Organize Yourself

Organize yourself first. It makes no sense to think of organizing others or outside systems if your life is a mess.

You first, then others.  No one will listen, follow, do what you say or even care about your ideas if you and your life are not well organized.

You may even find, like I did, that once you get your life under control and fully organized, you won't care so much about everything else anyway.  Everything else seems pointless, useless, chaotic and beyond hope. 

Since everything else seems like it is bent on destruction, I just stand to the side of that madness and work on my life.  Getting better organized, making improvement and focusing on happiness.

Not because I am cruel or uncaring.  But I do have a finite amount of time and energy.  The more time and energy diverted towards things outside myself, the worse my life becomes.

Organize Yourself
You Will Make Progress in Your Life

Typical messy room of the typical disorganized man
My well organized bedroom. Who do you think is going to get more done?

Do you want a better life? Do you dream of having more free time, of a simpler life, of less stress, of an uncluttered home, of well-designed storage systems, about getting more done and the easy lifestyle that seems to escape you?

Organize yourself..

Self-improvement methods like losing weight, getting in shape, getting rich, going back to school, learning a new language, increasing your job skills or any other tactic take a long time and a lot of effort.

Rallying, voting, organizing movements and rioting will not change much.  These things just get in the way of you improving your life.  They take your time and waste your energy. On the extreme end of rioting, you may even lose your freedom or your life. 

Trying to change large systems through misguided group efforts is a huge waste of your time and energy.  Time and energy you can use to directly improve your life.

Getting yourself organized, reducing clutter and freeing up time for things you want to do can be done quickly. In fact, reducing clutter and creating time saving routines in your life are the fastest method you can use to improve your life. And there are many ways to get organized as long as you think, plan and act.

You can learn to throw things away, pack things away better, organize your life better and optimize your storage space. Every part of your life will get better the more actions you take towards organization.

From Jordan Peterson

Make Your Room Beautiful and Clean Up Your Room

Take care of yourself first.

You will get more done. You will have more free time. You will have more space to live. You will have the time to work on your goals. You will have less stress. Your life will get better, guaranteed.

The time and energy you put into this now will show dividends immediately. Your life will flow better. Simple, relaxed, stress-free living will become the way you are.

You will do what needs to be done in your life. Whether it is starting a business, going back to school, taking care of children or your parents, even for a move, using organization principles will be the key to getting it done.

Others will start to see you differently. They will envy your free time and how you seem to effortlessly go about your life, happily getting things done, doing what you want to do and accomplishing your goals. Because deep down everyone wants to be well organized.

I just cannot stress enough that taking the steps to improve your organization will pay off in not only increased time, but increased life. Because you cannot have a good life without having adequate time to do the things you want to do.

Free time, extra time, time to do what you want to do and need to do is the key to a great life. Just having a few minutes here and there will not help you that much. What you want to do is use the spare minutes that you have to get the simple things done and out of the way to free up larger blocks of time.

Organize yourself and reduce time killers and time wasters to a minimum. Anything you are doing that you do not want to do is taking away your time and reducing the quality of your life. Clutter, poor relationships, a bad job or poor career choice, excessive activities all serve to steal your time and steal your life.

Concentrate on improving your surroundings, your life and your happiness and your life will get better.

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