Avoid Misplacing Things

Organized happier men avoid misplacing things.  You will not be happy is you lose things. 

People who misplace things cannot be trusted.  It is a sign of a clueless, careless, maybe even mindless person.

Keep things where they naturally belong. Looking for things or misplacing something is so frustrating and so unnecessary.

It just doesn’t make any sense to ever misplace something. You want to just have things where they belong; not think about where you left them.

Having to think of where you left things is one of the most unproductive uses of time ever.

Not only is it unproductive, it’s frustrating because you are afraid it might be lost. You are not confident you will find it. You will be worried to the point of being frantic. This is a debilitating emotion.

If you misplace things, you will have you look for them and therefore, cause yourself additional worry and fear. You become a fear producing person.
Life can be difficult enough without causing needless fear by being careless.

Avoid Misplacing Things - Especially These Important Items

  • Your keys
  • Your wallet
  • Your car
  • Your kids
  • Your cell phone
  • Your bills
  • Your checkbook balance

Your keys

Keep them in your pocket, purse or the same location every time.

I'm not sure why a man would take his keys out of his front pants pocket unless he is in his home and he places the keys in the same place.  You are just asking for trouble. 

Keep the number of keys you carry to a minimum so they easily fit in your pants pocket.  I keep these keys on my chain:

  • House front door
  • Truck Key with the built in lock
  • My daughters SUV key
  • PO box key
  • Mail box key
  • Screwdriver key
  • Fob for the 24 hour gym

That's it.  I don't have a big, heavy, cumbersome key chain.  Just a few plain key rings to keep these organized.

Your wallet

Duh.  What is more important than your cash, your ID, your credit cards and insurance cards.  This is something you have to be in the habit of checking on all day, all the time.  It is critical that you do not lose your wallet.

It helps to have a slim wallet that fits into your front pants pocket rather than a big, thick wallet that barely fits in your rear pocket.

Your car

Know where you parked. You may need to write it down.  I take a picture of the cross-street with my cell phone if I am in an unfamiliar area.  Pictures work great in large parking garages.

Your kids

Being a dad does not have to be stressful if you know where your kids are.  When you don't, your life as a dad will suck.  Keep track of them.  Know where they are and what they are up to.  You may need to go and get them.  You may need to rescue them.

This does get easier as they grow up and show that they are responsible.

Your cell phone

Another biggie.  An expensive item you use constantly filled with your personal information.  It seems like no one would ever lose theirs.

Especially since most people spend every waking moment tapping on and staring into their phone.

Your bills

Whoever sends you the bills will be quite certain you receive it.  In the mail.  On-line. Sometimes both.  If you get behind, they will come to your home to let you know what you owe.

So you don't have to know the actual bills.

What you do have to know is how much they are and when they are due.

Your checkbook balance

How much is in there.  The amount of money you have and the knowledge of how much you have gives you enormous peace of mind.

Avoid Misplacing Things is really about mindfulness

Mindfulness is best explained by one of my favorite bloggers - Mike Cernovich at Danger and Play.

Becoming More Mindful

› Avoid Misplacing Things

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