How to Be More Masculine
Be Happier and Have a Better Life

You know you want to be more masculine. Every man does. The only ones who don't are either quite masculine already or just clueless as to what causes a great life for a man.

Climbing the ladder from the lower end of masculinity is hard. Your entire existence will need to change.  I do have some simple masculine tips to get you started, but your effort is needed.

If you have spent years, or longer, on the lower end you will have to change much of how you are.

But there is hope because other men have done it.

If they can do it, you can do it.

You can model more masculine behavior and improve your life in whatever way you decide.

1st Step - Get Your Mind Right

Getting your mind right is always the first step in making any change or improvement in your life.  Becoming more masculine and enjoying the rewards of that is no different.

You are in the process of getting your mind right now

  • Searching for answers
  • Reading this article
  • Questioning your life and how you live it
  • Taking note of other masculine men
  • Spending time reflecting on what would make a good life

Once you realize that becoming more masculine would seriously upgrade your life, you can move onto the second step.

2nd Step - Take Action
Be More Masculine in How You Look

Now comes the taking action step.  But action does not have to always be difficult.

It's critical that you start with some easy, simple ways to develop a masculine look so you do not get bogged down with the more difficult physical actions and mental readjustments you need to make.

So, here is a short list that you can start doing immediately to be more masculine:

  1. Get a tight haircut
  2. Grow your facial hair
  3. Wear boots
  4. Wear contacts
  5. Keep your shirt collar open

Let's explore these 5 fairly easy fixes.

Get a tight to your head haircut

It is difficult to find masculine men with long hair. Think about how Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, Jason Stratham and Steve Austin wear their hair. They do not have long flowing hair or allow it to get all bushy on the sides. They have their hair cut short or even shaved.

I even think the hugely muscled athletes with long hair look ridiculous.

Cutting your hair short is even more critical if you are balding.

When your hair starts to thin, start getting it cut tight and look more masculine. I am not an old army guy either. I just see how ridiculous men look with long or bushy hair and how good they look when their hair is cut tight.

This is so simple and so cheap.  I can get a cut every 3 weeks for about $15.  You can even do this yourself.

Grow your facial hair

You will not be mistaken for a girl if you have some facial hair.

This is one of the easier fixes.  It only takes a few days or weeks to be more masculine.

You may have difficulty growing a really great beard, but you can just work with what you have.

Having facial hair of some kind automatically makes you look better and more manly.

I know you have the usual objections about your job requiring a clean shaved face.

Options if your job requires a clean shaved face:

  • Grow your sideburns.
  • Stop shaving on Wednesday to develop the scruffy look for the weekend.
  • Don't assume your job requires a clean shaved face.  Only men who are afraid of standing out want to always be clean shaven. You want to stand out. You do not want to blend in. Be more alpha and stand out. Masculine men do not blend into the crowd. They do not look like young boys with a clean shaved face. It is your face, you can have it how you want.
  • Quit any job that requires that you look a certain way.  It is your damn face after all.

Great advice on facial hair from one of my favorite bloggers - Blackdragon.

Facial Hair

Facial Hair - Part 2

I've linked to these articles before, but they are so important if you want to be more masculine. It is so simple, yet so few men do it.

Good Examples of Tight Haircuts and Facial Hair

I am not kidding. You need to work on your hair and your beard to be more masculine.

Yes, Bruce Willis has always been a handsome actor. But he is old and bald now, like a lot of you.
Here is a big man with a good tight haircut and some facial hair.

When you get old and bald, you need to keep that hair tight and get some hair on your face.  Older men are notorious for looking terrible with bushy hair and smoothly shaved faces.  You don't have to follow their terrible example.

If you are a bigger guy, it is critical that your hair is tight and you keep some hair on your face.  A bigger, rounder face does not look good without hair.  Sorry, but bigger guys look kind of babyish without some facial hair.

Wear boots

Think of it this way. You love to see women with the cute, small, sexy feet in revealing shoes. This is more thrilling to men. High heels, small slippers, sexy sandals all look great on women.

I think I have a mild foot fetish, but I think most men appreciate sexy feet on a woman.

But small, lightweight, thin shoes just look foolish on men. These make you look like an ugly girl who has huge, hideous feet.

This is what you don't want.

Buy boots from Timberland or any other great store like that. My new favorite is Lugz.  They are expensive, no doubt, but how you look and how you feel is critical to looking more alpha.

Usually ankle high, all leather boots work best.  Not so much the extreme work boots, but casual boots. These boots should work year around, except when you are wearing shorts, of course.

You should be able to stand for long periods of time in these boots. You should be able to walk for long distances. They should be very comfortable and very durable.

They should look good, but more importantly, look tough. You should be able to walk through the toughest terrain, cobblestone roads, woods and trails.

You should also think that you can kick someone in a street fight. How will you do that in flip-flops or hush puppies? Be more masculine with your shoes.

Wear contacts

Men who wear glasses just do not look that tough. It is nearly impossible to find good looking glasses especially for larger men. Wear contact lenses most of the time.

You will automatically look better.

Can you think of one movie where the leading man wore glasses?  It just does not happen.

The reason is that it is nearly impossible to look good wearing glasses. If you really look at it the movies always have the men they want to look foolish, wear glasses. I know it is superficial, shallow and stupid to think this way, but it is the way it is.

My life turned for the better the day I started wearing contact lenses back in high school. My life always seemed to spiral down the more I wore my glasses instead of contacts.

Keep Your Shirt Collar Open

Do not button up your shirts all the way to the top.  For some of you this is quite difficult to do.  You are afraid to show the top of your chest and your neck.  You are even afraid to show the top of your t-shirt under your button down shirts.

This is a common fear.

The way to combat this fear is to face it by keeping those last few buttons on your shirt unbuttoned.  Do it, you have to.

Still on Step 2 - Taking More Action
Be More Masculine
What You Need To Do

Here is more action steps.  These are much more involved and difficult than the first steps.

Speak with a deeper voice and speak more slowly

This is something you need to work on. So many times men will speak with a higher voice  on the phone or when talking to someone new.

I think a lot of guys speak in a higher tone because of societal conditioning.  High voiced men are everywhere.  It becomes a self repeating cycle.  Men around you speak higher, so you do. 

But just like everything else we are forced, coerced or convinced to do, you cannot give in.

You need to work on this the rest of your life. You want that deeper sounding voice. And talk slower.

Lift Weights 

You look better with bigger muscles. Lifting weights is one of the key ways to develop the masculine male look that improves your life.

You will feel better if you are stronger. 

In both cases, your confidence will increase.  These are facts and everyone knows it. 

If you care at all about your life you will lift and start developing a masculine male body.

I know how difficult it is to lift when you are living the normal overly busy, married, dad type of lifestyle.  There is no time to lift.  It is not because of laziness.  In this case, it is the fault of your wife and kids.  Being a husband and father takes an enormous amount of time.  What minuscule amount of free time you have will find you completely exhausted.

You will need to completely re-order your life.  I did not lift weights when I was married with children and it showed.  I was fat, flabby, weak and pale.

It was not until I left my wife that I had the time to lift.

It's better to work on developing the big muscles than to worry about losing weight or being lean. Get the muscles first and worry about the leanness later. Big muscles need to be your priority. Think about how the football players look. Some of those guys are quite fat but they have huge muscles to go with the fat.

If you are fat at all, start lifting and develop the muscles. There is nothing quite so womanizing as being fat without any muscle. You do not want to make the mistake of getting thin and then developing muscles. Muscles on men is the most important thing. It takes time to develop the muscles from lifting, but you will never get them without starting.

Weight train and develop your masculine male back and masculine male chest.

Be in control of your money

A major action and mindset shift that you will need to develop is to spend most of your money on what you want.

Instead of thinking you have to buy peoples affection or friendship, you should be spending most of your money on what you want.

This will be a huge shift in the way you do things. If you are like most men, most of your money goes to others. You work and work, and most of the money is not yours to spend.

You have to break that cycle.

You have to switch from the societal influenced spending all your money on others, thinking others are more important than you, to be more masculine and spending most of your money on what you want. Your happiness level will skyrocket the more you spend your money on your desires.

The more you spend on you, the happier you will become.  This masculine male spending will make you far happier than spending money on others.

You do not want someone else, like your wife or girlfriend to be in control of your money. It is your money, you need to decide where it all goes. It is up to you to control every bit of it.

If you are in a marriage, this may be extremely difficult. You want to have your finances be as separate as possible from your wife. You have to think about what you do when you split up.

Be more masculine with the money that you earn. Use your money for what you what, not what others want.

Have more fun

Be more relaxed and do more of what you want to do. You do not have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. The world has been here a long time and has been fine. It will be fine long after you are gone. Your main concern is to enjoy your life. Be more masculine and have more fun now, enjoy your life now.

Protect Yourself

It is critical that you don't rely on others for protection.  Be more masculine and  protect yourself, you are worth it.

Live in Comfort

You need free time, privacy and comfortable surroundings to think deeply about your life.  You need luxury for men.

Step 3 - Rest, Heal, Recharge, Grow

You've done it.  You've taken action.  And some of these actions will have been very difficult and taxing.

Now is time to rest.  Enjoy the fruits of your changes.  You've earned it.

This is the time you just be more masculine.  Start living it.  Put your feet up.  Take up space.  Speak up.  Be the man.

Circle Back to Step 1 -
Be More Masculine
How You Think

Life is best when you continually upgrade your thinking.  To be more masculine is no different.

You've changed your mindset initially.  You've taken some action at first in how you look, you've done some of the more difficult actions and are now starting to enjoy the growing.

Now what?

This is where you go back to step 1 and think some more about how you see the world.

Lose the guilt

If you are actually guilty of some terrible crime, just confess. But if you have done nothing wrong, then you are not guilty.

Society, religions and governments heap enormous amounts of guilt on us for things we had no part in.  They try to deny us the happier good life we all deserve,

You were not a slave master. You did not kill native Americans.  You have not been a guard in a concentration camp.  You are not holding anyone else down or back. 

It is more likely that you are championing others, helping others and improving the world by your actions and very presence.

Feel good about yourself, not guilt over what others have done.

You have not done any of those things that "they" make us feel guilty for.

You don't have to fall for societies lies and propaganda on how you should live your life.  Settling down is stupid and not necessary.  Sacrifice is not a virtue.  Be more masculine and think for yourself.  Everything for you.

Control Your Time

Gain more free time for yourself by being more organized so that you have more time to do what you want to do.

Spend more of your time on masculine activities.

You will have much more time if you can minimize your dependence on other people.  Do it yourself.

Go Where the Women Are

Actually go to places where the women are. Be more masculine and go to the women. You need to get out more. You need to spend quite a bit of time where women are, both on-line and in the real world. You can only attract more women if there are women to attract. No women equals no attraction and a nonexistent love life.

Be More Bold

Act with more boldness and with more masculine male actions. The more you start to act confidently the more you will actually be confident. The more you act like your life, your needs and your desires are the most important thing in your life, the more likely that you will get the things you desire and the more your life will improve.

You have to get out of the mindset of blindly following the rules. To be more masculine, there are no rules. You just do what you want to do. You may choose to follow some rules to avoid trouble, but you do what you want. You will look at the rules as only a guide to avoid trouble, not something that you blindly follow.

Don't Wait

Don't wait to do these things. Start now, today to be more masculine. Think about you and your life.  Do what creates happiness for men. You can be fat, or in school or a dead end job and still do these things.  Rely on yourself.  There is no sense waiting to lose weight, finish school or get through anything. Waiting for anything, anyone or any reason does not help you. You start getting a better life as soon as you start doing what more masculine men do.  Start to develop happier man habits and watch your happiness skyrocket.

Be More Masculine Wrap Up

Use the 3 steps and be more masculine.

  1. Get Your Mind Right
  2. Take Action
  3. Rest, Heal, Recharge, Grow

Enjoy your masculine life.

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