it to survive.  But that does not mean you should not enjoy the better life that masculine men enjoy.

To get that enjoyable life you need to spend a good chunk of your time actually doing masculine activities.  You can't sit around drinking sugared drinks in your pajamas all day and expect good things to happen for you.

Here's a few ideas to get you going

You can spend large amounts of time in nature hunting, fishing, camping and hiking.

You can get involved with sports - the major ones like football, basketball, hockey or baseball.  Or even extreme sports like mountain climbing, skateboarding, biking and others.

Your job can be masculine like working in construction or the trades.

You can focus on hard work of any kind, engineering, medicine, law, sales or writing.

You can spend a lot of time approaching girls and chasing women.

Singing or being in a band.

Creating something of value.

Being alone and loving yourself.

Saying no to whatever is not in your best interests.

But the easiest method of creating a masculine, muscular body along with a strong mind is lifting weights.

Best of the Masculine Activities
Weight Training

If you have a lot of muscle without lifting, good for you.  Some sports and some jobs create it.  Some men are muscular naturally.

But most men in the modern world have no muscle at all

You're working in an office all day pecking away at a keyboard, sitting in meetings or talking on the phone.

You're not limbing trees with a massive chainsaw or branding steers.

On the weekends you're sleeping in, playing video games, sipping drinks, watching masculine men play games, doing housework or running errands.

You're not hiking into the mountains to shoot an elk.

So lifting is the only "easy" do-able masculine activity that will fit into your modern life.

From Starting Strength

The Male in Modern Society

Quotes (Emphasis mine) -

People (Men) who depend on value assigned to them by others are obviously in a perpetually vulnerable position. They are fragile, in more than a physical sense.

He (The Masculine Man) remains unaffected by irrelevant cultural and social influences. He is independent of fad and fashion. He understands the accumulated effects of the pursuit of the male role in human society, the costs and benefits of having done so, and the relationship of physical strength to the male archetype. Strength is his infrastructure and engineering. Strength is the ability to act, and its physical acquisition teaches the process throughout a man's existence.

Non-Masculine Activities That Have to Be Done
But Not Necessarily By You

  • Housework
  • Caring for babies
  • Caring for young children
  • Chores
  • Errands

What Else to Avoid

  • Excessive TV
  • Drugging
  • Listening to the wrong music
  • Needing others approval
  • Needing others help
  • Eating so little that you get ripped without steroids
  • Wearing feminine clothing
  • Saying you're sorry
  • Slouching
  • Pecking away at your phone all the time
  • Wearing tight pants
  • Tolerating bad behavior from others
  • Taking abuse
  • Following fads
  • Pleasing others

And especially becoming a slave to

  • Your wife
  • Your girlfriend
  • Your kids
  • Your family
  • Your job
  • The government
  • Your habits
  • A lost cause

Final Thoughts

In the long run, the only way for all men to be masculine is a massive reset in time.  Hopefully, that never happens.  Modern life is just too good.

I think our rulers have us where they want us anyway.  They don't need a war to kill off millions of us unruly, masculine men, because there are not that many of us.

So, if you can set aside the worry of war, you can focus on your own life, the only thing that matters to you.  Focus a large percentage of your time on doing masculine activities.

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