Being a Happier Single Man
Is the Easiest Way to a Great Life

Being a happier single man is the the easiest way to a successful, stress-free, prosperous life.  Being married, or living with a woman full-time, or a steady girlfriend you see all the time does not have any of the components necessary for an easy life.  Sorry.

We need to be constantly propagandized on the opposite, about how great being a couple is.  Just like any other stupid, crazy, barbaric thing that the propagandists do, being a couple is not good for the vast majority of men.

We are force fed a steady diet of how happy couples are and how being alone is such a terrible situation.

Even the people in our lives who you would think would want us to have a great life, push us to find a mate, someone to settle down with. Not realizing that most of the time, this mate will ruin our lives.

It doesn't help that we see many cases of socially awkward men who repel women.  We get the feeling that guys who cannot get girls stay single. This further reinforces this idea that normal, well-adjusted men have to be part of a couple.

But occasionally you see a happier single man enjoying his life, with the full happiness that being single brings.  He is not socially awkward.  He seems charming.  Girls like him.  He gets dates and has man-women fun.

Plus, he has plenty of money to live very well.  He does not spend every dime on foolishness.

Happier Single Man Simple Rules to Follow

Don't live with a woman

I know it seems like:

  • You will have easy access to sex
  • She enjoys going down on you
  • She allows you to do whatever crazy sexual thing you can think of
  • It will be cheaper  because you can now split the living expenses
  • You will save driving time
  • She loves to go to a full-time job
  • She likes making a good income
  • She takes pride in splitting the bills
  • She does not like to spend money recklessly
  • She loves to cater to your needs
  • She enjoys taking care of all the chores around the house
  • She likes your family and friends
  • She does not mind if you do your own thing quite a bit of the time or get together with your favorite people without her

The common phrase is "seems like". 

It is an easy trap to fall into because at the beginning of your living together, this is all true.  You will have sex every night and maybe more often.  She happily slurps on your penis, while you watch TV.  Afterwards she makes you a nice dinner and cheerfully keeps the house spotless.  She writes out the checks for splitting the bills and rarely buys anything foolish.

She looks fantastically slim.  Not eating too much and working out a lot.  She does not even seem to follow all the stupidly expensive diet plans. She just cooks normal, tasty, low maintenance meals. She shops with coupons and discounts, spending as little as possible on groceries.

But life is a long game.  A marathon, not a sprint.  What works good at the beginning of a relationship, barely works terribly at the end.

A few weeks or months after she moves in, she starts complaining of headaches and jaw pain.  Constant, crazy sex becomes a thing of the past.

After a few months, some of her hidden debts emerge and she sweetly asks for you to handle the living expenses until so she can focus on her bills.

At some point she mentions how her job is so stressful and maybe she should work part-time to be able to do more around the house.

She stops going to the gym to spend more time at the furniture, home furnishing and big hardware stores getting ideas for fixing the place up and bringing home a variety of expensive non-essential items that she insists you put together.

Instead of her fixing a healthy, tasty, inexpensive meal at home, she stops at the expensive grocery store deli or takeout restaurants. Her sexy, slim figure starts to fade as she eats more and more and exercises less and less.

Instead of being disciplined with eating and exercising to lose weight she tries the ridiculously expensive eating plans and gets caught up in the latest hyped expensive eating crazes - smoothies, juicing, organic, gluten-free, low salt, whatever.

After a few months she does less and less of the housework and you seem to have no time for anything you want to do because you are so busy catering to her needs.

Don't Get Married

Marriage is just not workable for men anymore. Marriage has all the drawbacks of a live-in girlfriend with the government their to bully you into doing what she says.  There is no advantage for you.  The man gets turned into a slave and there is nothing you can do about it. 


You will be forced to pay for her financial irresponsibility and to buy all kinds of things you do not want.  You will have to work longer hours, get into major debt, and constantly try to get raises and better jobs.

You will be guilt-ed, manipulated and coerced into doing things you do not want.

Your health will suffer.

You will have no time for yourself.

Your ideas will be mocked and scorned.

At a Minimum, Certainly Don't

  • Get married to a woman with debt
  • Get married to a woman who is not working
  • Get married to a woman with a low income job
  • Sign a lease with a woman
  • Buy a house with a woman
  • Spend all your money on a woman
  • Get married unless you have a very large income with an enormous hidden amount of cash

Happier Single Man Advice from Tom Leykis

Don't Live Together - Advice from Tom Leykis

Happier Single Man Conclusion

A nice, easy, prosperous successful life is almost guaranteed when you are a happier single man.  You can make all your own decisions without question and criticism.  You can make whatever adjustments are needed as you go without having to convince her.

The happier single man life is the way to go.

One of the best programs I've found to create the happier easier life I have now is the Secret of Deliberate Creation This program will help show you the way to a far better life.

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The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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