Inexpensive Organizing

Inexpensive organizing is possible.  You don't have to spend huge amounts of money on closet inserts, boxes, bins, shelving units, kitchen remodeling or a bigger house.

People do this.  Spending hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands on a variety of ways to increase their storage space. 

Not me.

You can do all those things if you want and you have so much money you don't know what to do with it. It's great to live in a spacious home with massive closets and well designed storage systems. If you can easily pay for all this using 5 to 10 % of your take home income, then go ahead and do it.

But if you are not at that point yet you can still live a relaxed, carefree lifestyle. You don't have to wait to obtain a ton of money. You can get this easy,relaxed well organized lifestyle now, without spending much money.

To get this, all you do is get organized for less.

Once you get organized and your life is running smoothly, with everything exactly where it should be and your life in control you will wonder why you waited so long to do this and how you ever lived the other way before.

Inexpensive Organizing  Major Actions

Throw out as much as possible

This first step is the most critical. The wrong way is to put stuff away better first. Especially going out to buy some type of organizing devices. 

The right way is to have less to put away. You want to throw and throw and throw some more. You have to get ruthless. You will get rid of good stuff. You will get rid of stuff that is new. You will get rid of stuff that has hardly been used.

Do It Again

After you get rid of everything you can, you go through the process again. If you have been living in chaotic, cluttered way, you have too much stuff. The stuff is what creates the chaos and the difficulty in living. Until you get rid of more of it, your life will not improve.

You Need Open Spaces

You have to get rid of enough stuff that you develop open spaces throughout your current home. You need to have room in your kitchen cabinets. You need room in your closets. You need room on your shelves. You need to be able to freely walk around your home without walking around piles of stuff.

If Your Home is Too Small

If the home you are currently in seems too small for you, then you have too much stuff. The excess stuff is creating a blockage in your living. You may think that because you have all this stuff, you are fine. But it is the opposite. You cannot rise up because you have too much. The stuff is holding you back from having a better life.

You have to live in gratitude of where you live now. You do that by keeping your current home open and clutter free.

I mean it. If you think you will get organized when you move to a larger home, you are wrong. You have to live in the now. You cannot assume you will move to a larger home. You live now in the space you have now. Besides, if you get to the point of moving to a larger home, you will want to fill it with newer things that you obtain specifically for that home.

Some Extreme Inexpensive Organizing

Minimalism - Mark Manson

How Minimalism Bought Me Freedom and Joy - James Altucher

I am not there yet with this extreme minimalism.  But it does fascinate me.

Inexpensive Organizing Ideas

Hang pictures on the walls rather than on stands that sit on tables

These standing pictures take up an enormous amount of space. I have a lot of pictures and awards from my children all on one wall. I have grouped them tightly together in one place. This is my favorite wall in my home. Buying picture frames does cost, but this is an expense that you will appreciate. You can get organized for less by not worrying so much about the quality of the frame. The picture is what is important, not the frame.

Inexpensive organizing by using your walls for storage

Use nesting type plastic containers for your leftovers

One set should be enough for any household. Get rid of all the excess storage containers.

Set up your closets so that like clothing is all together

You don't want to have to go through your entire closet every morning.  Keep long sleeves together, keep short sleeves together, keep pants together.

You get the idea.

Make your bed every day

Your bedroom will look better all the time and it is more relaxing to get into a made bed at the end of the day.

The last thing I want to do at the end of a beautiful day that I spent having fun doing lots of things I wanted to do, is wrestle around with blankets.

Develop routines and systems

The more routines you develop to simplify your life, the easier your life gets.  Your day to day gets easier and you don't have to think too much about simple things.

Keep picking up and putting things away as you go

When I get up from my chair to use the bathroom or do anything I pick up and put away things on the way there and back. This takes only a few seconds but then my home is always picked up.

Concentrate on having things picked up and put away more than cleaning

Cleaning is important but what looks the worst is having stuff lying around. It does no good to have a spotless sink if there are dirty dishes on the counter or even knickknacks on the counter.

Make sure the areas around your doors are the most clutter free

You need very free movement around your doors. Have places for coats and shoes that are away from the doors.

Keep things straight

Pillows and blankets look good if they lay on your couch straight. Your bed looks good if it is made. Rugs look good if they are straight. Pictures look good if they are straight. Books look good if they are straight on the shelf. Push in doors and drawers. Push in and straighten chairs. Put away clean clothes. Put away clean dishes. These are just little inexpensive organizing efforts on a continuous basis, not huge amounts of work once a week.

Keep your largest pieces of furniture looking neat and tidy

You can see that all of this is just effort and energy you put in, not money.

Inexpensive organizing is just using your own efforts first. Once you do this you may find that you don't have to spend any money at all on organizing. Your home will be great without any money at all.

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