Happier With Money
Than Without It

You will be happier with money, enough money to satisfy your immediate needs with some extra.

Because your life matters.

You will not be happy without plenty of money.  It will not happen.

You just cannot escape the needing of large amounts of money no matter how you organize your life or cut your expenses to the bone.   When dealing with other people they will expect that you give them money if you want something from them.

And there is no way to live without you needing something from them.

No way. 

Why You Will Be Happier With Money

Why would you want to live in a different way anyway?  The best things in life cost some money.  Things that are free are not worth that much...except for good articles like this one:)

Reading might be the only free thing that provides you enjoyment and a richness to your life.

Sunrises and sunsets are nice.  But this happens every day.

Smiles from children are nice too.  But all you need to do for that is to be nice to them.

You can have a bit of free happiness things.  But not a lot.


A relationship is the most expensive thing you could be in.


You can order your life in a way that you can be extremely happy without much money...but you still need money.

If you drill down deep enough the worst things in life are free

  • Poverty
  • Poor health
  • Disease
  • Death

From Danger and Play

Does Money Buy Happiness

As always, Mike says things so well.

Happier With Money and How to Put Money in it's Proper Place

Money is useful to serve you.  This is your life we are talking about.  Let the money you earn, serve you.

Most men spend their entire lives earning a living.  Some of you earn fantastic amounts.  But you don't enjoy your money.

You turn around and hand this money over to other people

  • Wives
  • Girlfriends
  • Children
  • Relatives
  • The Government
  • Financial Advisers

Or paying for a more expensive home that you can afford.

Maybe these other people are wise stewards of your life's work.  Maybe they are good with money, multiply it, spend it wisely, save it, use it sparingly in good ways or at least do not squander it or lose it.

My dad turned his paycheck over to my mom.  She was good with money.  Paying the bills on time, saving, keeping it, avoiding spending it foolishly, always thinking and planning.

My parents fully retired in their early 60's with enough money to live on, enjoy, help their family and not worry so much about it.

happier with moneyI still am happier with money in my checking account, money in my wallet and credit available on my credit cards

This is opposite of modern women who are experts at spending hundreds and thousands of dollars and not having anything to show for it except even larger bills.  They are happier with money as long as it is you who is making the money and bringing home the bacon.

Most people are not going to be like my mom or other good mothers and grandmothers of older generations.

More likely is they are lavish with your money, spending it and squandering it, forcing you to continue working and earning until you are too old to work and have no energy to use even the small bit of money you have left.

Other people have no right to your money.

Get your money back under your control

Most men give most of their money to their wives and most men suffer the consequences of this stupid move.

I did.

I suffered for my entire marriage with money.  I bought things I did not want.  I spent money I did not have.  I got totally out of control in debt.

All for her.

The divorce was crippling financially.  It is only from a few twists of fate that I was able to stop paying her 75% of my net pay.  Most of you will not be so lucky.

Of course my kids and I had to suffer under the incredible stress she put us through.  But that is another story,

It is so ingrained in men to turn over their money to their wives, that you automatically do it without thinking.

Let's just say that many men get into all kinds of difficult financial situations that your wife pushes you into.  And then you are stuck picking up the pieces (i.e. paying for) of this mess for years, maybe forever.

You Will Be Happier With Money if you do not have to take care of so many people

Smarter men with higher self esteem and more self awareness intuitively know this.  They only marry women that make a decent income and that seem intent on staying employed.  They avoid women who are big into shopping and keeping up with or exceeding the Jones.

They carefully study the women they would get involved with for years to make sure she does not have that gold digger trait.  You should certainly be engaged for many years before getting married, for example.  And be ready to end any relationship that doesn't feel good.

Even after all this study, you could get screwed over by someone much more cunning than you.  It seems the smartest, happiest men do not get married anymore.  They stay single, keeping the government out of their lives and keeping control of THEIR money.

They are happier with money than without it.

Be Careful With How Many Children You Have

The more kids, the more expense.  You just keep adding expenses the more you have.  There is no advantage to having too many.  There is no savings.  You are not going to get any free labor from them.  Fathers end up being free labor for their kids.   

Smarter men know that one or two children is plenty.  They get a vasectomy shortly after having the ideal number of kids so they don't have to worry about the massive expense of unplanned children.

The little angels are expensive even if you go out of your way to be cheap. 

There are certain child related expenses  you cannot escape

  • Family health insurance plans
  • Dental bills
  • Braces
  • A purchased large home instead of economically renting
  • More food of a type that you don't even like
  • Keeping the temperature cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Clothing and shoes that they outgrow all the time.
  • Opportunity cost when you lose out on promotions, better jobs, overtime, relocation benefits because you are exhausted caring for them or don't want to move.
  • You have to live in areas with good school systems.  Those areas are always much more expensive.  It is not fun to live in these areas, but being a parent in a poor school system means you are not much of a dad.

No matter how tight you are, these costs mount up.  You cannot escape them, they are built into the system to extract most of the money from fathers and there is nothing you can do about it.

And most fathers enjoy providing well for their kids and giving them nice presents. 

I love it. 

They are so happy when you give them what they want at Christmas and their birthdays. Their squeals of delight and beaming smiles are priceless memories.

You will love to give them the best toys and gadgets because these things are so durable, and last a long time and are so engaging they don't get bored with their new toys and bother you all the time.

You will be happier with money because you will be able to care for your kids better.

Yes, kids are a huge bother.

Yes, I love them...but they are hard to raise, expensive and messy.

If I did not love them so much, it would totally suck.

If you think you will not love your kids, don't have any...they are just so hard to raise.

You will not get much help from others either...sorry...unless you pay for it.

Most people, friends, neighbors, family will not go out of their way to help you with YOUR kids.  You are on your own unless you are so totally helpless, clueless and hopeless that they have to step in or see your kids starve.

The most help you can hope for is a few minutes here and there over the years.

You cannot rely on the child's grandparents because:

  • Often you will not live close enough that it is convenient for them.
  • They may be too tired and old to help.
  • They may be too sick to help.
  • They may be too poor to help.
  • They may be dead.
  • They may be terrible at taking care of kids.
  • They may have had too many kids and be so tired of dealing with their own kids that they are done with kids.
  • Another person in the family may need a lot more help than you do because their life is totally out of control.
  • They may just think that because their parents did not help them, they are not going to help you.
  • They may help in a big way at crucial times, but are not able to help consistently.

Because you have it together no one is going to give you much help.  You have those 18 years or more to deal with things yourself.

Brace yourself for it, be ready for it...or don't do it.

Which Brings us back to being Happier With Money

Money is good.  More money gives you more options.  Money does buy happiness even though you have been constantly told it doesn't.  More money gives you more ideas. 

Finding good ways to spend it or hold it or invest it increases your brain power.

The simplest way to keep more of your money is to know the types of money and too avoid spending it at such a furious pace.  Be slow to spend large amounts of money.  Be patient.  Plan your big spending.  The more you plan, the more likely you will avoid wasting huge amounts of your money on expensive housing, expensive pastimes and expensive people.

You will be happier with money as long as you have some.

happier with moneyA wallet filled with cash is my favorite thing. It makes me happier with money.

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