How to Have More Fun

You may need to learn how to have more fun.  Some of you are not having your share.  I know I have struggled mightily with this...for years. 

Yes, I have had a good share of fun. It has not all been bad.

Sometimes I had outrageous fun

  • Laughing until my sides hurt
  • Joking around with the guys for hours at a time
  • Drinking long into the night
  • Singing at the top of my lungs
  • Making out with random girls
  • Getting to sex within minutes of meeting a girl

Great times for me.

Just not enough of them and for many parts of my life, this type of fun did not exist.

I have suffered without fun for long stretches of my life.  Sometimes going weeks without a laugh and sometimes longer.  Suffering with job pressures, family turmoil and verbal abuse from my wife.

Suffering and misery were the major elements of my life.  Wasted hours.  Wasted days.  Wasted months.  And wasted years.

I fell into the life that "they" have crafted for us.  Hard work and sacrifice for the job.  Sacrifice and subservience to a wife.  Your family, your boss, your friends, society, your government, your religion and your god all being of so much more important than you.  Your misery and suffering is a good thing...for them.

I woke up from that miserable existence.  Other men have.  Why can't you?

Life does not have to be so much about hard work, struggle and sacrifice.

What gives anyone the right to make you suffer?

Your life does not have to be about that at all. 

I Did Not Always Have More Fun

Fun was not a big part of my most of my life.

I did have some fun in childhood, but for a variety of reasons, not as much as I should have.

I have some stories and some memories, but not enough.

High School

My high school years, with the exception of some brief times and the end of my senior year were not fun.  Mostly injuries and pain during football season.  Embarrassment, humiliation and nausea during basketball season.  Always with no female attention and friends who always seemed to have no time for me.

I was kind of out the loop until the end of my senior year before I started to have more fun.


There was sporadic fun during college.  But mostly hard work, nose to the grindstone studying and hardly any girls.

The last year of college was more like a normal college student should experience.  Partying.  Girls.  Sleeping in.  Some fun.  Some relaxation.

Graduate school I went back to the hard studying of demanding classes.

Full Time Job

Finally when I got my first full-time engineering job and had an actual income and a time to stop working at the end of the work day, without massive amounts of studying on the weekends, did I have more fun.

I realized then that fun took money and focus on it.  It did not just happen.  I had to purposely set aside money to do fun things, take time to do them and make plans.

Having fun became a goal.  Life was not just about scraping by with very little money and studying hard for the next test.  Doing fun things became part of my life.

I had quite a lot of fun during this time.  The drunken fun with friends.  Traveling.  Meeting and spending time with lots of girls.  It was a great time.

Normal Life

But I fell back into the normal script for me and most men to find one girl, settle down, work hard, buy a house, get married, work hard on her demands, have kids and work hard taking care of them.

Fun for me was not part of the equation.  No matter what I did, it was not enough.  I was just trying to survive and avoid extreme exhaustion.  It was more like a test of endurance, rather than a nice, satisfying, fun life.

I did that for 13 years before I had enough and left her.

But the years after I left were not that kind to me.  The financial and emotional problems continued.

I did not want them to continue.  I left my wife to get away from those blasted problems after all.  But my ex-wife and her issues continued to affect me.

It took me another 7 years to dis-entangle myself from her.

All 7 of those years I was trying to have fun and a life, but she was doing everything she could to stop me.  It was like she was a microcosm of society.

I wanted to be free and have a great life.  But she did want that for me.

She wanted me to be her good little, hard-working, subservient slave doing her bidding, turning every penny over to her and listening to her abuse.

Sounds a lot like our governments, our religions, our gods and our societies doesn't it.

But I persisted.  I won the war.  I am free and I am happy and I have more fun.

What About Others who don't want you to have fun?
To hell with them.

They will have you working and slaving for them, bowing and scraping, getting by with meager scraps.

You are just a workhorse, a pack mule, something that is just good for work.

Your happiness is not important to them.

Your life is too short and too precious to never do the things you would like to do and have some fun.

You have to make your life, your happiness and your fun a priority.  The focus of your life has to be on you and your desires.

How to Have More Fun

Me having fun on a weekend trip to Door County overlooking Lake Michigan on a gorgeous day with my 2 kids

Having fun means you have to do fun things.  Doing things is an action.  An action means you have to do some planning, or goal setting, and then take the steps necessary.

In other words, fun does not just happen, without you putting in some effort in order for the circumstances necessary for the fun to occur.

Yes, getting to fun sounds like work.

But work is not bad, especially if the reward for the work is fun.

Necessary Actions to Have More Fun

  1. Plan for it
  2. Make it a goal
  3. Set aside time for it
  4. Set aside money for it
  5. Don't feel guilty for spending money on fun
  6. Make it something you do regularly
  7. Laugh more
  8. Don't take life so seriously
  9. Poke fun at others...gently
  10. Have a good life in general

From Good Looking Loser

Have More Fun

Great article on enjoying your life more.

Have More Fun - Fun Stuff I've Done

A simple trick is to track your fun.  How can you know if you are making progress on a goal if you don't keep track of least a little.

My fun in the last year or so

  1. Went to Summerfest with my son.
  2. Spent holiday weekends at Shawano Lake with my good friends.  Golfing, boating, eating good food, socializing and drinking.
  3. Went to many ocal festivals. 
  4. Spent a long weekend with my kids in Michigan's Upper Pennisula.  Nice hotels, eating out, walking, hiking, sight seeing, swimming.  We enjoyed downtown Marquette Michigan, the National Lakeshore, a beautiful waterfall, Mackinac Island and Mackinac City. 
  5. A wild night with a sexy girl in downtown Hartland.
  6. I met a number of girls.
  7. Dating.
  8. A great weekend at one of my good friends sons high school graduation party.
  9. A great weekend up north at another good friends daughters high school graduation party.
  10. A weekend at my good friends son's 1 year old birthday party.
  11. Visited my mom on Mothers Day.
  12. Nice work trip to Wisconsin Rapids.
  13. A really good work trip to Superior Wisconsin and Duluth Minnesota.
  14. Spent a day in Madison with my mom and sister.
  15. Spent Easter Sunday with my mom, brother and sister.
  16. RV show in West Allis.
  17. Hike to the top of a bluff and visit to my mom's.
  18. Visiting a local tavern near the area I want to move.
  19. New Years Day party at a good friends.
  20. Christmas at my moms.
  21. Weekend before Christmas at my moms with my kids.
  22. Thanksgiving at moms.
  23. Halloween party in Shawano.
  24. Big party in fall at a friends.
  25. Labor Day trip to a cousins wedding in Rice Lake.  Hike at Interstate State Park.  Lunch in St. Croix Minnesota.  Pie at Osseo.
  26. Work trip to Rice Lake.  Drinks.  Good meals.  Kayaking.
  27. Work trip to St. Croix Minnesota.
  28. 4th of July party in Osh Kosh.
  29. Milwaukee bar hopping with friend and his girlfriend.
  30. Rock concert in Osh Kosh.
  31. Party night in Shawano watching Badger game at a bar.
  32. Fall trip to Door County with my kids.
  33. 10 day trip to Jackson Wyoming.  The best trip of my life.

And an upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

Final Thoughts on How to Have More Fun

That's quite a list of fun things.  This past year has been great.  I have more fun now than ever.

But I am not totally satisfied yet.  There are still many times where I am siting around not doing anything either during the week or on the weekend and I think I should get going and do something fun.  But I have not done any research or planning so I don't know what to do at that time.

No research and no planning is always a big mistake for everything you do.  Especially fun.  Fun does not just happen. You need to make some effort to determine what to do, how best to accomplish that, do enough preparation and follow through.

› Have More Fun

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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