Do Things More Often

Organized happier men do things more often.  Life can be very simple and hassle free if you don't wait to do important things.

On the flip side, the longer you wait to do things, the more frustrating and irritating those things become.

I hate hassle, frustration, chaos and annoyances.  So I don't wait.

Once you make this productive habit part of your life, you'll find that you rarely have things that aren't done or almost and easily done.

This do things more often method that productive people use all the time will skyrocket your feeling of being on top of your life.  Everything seems easy for them because it is easy.  Since everything is in a constant state of being almost done, it is very easy to just finish.

Do Things More Often

I really cannot stand doing chores that take a long time. I would rather do dishes 3 times a day for 5 minutes each then once a day for 15 minutes. The time is the same but frustration and boredom sets in.

I do things more often do I don't have to deal with such an ugly mess

I would rather do laundry once every 2 or 3 days than multiple loads once a week. It is nice to have it done and be done with it. Big piles of dirty clothes look bad and are demoralizing.

Just keep on top of the laundry so there is never a lot to do. It is very simple, the machines do all the cleaning, all you do is carry the laundry to the machines, put it in, press the buttons and do something else while the machine does the work.

I cannot understand how people will let laundry pile up on the floor. If you have big piles of laundry you need to keep doing the laundry until you no longer have the piles. It seems that people will want to wait until they have a full load of similar things to wash. That is all wrong to me. So what if there are only a few things. Just wash them and be done with it. Trying to save a little water or a little energy is really stupid if your home is a mess and your favorite clothes are dirty.

Do Things More Often - Makes a Much Easier Life

That’s why I like to keep doing this type of work a little at a time. Doing a lot of the same work at the same time is too boring, tedious and hard for me.

I would rather go grocery shopping twice a week for a half hour each than once a week for an hour. The time is the same but it is easier. You get in and out of the store much faster and you spend less money. The longer you are in the store, the more you will buy.

I make my bed every morning after I get dressed. I like the feeling of getting into a made bed at night not wrestling around with the blankets and sheets at night when I am exhausted. I just want to go to bed.

Get gas when your tank gets half full. It will cost less each time and be faster. But the most important reason to do this is for your own safety and peace of mind. One of the worst experiences you can have is running out of gas. In the best case scenario it will be extremely inconvenient. In the worst case scenario you could lose your life.

Open your mail and deal with it every day. Trying to deal with a week’s worth of mail can be really irritating. The only time this is fun is after you’ve been on vacation. Dealing with a lot of mail then should be a nice reminder of a wonderful trip.

I throw out the envelopes and the inserts immediately. I have yet to see the reason to keep the envelope the mail came in, yet people do this all the time. Then you have to spend time taking the contents out and putting them back in multiple times. That is so maddening.

Once I take it out of the envelope the envelope is thrown out, no more time dealing with that envelope. I put the bills in a folder where I keep my bills to be paid. I have a little system called the organized folder on my website that describes it. I also try to just write out the bills as they come in as much as possible. This will really make you feel free.

I put the things to read in a basket by my easy chair in the living room to read later. I put magazines, newsletters, newspapers and brochures in the same basket. I try to skim and deal with most of my mail on the same day I get it, file what needs to be filed and try to throw out as much as I can.

Create More Time - Do Things More Often

This does not take much time when you do it every day. I can do most of it standing up as soon as I get home. I would rather do it right away because then I can move on to other things that I would rather do.

It needs to be done. It is important to know what you might need to be thinking about and to stay on top of your bills. Some of the mail you get may need further attention.

See the Getting Things Done website from one of the most well-known organization expert - David Allen

Getting Things Done

One of his main ideas is to do things more often.

I put the papers that need further attention in the rear pocket in my planner book so I can refer to them and keep them handy until I deal with them. Never file anything away that needs some sort of action. Keep it in your planner book or out on your desk until you are done with it.

This step is where you see people with the piles and piles of papers to deal with. I think that people who have a lot going on and have to deal with a tremendous amount of paper in their personal lives have over committed themselves.

Instead of dealing with things as soon as they come up or deciding to not do things, some people cannot decide.  Instead of do things more often, they cannot do anything.

I go through my email every day also. I get email at work and at home. My work email is mostly things I have to do. I have folders for every project. Once I do what needs to be done on the email I file it in its correct folder. My email at home is mostly informational type newsletters and email from family and friends. I read most of those and either file them in its folder or delete them. Those folders are labeled with the name of whoever sent the email.

I check my RSS feeds on the internet and go through my favorite websites every day. I find this a really nice way to spend some free time. It is not a chore to me since it is information that I am interested in. I read fast and skim unless there is something really interesting.

I am not afraid to unsubscribe to RSS feeds and newsletters if I am not getting the value I want or if I just grow tired of it. One newsletter I received on email had lots of interesting articles but it came every day, sometimes twice a day and was so long I got tired of having to go through it all.

I just didn’t have the energy to deal with that much content. I had to unsubscribe, it was just too much. I would probably go back to it someday if I feel like I have more time. I have let a lot of my regular mail subscriptions end without renewal also. I just don’t feel the need to get everything.

I pick up and put away things on a continuous basis. I am not running around doing this either like a neat freak. When I get up from my easy chair to go to do something I put things away on the way. I just like my home, car and office to look picked up and neat.

It is just so much easier to put a few things away at a time than to have lots to deal with. There is just no comparison between the time, energy and frustration between a picked up home and a messy home.

Do Things More Often - Keep Track of Your Life

I write down in my planner book every day what I need to do that day. It only takes a few minutes. I write down the appointments, work projects and personal things I need to do and want to do and that are part of my goals.

I really do not see another method that makes any sense at all. You are living every day, each day is important, so you need to do some writing to make sure you are accomplishing what you want to accomplish. If you don’t write these things down, then you have to remember them and that takes away your mental energy from other creative pursuits.

Do things more often and your life will get better.

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