Why Get Organized

Why get organized?

When you could...

  • Run around like a chicken with it's head cut off.
  • Live in chaos.
  • Step over things strewn about.
  • Deal with mountains of stuff.
  • Never get anything done.
  • Live a frustrating life having no time for what you want to do.

You know you will be happier if you are organized. It's obvious.

Not in the

  • Anal retentive way of forever picking up and putting things away. 
  • Buying of expensive organizing systems and products. 
  • Continuous hard work of organizing, reorganizing and trying every product out there to deal with your excess stuff.

But in the conscious choosing of the type of life you want.  Carefully keeping what you want in your life and ruthlessly cutting out what you don't.

Why Get Organized

I hate ugly, overloaded walls of stuff

Get organized by eliminating things you do not want to do. This will help in two ways. The first is that you will have more time. The second is that you will have more energy because doing things you do not want to do saps your energy.

It is hard to think of how much of my life has been spent in doing things I did not want to do instead of creating a simple life that I love.

The hours, days, weeks, months, years are staggering. Any moment can be your last. Wasting any of your life is a huge mistake.

Yet what do people do? They keep doing the same things over and over again making the same mistakes over and over again.

Spending years and decades at jobs they hate with the idea that they cannot do better of they spent so much time already, it would not pay to change.

Working extra hours at their jobs thinking that more money will make a bad situation better.

Some how and why get organized tips from Steve Pavlina

Getting Organized

33 Rules to Boost Your Productivity

Steve's articles go into great depth.  You have no choice but to learn.

Earning a living, getting enough sleep, keeping my finances in order, moderating how much I eat and drink, watching my kids, exercising, working on my business, writing and working on myself all add to my life. These things take time but they add value.  They are back to basics steps needed for any kind of a life at all.

Concentrate on eliminating time robbing activities and minimizing frustrations.

Continuing to waste their lives

All this stuff and activities creates a boring, mind-numbing, anxiety producing, irritating, frustrating life.

Once you actually stop doing these things your life will become better. Every time you are able to cut back on some of these type of things you will gain free time. It is the simple way to improve your life.

An old age filled with an overwhelming amount of stuff is a life of misery

Things that do not add value to your life should be eliminated outright if possible if you want an easy productive life. Whatever cannot be eliminated needs to be minimized by using routines, gotten through as quickly as possible and ultimately phased out. Ending the doing of things you really do not want to do is the simplest way to get organized easily.

Start to do less of the things that are not good for you and more of the things that are like get organized for Christmas and getting organized for winter.

I know it is hard to stop doing things once you start. It may be very hard. You may think some things are impossible to stop doing. But if you want a happier simple life you will have to stop many things and keep on stopping.

Nothing is impossible to stop. If you cannot stop immediately, at least start working on a plan to stop. Your motivation will be huge.

Why get organized?

Only because your life is at stake.

Time spent doing things you do not want to do is wasted time and a waste of your life. The only real thing we have that makes up our life is time. Without doing things that make us happy, we are nothing. Improve your life easily by quitting doing the things you do not want to do and getting rid of the clutter that distracts you from a good life.

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