Throw Things Out

Throw things out.

It is the most important part of getting organized.  It is the backbone of being organized. It is the way to be organized. 

It is not possible to be well organized and to have a lot of stuff.  The two do not go together.

You will never have a smooth, easy life if you are overwhelmed with stuff. 

No matter how well you put the stuff away or buy fancier methods to store it.

No matter how much energy you put into storing your stuff neatly and systematically.

Throw Things Out
You Will Feel Better

I throw and throw and throw some more.  The more I throw out the better I feel and the more organized I become.  I make it a point to look for things to throw out.  I throw out clothes, books, papers, containers and things that don’t work.   I throw out things that do work but that I’m tired of and everything in between. 

In spite of all the throwing I still have plenty of stuff. 

It’s just that the stuff I do have, I want. 

I keep

  • Things I want and that are useful to me. 
  • Books I want to reread and use for a reference. 
  • Clothes that I like to wear, look good in and that I know I will wear again. 
  • The most important papers. 
  • Interesting magazines and articles that I want to reread and keep as a reference.
  • The hobby equipment I want to pursue.
  • What is important to me. 

I go through my things periodically with the idea of getting rid of something.  The attitude of finding something to throw out is critical.  You don’t want the attitude of keeping everything.

You might see something interesting

I think a lot of people do not know what is important to them.  They don’t know what is easily obtained again.  They just don’t know.  So they keep.  They keep everything. 

They get new clothes but keep the old clothes. 

They get new items to replace something but then they do not throw out the old. 

Don’t do that.  When you get something new or better to replace something, you need to throw out that item now.

Don’t be afraid of putting things in the garbage.  Don’t wait to give it to someone, or take it to charity or recycle it.  Don’t leave it in your home.  You need to get rid of it now.  Throw it out now.  Once you have streamlined your life you will be able to get rid of things in the politically correct way if that is what you want, but to improve your life right now you just need to throw it out.

From the Art of Manliness

De-Clutter Your Life

I love to throw, get organized and have an uncluttered life.  It takes constant effort.

This is not about organizing your things better, or putting things away properly, or packing things away tightly in small spaces so it takes up less room.  It is about getting rid of things permanently in the garbage so you have less to deal with now.  That is the way. 

By throwing some stuff out you are putting yourself first.  By keeping it you are putting the stuff first.  That is what stuff does.  It puts itself first.  It is almost as if it has a mind of its own.  You are second when you let your stuff come first.

Don’t be that way.  You be first.  Let the stuff come later.  Let it wait.  Keep it in its place by always throwing it away.  When the stuff knows you are a thrower, it will be more respectful of you and not try to push its way to the front.  It will know its place in your life.  It has its usefulness, its place.  But you are in command, not it.

Throw things out, it will make you happy.

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