Masculine Chest Training
and the Dumbbell Bench Press

Here is some masculine chest training guidance to develop the big, powerful, sexy looking chest you truly desire.

The dumbbell bench press and it's variations, incline dumbbell at different angles and decline press is a great exercise.

It hits your chest similar to barbell movements but gives you a little extra stretch and the ability to twist your wrists in toward your body. 

Many trainers suggest adding some dumbbell benching to help you get enough chest volume.  The movement ought to help your develop you chest to an even better level.

Getting the Dumbbells into position to perform dumbbell bench presses

Getting the dumbbells into position without hurting yourself is quite a trick.

Once you get strong enough to handle big dumbbells, and it will not take that long, getting them into position is difficult.  Relying on a spotter is not a good idea.  You need to know how to do this critical part of the exercise yourself.

Here is some good guidance in this video.


  • Place dumbbells on the floor in front of the bench
  • Stand up in front of the bench
  • Bend over at the waist with your knees bent
  • Grab each dumbbell
  • Keep your arms straight
  • Stand up enough to swing the dumbbells onto your knees
  • Sit down on the end of the bench
  • Adjust the dumbbells on your knees so the center of the dumbbell is on the center of your kneecap
  • Keep a very tight grip on the dumbbell
  • Lean forward as far as you can to develop the momentum to go backward
  • Lean back, with your arms straight, pull the dumbbells into positon with your arms straight
  • You should be lying on the bench with the dumbbells over your head
  • Start benching and finish your sets

Reverse the process to get them back to the ground

  • Keep the dumbbells above your body with your elbows locked
  • Bring your knees up toward the dumbbells
  • Place the dumbbells on your knees with your elbows still locked
  • Lower your knees back to the ground with the dumbbells on your knees
  • Still gripping the dumbbells tightly
  • Stand up slightly and put the dumbbells on the floor

From Men's Health

The 8 Muscles Women Love More Than 6 Pack Abs

From that article -

"Women treasure your chest as much as you do theirs," says Emily Dubberley, a sex expert based in the UK. "Touching, kissing, and licking a man's chest is undoubtedly a turn-on for most women."

How to avoid injury while performing dumbbell bench presses

Some more video guidance on proper masculine chest training with dumbbells to avoid injury.


  • Retract your shoulders
  • Keep your arms at 45 degrees to your body
  • Flaring your arms perpendicular to your body will wreck your shoulders and pecs
  • Touch your chest with a full range of motion
  • Use weights that are right for you
  • Avoid ego lifting
  • Use 5 reps and higher

Final Thoughts on Masculine Chest Training

When working your chest it is very easy to get carried away and lift more than your body can handle.

It's extremely satisfying to lift big weights with your chest.  You can feel your chest getting pumped in the gym and you look better in the mirror.

The normal pattern of barbell benching first before moving on to the dumbbell movements seems best.  The dumbbell movements are a finishing movement because your chest will usually get strong enough with the barbell.

Focus on staying tight, using good form and concentrating on what you are doing.

Be careful and listen to your body.  Your chest will probably be fine, but your wrists, elbows, shoulders and lower back are all more susceptible to injury when hoisting heavy dumbbells around.

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