Speed Up
Get More Done and Have
a Better Life

Happier men speed up how fast they do things.  You can get a lot more done, be more productive, have time for other things and have fun doing it.

Speeding up your chores is one of the best things you can do for yourself and one of the most satisfying. The less time you spend doing tedious, repetitive work; the better.

You can speed up everything.  Talk a little faster or less.  Walk faster.  Hustle.  Get up and keep moving.  Get things done. 

Make it a game.  See if you can get everything you need done as fast as you can.

It can be fun if you make it so.

Speed Up

Run up the steps when you are doing work around the house. Do a bunch of chores all at once. I have laundry in while I am making dinner, making lunch, eating and cleaning up the kitchen.

I chain my driving errands together. I go to the bank, gas up, get my mail, go to Wal-Mart for supplies and stop for groceries all in one trip. I am out anyway and I can get all this accomplished together and be done with it for a few days. I plan the trip so all the stops are in order and I know the shortest or fastest route.

I read my email on my laptop while watching TV from my easy chair. Checking my email and surfing the web are more important to me than TV, but I still like to watch a little. Having a laptop computer at home has been one of the best things I have ever bought. I just love to work on it from my most comfortable chair instead of having it chained to a desk. I am not recommending you buy a laptop computer if you already have a good computer, but if you are going to buy one, get a laptop.

I clean my house as fast as I can. I usually end up sweating a little. It is like a small workout. I have the cleaning supplies together and in the right place so I do not have to chase around for them. I keep my bathroom cleaning supplies right under the bathroom sink, for example. I just hate spending time on housework, but I love a clean house.

Some Things Should be Done Slowly

Doing Some Things Fast Will Backfire on you

  • Drive slowly in parking lots and backing up. Getting in minor accidents and fender benders can be avoided by driving carefully. I did not use this advice a few weeks ago when I backed out of a driveway into a car parked on the street.  This was a very expensive, stupid thing I did.
  • Doing things you have never done before. It will take time to be comfortable doing those things.
  • Spending lots of money. Take your time when spending money. What is the rush?
  • Making major decisions. Things like long term relationships, college, marriage, careers and having children. All these things need time for you to decide.

Otherwise, do things quickly and have a better life.

Nice website from Caleb Jones, AKA Blackdragon

Sublime Your Time

Improve your productivity, accomplish your goals, get more done and improve your life.

Final Thoughts on Speed Up

The best way to think about this is you do things quickly that makes your life flow better, but are not things you like to do that much.

I cook quickly.  I do not like to cook, but I like high-quality, inexpensive meals that are good for me.

I clean my house quickly.  I do not like to clean, but I love a picked-up, clean house.

I do laundry fast.  I do not like laundry, but I love having my best clothes always available so I look good.

I look at the benefit to what I am doing.  It helps me to power past laziness and procrastination.

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