Get Organized for Winter

You have to get organized for winter if you want to have any kind of good life at all.

Your survival may even depend on it.  Certainly, the better prepared you are, the less frustration and inconvenience you will face.

Winter is the hardest time of the year to be organized. Even if winter has started it is not too late to be ready for it.

I don't like all the extra work that is involved with dealing with winter.  It's a mess.

Extra clothes to wash.  Extra coats, hats, gloves, vests and warm clothing to put on, take off and put away.

Dirty snow being dragged into your home and car.  Clearing your car of ice and snow early in the morning in the dark.  The winter filth ruining your shoes.  Slipping and falling on the ice.

It's maddening.

Get Organized for Winter with these Easy and Inexpensive Things to Do Now

Yes, it does get as terrible as this

Buy Winter Wiper Blades

These types of wiper blades work great in the winter. They are more expensive than regular blades, running around $23 for a pair depending on your type of car, but they are so worth it. This type of winter wiper blade will not collect the icy snow that clogs up your windshield in a snowstorm and makes it impossible to see.

Get them at the Auto parts store or Wal-Mart.

Buy a few gallons of winter windshield washer fluid

And keep buying it all winter as you use it up.  Check the level in your car often especially before you are expecting a snowstorm and right after.

Buy a small shovel to put in your car

I have a fold-able army shovel in my truck. I used it one winter to dig myself out of a snow bank on the side of the road. I had to stop to clear my windshield on the freeway in a blinding blizzard (before I had purchased winter wiper blades).

When I tried to leave I was stuck. I used the shovel to clear the snow in front of and behind my tires.

Keep boots, a hat, mittens and gloves in your car

Most people wear a normal coat and light gloves in winter because it is not always cold and snowing. Just keep some heavy winter clothing in your car for the times when it gets bad.

I have extra's of all these items.  I don't worry about the fashion on these.  I have warm, functional clothes that I can get on my hands and knees on to clear my vehicle or walk my way out of danger.

Keep a few blankets in your car

I have a wool blanket folded up in a nice case that fits perfectly under the rear seat of my truck. 

Keep your gas tank filled

Do not be tempted to drive with less than half a tank.

Keeping your tank full is critical to your survival.

From JSOnline

Snow Makes Mess of Southeast Wisconsin Roads

This is the area I live.  People died.

I'm serious.  Do This.  Get organized for winter.  Your life depends on it.

Keep your car in the garage as much as possible

When I had a car I would back it into the garage when I was expecting snow.  Then I could blast out of the garage, through the unplowed parking lot and out into the street.

I'm irrigated that the garage in the place I live now is too small for my beautiful truck. But with my 4 wheel drive truck, I don't have to worry about getting stuck anymore.

Consider Getting Snow Tires

A wheel drive vehicle, outfitted well, is the ultimate winter vehicle.  But they are expensive.

My son has snow tires on his Hyundai Elantra and swears by them.  He drives a lot and feels very safe.

Keep your eye on the weather forecast

Be ready to adjust your plans.  Nothing you have planned is as important as your own safety and peace of mind.

You will have to cut back on other things you want to do

The amount of housework you need to do will increase a lot in the winter. There will be much more laundry and your floors will be wet and dirty from the snow. Plus the holidays create a lot of mess.

Stay on top of your errands

Go sooner rather than later. During good weather it is no problem to run out for something at the last minute. You do not want to run out of food and necessities during a blizzard or sub-zero weather.

More video ideas.

Wrap Up

Do these easy, inexpensive things right now.  Get organized for winter and make your winter safer and less stressful. 

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