Best Bloggers For Men

I came to the internet late in life.  The best bloggers for men have provided me so much free advice, guidance and inspiration.  I only wish I was a young man again so I could truly spend all my life happier, instead of just now.

When I dug down deep into their methods, I realized they were either consciously or more likely, unconsciously using the 3 step method for their success.  The 3 Steps Are:

  1. Get Your Mind Right
  2. Take Action
  3. Rest, Heal, Recharge, Grow

I have spent thousands of hours on the internet.

I love it.  It is better than a library.  More vast and varied.

It's much easier than a library.  Just sit and surf as fast as you can.  Get absorbed in something or scan information at a furious pace.

Yes, getting books will sometimes cost.  But once you have an internet connection of some kind, you can happily read, watch and listen for as much time as you have.

I have stumbled onto a few of the best bloggers for men that have helped me a lot. 

Their words have helped me get past some very difficult times and have helped me to become happier.

Thank you.

Common Themes on the Best Bloggers for Men

The best bloggers for men have some things in common:

  • Most of them are in their 30's or early 40's.
  • Most of them are are single.
  • Most do not have children.
  • Of the ones that do have kids, they only have two.
  • They are white.
  • They were born in and spent most of their life in the USA.
  • Most tend to live on the coasts, mostly west coast.
  • They all seem to travel extensively even blogging while traveling.
  • They spent a large chunk of their lives foundering, struggling, suffering living the way we are normally told to live.
  • They persevered and live fantastic lives now.
  • All in much better than average shape.
  • Most concentrate on weight training as their main exercise.
  • All have opinions that the mainstream media would consider "out there."
  • They all seem to care about other people, especially men, and write with the intent of helping you to improve your lives in specific ways.
  • None seem to believe in much religion.
  • None seem to believe in big government solutions.
  • All seem to believe each individual can make incremental improvements in their lives if the individual focuses on making those improvements.
  • They tend toward optimism as long as you control your life.

Best Bloggers for Men or My Favorites, the ones I Favorite, Subscribe To and Read Obsessively

I also loved Victor Pride at Bold and Determined.  Unfortunately for all of us, Victor took down his site :(

How to Read the Best Bloggers For Men

Read the Best Bloggers for Men Like I do

  • Religiously.  You will get far more guidance and inspiration from these guys than any priest or pastor.
  • Obsessively, looking forward to their latest articles and disappointed if they are on vacation or working on other projects.
  • Their articles first, before any mainstream media article or videos.
  • Reading every post.
  • Rereading the ones that resonate the most.
  • Linking to their articles your website or blog.
  • After you master one skill using their guidance and inspiration, move onto the next.
  • Constantly going back to all their articles when you need help with something.  Often what you need today, they wrote about years ago.
  • Replacing time you spend on articles from other non-relevant, non-helpful articles with deep reading of their articles.

Often, they write about mindset or how you might think differently and in the process, something will "click" into place for you. 

To me, they have gotten "IT."  They have the types of lives that we all want. 

How Will You Have the Time to Read the Best Bloggers for Men

How do you have time for all this reading, rereading, watching and listening to the best bloggers for men?

Eliminate the time wasters in your life

  • Too much TV.
  • Too much non-essential internet surfing.
  • Too much social media.
  • Too much time spent on things that add no value to your life.
  • Too much worrying about what other people want for you.

Spend entire weekends absorbing their guidance instead of wasting it getting drunk, playing video games, going to church or watching sports.

Besides, they are busy enjoying their fabulous lives.  They aren't posting multiple times a day or even every week or emailing you continuously.

There is always time for what is important to you...and they are.

Why Read Cernovich

Mike Cernovich dives into the details of men's issues, men's rights, fitness, steroids, testosterone replacement therapy, journalism, politics and most importantly...mindset.

I recieved a ton of great guidance in Mikes orginal website - Danger and Play.  Unfortuneatly for all of us, those great articles are no longer available.  But if you want to know what is going on in the world, follow his Twitter feed and absorb how Mike thinks.  It will help you.

The more you can capture the essence of his mindset, and get your mind right in the process, the more you will live a fantastic life.

A few basics on Mike

  • Now married with 2 adorable kids
  • Lawyer by training
  • Lives in California, but now seems to travel extensively.
  • Huge volume of information most easily obtained from or his Twitter account.
  • Read his excellent book titled - "Gorilla Mindset"

Why Read Kill Your Inner Loser

Andy, of Kill Your Inner Loser, is my new favorite of the best bloggers for men.  Some of my old favorites have moved on or focus on other things.

Andy is from Australia and his guidance with really help you if you have any trouble getting some action with the ladies.

The time and effort you spend absorbing what he discusses in his articles, podcasts and videos and putting into practice what he talks about will reward you with an incredibly, satisfying lifestyle.

The story of how he went from, in his words - a loser, to a guy who has an incredible, adventurous lifestyle filled to overflowing with sex with beautiful women is awe inspiring.

Andy took the excellent guidance from Good Looking Loser and did it.  

Through his own hard work, perseverance and persistent effort he changed his life for the better.

Andy Before

  • Overweight and flabby
  • No muscle and weak
  • Dressing poorly with no fashion sense
  • Depressed
  • His only success with women were with women who mistreated him

Andy Now

  • Lean and fit
  • Muscular body with plenty of definition
  • Well dressed and looking cool in a variety of ways
  • An incredibly satisfying sex life with multiple, beautiful, wonderful women
  • An overall great life

Best of all, Andy is busy providing us great information on how we can move our lives from something that is not very good to something we love.  See - Kill Your Inner Loser

Andy's Words of Wisdom -

"You'll find success and your life will get better if you just never ever quit." I've seen so many guys get their shit together and turn their life around just by sheer hard work and stubbornness; I really think the main ingredient to success is perseverance and stubbornness. "I will never quit" really seems to be the cheat code to life.

Why Read Good Looking Loser

Chris from gives you the hardcore guidance on weight loss, steroids, male enhancement, supplements and getting good with girls.

He does not add much to his website anymore.  But the stuff that is there is golden.

A few basics on Chris

  • I think he is now married.
  • No kids
  • Early 30's
  • Mostly living in California.
  • Personal Trainer by training
  • Extremely detailed articles and videos taking you step by step on how he does things.  Follow his methods and succeed.

Why Read Black Dragon

Caleb from teaches you a different way of dating, one of strength, freedom and happiness.  He sprinkles in articles on business, travel, freedom and politics.  He may be my favorite of the best bloggers for men.

This is definitely not your mothers or mainstream guidance on dating.

A few basics on Caleb

  • He was married, got divorced, successful single, now married
  • 2 kids
  • Lives in Pacific Northwest.
  • His specialty is dating multiple woman on his terms with his system.
  • He writes about organization, finances, politics, happiness and women.
  • His book "The Unchained Man" is fantastic.
  • He operates 3 one man businesses.
  • He got out of the normal mindset in his 30's and has not looked back.

Quote from website About Me Page -

I can live, love, and experience all that women have to offer in the most deep and profound ways…but I am still free to be a man. I’ve been living this lifestyle since 2007 and it’s an extremely good place to be.

Add that to the fact that I’m self-employed, make a good income, and have zero employees, I live the lifestyle of the modern Alpha Male.

Why Read James Altucher

James is the ultimate blogger.  Prolific in blogs and books.  Always willing to bleed on the page with his failures and how he came back.

A few basics on James

  • James was married, got divorced.  Has 2 kids.  He is remarried.
  • Lived mostly in New York City, but now living in upstate New York.
  • Was trained in computer science but has had a number of different careers.
  • Writes about jobs, business and finances from his perspective.
  • His books will really help you.
  • He seems to be the only interesting person in the world who is married.

I love reading James Altucher even though I have a hard time relating to him.  He is wealthy, Jewish, slight frame, loves games and very prolific.

Steve Pavlina

Steve is the first blogger I started to read obsessively.  His volume of articles is staggering and the good advice is fantastic.

A few basics on Steve

  • Married, then divorced, now single
  • 2 kids
  • Started living in Southern California.  Now lives in Las Vegas, but travels extensively.
  • Computer science by training
  • Seems to make entire living as a blogger.

Steve has been on my favorites list for years.  He is so prolific.  I love his lengthy articles where he dives so deep into a subject.

I do have a hard time with his vegan views.  But to each his own.

Quote from the Steve Pavlina Home Page -

You aren't here to struggle and suffer. You're here to express and share your creative gifts, to give and receive love, and to be happy. It will take time, but this site can certainly help you get there, and the vast majority of resources here are free.

Who Else Inspires Me that I recommend you read or listen to

Dr. Robert Anthony

I have a number of Dr. Robert Anthony's programs.  I have the Secret of Deliberate Creation CD program in my truck and listen to it over and over again.

Dr. Anthony does not blog.

Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Vitale is very prolific, very giving, very good.  Google him.  He has written books, blogs, CD programs.  He will help you get more prosperous.

His blog is

Hans Hallanger is A Happier Man

Hans Hallanger is the creator of A Happier Man

I am not an established blogger with a large audience...yet.  But you can learn a lot from me on how to live a happier life.

  • I was married, divorced, now single.
  • 2 kids.
  • Civil Engineer by training.
  • Still working full-time as a Civil Engineer.
  • Started and ended a number of websites.  Concentrating on

I feel a connection to the best bloggers for men through absorbing myself in their writing for many years.  I feel like I have learned a great deal from them, maybe almost as much as I have learned from my father.  Certainly more than I have learned from any teacher, professor or boss.

Reading their words, enjoying their websites, blogs, podcasts, videos and books has made my life better.

Let the best bloggers for men help you too.

› Best Bloggers For Men

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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