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Here is the Introduction to "How to Have An Easy Life" to give you an idea of what to expect

You know you want an easy life.  A life that is so good, so smooth, so easy and so satisfying that other people look at you and wonder how you do it.

This is the how.  This is how I do it.

It is not easy to do this.  It is simple, but not easy.  Everyone else in the world is pushing you to complicate your life, work harder, work longer, do more, be more, get more stressed, get busier, engage in more and more activities, buy this and buy that.

All that nonsense will stress you out and leave you with no money, no energy and no time.

None of that will make your life easy.

Take charge of your life.  Read this short, easy to read book and learn how to have an easy life.

This book is broken down into 4 parts.  The first part is about stuff and how to deal with it decisively.  The second part is about people and how to make your relationships better and easier.  The third part is about changing how you look at life and why this is important.  The fourth is a large collection of simple ideas you can use right away to make your life easier and better.

Table of Contents to "How to Have An Easy Life" to show you what is inside

  Introduction. 7 PART 1 - STUFF. 9 Chapter 1 – Get Rid of Stuff 10 Chapter 2 - The First Step to Getting Clutter Free. 14 Chapter 3 - The Second Step to Getting Clutter Free. 16 Chapter 4 - Fear of Throwing Things Out 18 Chapter 5 - Know What to Keep. 19 PART 2 – DEALING WITH OTHER PEOPLE. 21 Chapter 6 – The Government 22 Chapter 7– Your Children. 27 Chapter 8 – Your Spouse. 30 Part 3 – MINDSET CHANGES. 34 Chapter 9 - Quitting. 35 Chapter 10 - Elimination. 37 Chapter 11- Forget What They Say You Should Do. 38 Chapter 12 - Flow with the Tide. 46 Chapter 13 – Your Job. 48 PART 4 – SIMPLE WAYS TO MAKE LIFE EASY. 50 Chapter 14 - Minimize wearing socks. 51 Chapter 15 - Sleep more. 53 Chapter 16 - A productive commute. 55 Chapter 17 - Hire people to help you. 56 Chapter 18 - Do not settle. 57 Chapter 19 - Think and Plan Rather Than Do. 58 Chapter 20 - Prepare Easier Meals. 59 Chapter 21 - Easy to make lunch ideas. 61 Chapter 22 - Easy to make dinner ideas. 62 Chapter 23 - Kitchens ideas. 63 Chapter 24 - Multi-tasking that works. 65 Chapter 25 - Easy Cooking. 68 Chapter 26 - Easier Laundry. 73 Chapter 27 - Setting Things Out 79 Chapter 28 - Picking Up as You Go. 80 Chapter 29 - Know How Long It Takes to Get Ready. 82 Chapter 30- What To Do in a Few Minutes. 85 Chapter 31 - Family Organizing Tips. 87 Chapter 32 – Buy Less Food. 93 Chapter 33 - Bathroom Ideas. 98 Chapter 34 - House Cleaning Tips. 104 Chapter 35 - Easy Living Furniture. 106 Chapter 36 - The Perfect Couch. 113 Chapter 37 - The most important chair in the house. 114 Chapter 38 - Your Bedroom.. 115 Chapter 39 - Closets. 116 Chapter 40 - Be Early. 118 Chapter 41 - The best things in life are short 121 Chapter 42 – Eliminate These for an Easy Life. 123 Chapter 43 - Never Sacrifice. 124 Chapter 44 - Stupid Things All Start with Not 126 Chapter 45 - Get it How You Want It 130 Chapter 46 - Pick Up and Put Away. 132 Chapter 47 - Do It Yourself 134 Chapter 48 - What to Have and Do for an Easy Life. 138 Chapter 49 - Clean Up Outside. 140 Chapter 50 - Eat Outside. 141 Chapter 51 - Never Save Good Things for Later 142 Chapter 52 - Exercise Less. 144 Chapter 53 - Self Help Advice. 146 Chapter 54 - Avoid Struggling. 154 Chapter 55 - Your Money. 156 Chapter 56 - How to pay your bills. 157 Chapter 57 - What to Do with a Lot of Money. 160 Chapter 58 - What to Do with Not Much Money. 161 Chapter 59 - Money Thoughts. 165 Conclusion. 167 About The Author 168 My Other Books Available On Amazon Kindle. 169  

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