Everything For You

Everything for you.  It sounds wrong doesn't it?  Like you are being so selfish.  That other people don't matter.

But it is for you, no matter if you believe it or not.

It may not seem that way with your life a total mess and nothing seeming to go your way.

Other people seem to have the world by the tail, enjoying their lives, while you struggle.

Maybe you need to step to the side and observe what they do and how they do it.

Maybe everything is going so well for some people because they have a stronger view of their own desires and people around them, maybe millions of people, just fall into line.

Everything For You
On a Huge Scale

If you look at world leaders, this view makes perfect sense.  Why would millions of us follow one person?  That would be insane wouldn't it?  Believing that one person can have any real effect on you.  Hoping that a president will make your life better.  Or worse, getting enraged with what that person is doing.

You may even believe that since the world seems bent on destroying itself, you cannot hope to have a good life.

But that is the wrong view.

From Blackdragon

Don't Let the Collapse of the Western World Get You Down

Quote -

So if you haven’t yet already, stop focusing on your nation, culture, race, or whatever, and instead…

  • Set some exciting goals for yourself.
  • Formulate a Mission.
  • Get some pictures and other images that represent these goals, and put them up all over your office, phone, and computer, and review them often.
  • Write out how amazing your life will be in 3-5 years when all of your goals are done, and re-read it often (I do). Feel how wonderful that will be. I’m all about logic, but we humans are emotional creatures, so you should use your emotions to direct and fuel you, rather than piss you off about things you can’t change.

You and your close loved ones can live a great life despite what is happening “out there.” Stop looking outward and getting upset. Start looking inward and getting excited.

Luckily, if your own will is strong you can shape your own little world and influence the events around you more to your liking.

Then it does not matter so much, or at all, what the world leaders do.  You just go about happily living your life, enjoying it, producing and creating your great life along the way.

Successful people do this all the time.  They do it all the time in various forms.  There is not one single way to do this or one single way for an outcome.

Everything For You
Bringing This Back Down to You

So what do you do with this information?

Step on toes?  Boss people around?  Be rude and obnoxious?  Be uncaring and arrogant?

No, of course not.

You can continue to be a easy-going, kind, decent person.  Just one who people do not take advantage of and push around.  You just focus on your life, your happiness, your mission and your goals.

You realize that the world will do what the world will do.  People will do what people will do.  You don't have to stand in the way of a truck bearing down on you.  You don't have to let someone throw you under the bus. 

You can be wary, step to the side of all the madness, ignoring and laughing at the continuous din and clamor for you to be, act and think in the way they want you think and behave.

You can make a great life for yourself.  Day by day persisting on how you want your life to go.

From Bold & Determined

Make Money By Being Yourself

Everything for you.  Even the internet.

You can work toward a high quality career or internet based business and build your own high quality life.  You can move away from the idea of having to stay in relationship that is not good for you.

You can buy what you want that makes you happy.  You can have the experiences you desire to further make your experience in your life fantastic. You can order your life more and more on a day by day basis to create enormous happiness in your life.

Or you don't have to do any of that and just take what the world gives you.

The choice is yours.

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Secret of Deliberate Creation

This is the program I used to help me get my life on track.

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