Create a Happy Simple Life

You can have a happy simple life.

Or not.

It's up to you and how much you are willing to shed much of what you hear and know.  Variety and experimentation is good.  Except when it conflicts with having a good life.

I prefer a simple life where everything flows.  No huge downs.

I prefer a few huge ups.  But if the ups cause a down.  I'll pass.

It's tempting to over complicate your life with all the choices we are faced with every day. 

I find that most of what I love the most and most enjoy is the same or similar to what I've always liked.  I try and experiment, but I usually go back to something just because I love it so much.

Simple Life Basics for Me

ahappiermanMe enjoying a happy life
  • Black coffee or coffee with cream instead of fancy drinks
  • Tap water instead of bottled water
  • No breakfast most days
  • Bacon and egg breakfast late on weekend mornings
  • Cold cut meat and cheese bag lunches for work
  • Meat and salad dinners
  • A favorite low carb beer
  • Inexpensive wine
  • A few favorite mixed drinks
  • An easy route to and from work
  • Some go to meals that I don't need a recipe
  • Meals that require a recipe only need a few ingredients
  • Errands and shopping only take a very minimal amount of time
  • I know the stores layout so I don't waste time looking

Once you have your ideal simple life well dialed in, you don't mess with it

Simple Life Entertainment

I like doing the same things I've always done too.  I still like the same things I liked when I was 18.

  • Drinking beer
  • Joking around with friends
  • Looking at pretty girls
  • Trying to meet new girls
  • Having man-woman fun
  • Seeing new things by traveling
  • Watching Pro Football
  • Watching a few favorite comedy shows
  • Reading
  • Driving around
  • Hanging out with family
  • Not working too hard
  • Not working too much
  • Relaxing with my feet up
  • Exploring by walking

From Bold & Determined

The Magic of Thinking Small

Favorite quote -

Success is easier than everybody thinks it is.

Everybody thinks too much, and nobody thinks about what is simple and obvious. Many people think the most simple and obvious thing to do is wrong, even though that is how everybody who is rich got rich.

So what is your problem? Why do you find it hard to succeed?

Well, you find it hard to succeed because you are exactly like most people…

You over-complicate simple things.

When you over-complicate simple things you make success impossible.

You must remember that less is more, more is not more. Doing more is keeping you from gaining material and personal success. You overlook what is right in front of your face (the obvious) and you make up problems.

Simple Life - What I Don't Like

A better life is one where you cut out and minimize what you don't like.  I've spent far too much of my precious time doing what I hate. 

  • Playing basketball
  • Being in a boring time consuming activity
  • Being married
  • Working very long hours
  • Working under incredible pressure
  • Worrying about job layoffs
  • Not laughing
  • Not going out for a few drinks
  • Being overwhelmed with bills and money problems
  • Being manipulated into doing things I did not want to do
  • Suffering under unbelievable verbal abuse from my wife
  • Dealing with my ex-wife's constant harassment

Complicated Things People Do

Here is a list of things I've seen a lot of people do (that I don't ever do) that needlessly complicate their lives.

  • Stop for a coffee every day.  I love going to the coffee shop but only to sit and enjoy the atmosphere.  I either go to talk with someone or to think and write.  I rarely need to stop and do something in the morning on the way to work. 
  • Drag around some beverage to meetings.  Unless I am going to be in a working meeting for half a day or more, there is no reason to have a drink with you.
  • Constantly check your phone.
  • Drag around your laptop to all meetings.
  • Spend a lot of time posting to social media and following others.
  • Worrying about other people.
  • Not focusing on the matter at hand.

Simple Life - Wrap Up

You could try a simpler approach to your life.  Simplifying is much easier than making it more complicated.


  • You don't run late
  • You don't miss appointments
  • You aren't super busy yet never get anything done
  • You don't misplace your wallet, phone or keys
  • You aren't short of cash
  • You don't pay your bills late
  • You aren't tired
  • You're not anxious
  • You can always find what you're looking for

Every step you take to make your life easier will pay off in enormous time savings in the future.

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The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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