A Masculine Look
is Better for Men

A masculine look is better than a non-masculine look for men.  I'm not sure how anyone could disagree on this.  Although a lot of men tend to not look very masculine at all.  And they don't seem to care with their too slim fit jeans, ugly shirts buttoned to their chins and cheap flip-flops.

Even with evidence all around them of more masculine looking men scooping up the most attractive women, high paying jobs and overall more satisfying lifestyle.

But instead of observing how being more masculine seems to make the lives of more masculine looking men better and then making movements toward that in their own lives, many men cut the more masculine man down, behind his back of course. 

I've never  been one to put others down.  I would rather learn from more successful men, not try, in vain, to pull them down.

So, when I see a man looking masculine, with obvious success in some area, I see if that is some quality I can develop.  Many times, it is not or the effort to do so would be not something I want to get into at this time.

Some Ways to Improve Your Life That I Don't Want to Do At This Time

  • Hair restoration
  • Being in a band
  • Working at a bar
  • Starting a big business
  • Working up to senior management
  • Going out 5 nights a week
  • Taking steroids
  • Getting ripped

All the items on the above list will either help you look better, make you more money or get you more sex with more women.

But for me, these don't align with how I wan to live my life.  I think most men feel as I do...happy with who they are...just want to make some small improvements for more happiness.

I want to make improvements in my life without killing myself with excess effort and making enormous changes.

My thoughts are to just look more masculine in the face, body, manner and lifestyle.

It doesn't have to take that much effort to look more masculine if you're a man.  But many men struggle with this.  Some struggle so much they look like women or don't really look like anything at all.

Let's take a look at some easy ways to look more masculine.

How to Easily Develop a Masculine Look

Start with your face.  I go into it in depth here - Masculine Male Face

Masculine Male Face Do's

  • Have facial hair instead of clean shaven
  • Wear contacts instead of glasses
  • Keep your shirts unbuttoned at the top
  • Lean out your face by eating less carbs
  • Thicken your neck with weight training
  • Keep your hair very short
  • Get sun
  • Look happy, relaxed and amused
  • Try to make your teeth look good
  • Smile and be happy without grinning
  • Stay in a good mood

It doesn't take much to have a masculine face, but most men struggle with this looking puffy faced, pale, clean shaven, buttoned-up and stressed out.

Masculine Look in Your Body

Weight training is the key to this unless you are doing something like a sport or job that creates a masculine, muscular body. 

Football, rugby, farming, construction and some trades may develop all the muscles you need. 

But for most men, with normal modern jobs, or school with normal sports, weight training is the best method to develop  muscle.  It's systematic, controllable, repeatable and effective.  You can't control a sports injury that ends your career.   You can't control a work schedule that has you working hours longer than you can tolerate which breaks down your body rather than building it up.  But you can control your weight training.

But you need to approach weight training in a way that adds to your life rather than subtracts. 

If you lift too much you will get injured, sore and tired and will not have energy to enjoy the rest of your life.  You can easily get carried away with a weight training lifestyle and never have time or energy to do other things.

I get into the details on how not to get injured here - Safer Weight Training.

Look of the Muscles to Focus on For a More Masculine Look

  • Thick neck
  • Bigger shoulders
  • Thicker upper body
  • Flatter Belly
  • Rounder Butt
  • Upper Body proportional to lower body
  • Wider Upper Body
  • Overall arm size
  • Forearms

Looking at the list, it's a lot to focus on, sorry.  It takes effort.

But, the good news is there are some things you can cut out to save some time, energy and effort. 

De-emphasize These Areas

  • Size of thighs
  • Calves
  • Biceps peak
  • 6 pack abs
  • Direct Ab work
  • Definition
  • Veins

Since your thighs are one of your largest muscles, they are one of the muscles that grow best with hard work.  But once you get some baseline squatting strength, there is no need to overdevelop your thighs.  Continuous hard squat workouts will deplete your energy, making it hard to walk and do other things.  Your legs will get to big to fit into pants.  Your lower body will look bigger than your upper body.

Normally if you get your baseline strength built up with squats, your calves will get big enough also. Plus your calves get a lot of work just in the normal course of an active, satisfying life.  You don't need to go overboard with difficult calf exercises.  Unless you live a total beach lifestyle, most people (women) will rarely even see your calves.

It's comical how much time men spend trying to get the elusive biceps peak. The peak seems genetic.  You will have more success working out enough that you develop some arm size that fills out your shirt sleeves when you are just doing normal things.  At some point in your life there is no opportunity to flex your biceps in front of others.

Six pack abs are just too much work because you have to focus on a razor sharp diet instead of a muscle building, fun diet that you can enjoy yourself with.

This is the same with veins and definition.  This takes extreme dedication and attention to detail in your diet and training.  It has to be a total lifestyle for you that is far too difficult for a somewhat balanced life.

If you cut back on the work you do for muscles that do not contribute to the masculine look you want, you will have more time to have a life and more time to focus on the most important lifts.

Masculine Look in Your Clothes

The clothes you choose to wear make a huge difference in how you look.  You can choose more masculine looking wardrobe or not. 


  • Wear black shirts so much.  Whites and colors look better.
  • Keep the top of your shirts buttoned.  Keep the top button, or 2 or 3 open.
  • Wear normal t-shirts.  Wear V-necked t-shirts
  • Tuck your shirts in your pants
  • Wear shirts that are too long going over your ass
  • Wear too baggy of clothes
  • Be afraid of the layered look that always makes men look good
  • Wear thin shoes.  Wear boots instead
  • Be afraid to wear cool accessories like a big watch, rings, bracelets and necklaces

Actions To Take to Me More Masculine


  • Display confidence
  • Be more dominant, rather than submissive
  • Tell, don't ask
  • Lead, rather than follow
  • Be mature
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Laugh at the world
  • Put your needs first
  • Let women be a side benefit of a great life


  • Care what other people think
  • Seek approval
  • Put women first
  • Put women on a pedestal
  • Smother women with attention
  • Make women the focus of your life


  • Buy women's approval
  • Do things for women's approval


  • Non-needy
  • Not possessive
  • Not jealous
  • Busy so your time is important


  • Laugh at yourself without self-deprecation
  • Make others laugh
  • Make others feel good about themselves
  • Make other people comfortable
  • Put others at ease
  • Forgive yourself
  • Forgive your failures

Masculine Look
How to Relax Your Standards on How You Think You Should Look

It's easier to relax if you just look around and notice how terrible most men look.  You don't really need to go overboard on this because to look a little better or to develop a masculine look is not as difficult to accomplish as you think.

From Good Looking Loser

Be Above Average

For starters, stop comparing yourself to male models, celebrities and athletes who get paid huge amounts of money based on their looks.  Looks that they were born with, have cultivated over a long time and have a long line of handlers, trainers, stylists, doctors and pharmacists to help them look that way.

You and I are on our own.

So forget about looking better than the top celebrities. Just work on making some improvements in your own life.

You can also take comfort in the fact that the celebrities that everyone gushes over so much have flaws.

Bradley Cooper has a flat ass
Brad Pitt looks horrible in glasses
Tom Cruise is very short

These top level actors, who are extremely well paid, making extremely entertaining movies and bedding some of the most gorgeous women all have flaws.

I'm not pointing out their flaws to hate on them.  I admire them tremendously. They are all great actors who seem like they would be great guys to hang out with. 

I am pointing out their flaws to show you that they did not let a few flaws stand in their way. 

You don't have to let your flaws stand in your way either.

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