I Am Happier Driving a Truck

You will be happier driving a truck.  I am even though it is expensive, costs a lot to keep full of gas and is hard to park.

It may not make sense for for every man.  But it makes sense for most men and for me.

I love my dark blue, 4 wheel drive, 4 door, 2012, Ford F150 XLT pickup truck.

I picked it up on April 1, 2013 (no fooling) and just love everything about it…even the gas mileage.

I have wanted a truck my entire life.

It took my entire life to get. 

And it is worth it.

happier driving a truckI love the giant cab. There is enough room for 3 in front with the center arm rest up. Most of the time, mine is down. It is nice to have it up with a girl in the front with you.
happier driving a truckThe back seat is huge for your kids, guests and hauling things.

I chose the Ford XLT with supercab because I use it for driving around and hauling people more than stuff.

happier driving a truckThe doors open wide for easy access of people and things.

You will be happier driving a truck like this because it is so useful, comfortable and good looking.

I Love How it Looks From the Side

happier driving a truckIt looks cool from the side with the big cab and proportional bed.

The bed gives you an enormous amount of space to haul things.  I have a waterproof cover on mine so I can keep things back there all the time and they don't get wet.

happier driving a truckThe bed of the truck is great for hauling. I put a cover on so it functions as a huge trunk for me.

I Have Used It Like a Pickup Truck a Few Times

  •  My kids and I used it to move from our cramped, 2 bedroom apartment to a nice, roomy, more modern 3 bedroom apartment in the summer of 2013.  It was an across town move we did with multiple trips.  My only expense was paying $60 to my son’s friends helping us with big stuff.
  •  My son, and 5 of his friends took it camping in June 2014 across the plains, rocky mountains and southwest.
  • He took it camping in Glacier National park with 5 guys in August of 2015.
  •  I used it to tow a large trailer of stuff when my mom sold her cottage in northern Wisconsin.
  •  I helped my brother move all his ex-wife’s stuff from his trailer to her house.
  •  I hauled home various furniture items.
  •  I haul excess stuff to Goodwill.
  •  I helped a friend move...many times.
  •  I drive it around the construction sites I visit as part of my civil engineering job.
  •  I put it in 4 wheel drive to easily drive to and from work during the worst winter weather.

It is the most useful vehicle I have ever had.

But the main reason I love it is that I am happier driving a truck.  I can do almost anything and go almost anywhere.

A pickup truck is so much better for you now and your own future. You do not know what your future holds. Your needs may change dramatically over the years. It is far better to prepare better for your own future.

Why Small Cars Suck or
Why You Will Be Happier Driving a Truck

Small Cars are not useful

Small cars are too small to be of any real use beyond you just driving to and from something close by. These types of cars are not handy for your life.

They are not good for hauling more people than just you. Having a woman with you will be a pain. How do you make out or have sex in a small car  Forget about having a few friends or family along for a nice drive or a trip.

Small Cars are not usually powerful

Most small cars with good gas mileage will not have enough power for you to be able to drive at a high speed on the freeway. You will spend a lot of time on the freeway and the best way to enjoy this type of driving comfortably and safely is in a larger vehicle.

Small Cars are Uncomfortable

It does not make you feel good driving a small car. They are noisier. They are a lot less comfortable. They are hard to get in and out of, especially as you get older. Even if you are young, there will be times when you will tired and sore from working out. There may be times when you are injured. You may need to get into and out of your car a lot. You will certainly be getting in and out countless times over the years.

Small Cars are not safe

It is not safe to drive a small car. Unless you have a death wish, then a small car is a good choice. Now I know not everyone is going to die in a car wreck who drives a small car. But what is a fact is that if you are in an accident in a small car your chances of dying are dramatically higher.

Small Cars are not Fun

Sports cars are the only small car to drive and they have poor gas mileage, are expensive to insure and are really hard to get into and out out of if you are a big man.

It is embarrassing to be seen driving a small car if you are a big man.

Small Cars are Expensive

The small cars do not cost that much less than a larger car. Most decent small cars are just as expensive or even more expensive than larger cars and trucks.

I think the small car idea and gas mileage scares is just a way to get us to pay more for less car.

Forget About Gas Mileage
You Will Be Happier Driving a Truck

Better gas mileage is not a real reason to buy a small car. 

Small cars only make sense in certain situations.

  • You are young and your dad has a truck you can borrow.
  • You are in school, with a modest income and you drive a lot.
  • You are lean and fit enough to get into and out of a small car easily.
  • You get a small small car that has some power, is easy to drive and comfortable to drive.

These are the reasons my son bought a nearly new Hyundai Elantra.  This car works for him now.  But I doubt it will work for him 10 years from now.

Many of the small cars do not really get that much better mileage than a larger car. The only way to save any serious money is if the car gets over 50 miles to the gallon. Not many do.

The idea of you needing to have good gas mileage save the gas for future people is not empowering at best and stupid at worst.

What this means is that you do not matter. What matters people in the future. You cannot feel good about yourself if you feel like you need to save anything for people not born yet. This is a manipulation from above.

Include the cost of gas in your budget

Factor the cost of gas mileage into your lifestyle. Get accustomed to spending a certain amount on gas and have the money.

Cut back on other things, especially housing.

Always choose less expensive housing.  A smaller house is much easier to tolerate than a small car. You should get a nice big truck and then choose your housing to work into your lifestyle.  A truck is much more useful than a house.

You can live in a truck.  You cannot drive a house.

You can drive away from trouble in a truck.  You are stuck in a house.

The Only Time You Will Not
Be Happier Driving a Truck

The only good reason to get a small car is if you have to park all the time in tight areas like if you live or work in a very urban area.

Probably the only way around this is to still have the truck but to use public transportation, walk, bike, cab or Uber it around to minimize the aggravation of parking.

Then you still have the truck and the happiness.

Why I am Happier Driving a Truck

  • The cab is huge.  6 people can fit inside.  4 or less will be really comfortable.
  • I sit high and can view the scenery better.
  • I don't worry about terrible winter weather.
  • I can haul stuff for free.
  • With the bed cover, my trunk is enormous.
  • After a physical day of work of whatever kind, it is soothing to get into it.
  • It is so comfortable.
  • It has a ton of power to drive fast if I want to.
  • It is very quiet when driving slow.
  • It is very comfortable when taking long trips.
  • I can sleep in it, either reclining in the front seats, across the rear seat or in the bed.
  • I like to haul stuff without paying for delivery or renting trucks and trailers.
  • I like to be in command of my life.
  • I don't mind sitting in it and waiting for it.  It is like being in an easy chair.
  • I look good driving it.
happier driving a truckI don't look happy, but I am. This truck is so roomy and comfortable. It looks good and feels better. You wil be happier driving a truck.

Treat yourself with the respect you deserve and get a the type of vehicle that is most suitable for you. The best choice of cars is to be happier driving a truck.

One More Reason You Will Be Happier Driving a Truck

Per Forbes

Women Most Attracted to Men Who Drive a Truck

Another good reason to get one.

Even though I don't believe in doing things to please other people anymore, I do like to be with women and have them be attracted to me without so much effort.

› Happier Driving a Truck

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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