Simple Masculine Tips
Fairly Easy Things You Can Do

Here are some simple masculine tips.  Masculine men have a far better life than those who are not.

If you're struggling and not enjoying how good life can be, you may need to become a bit more masculine.

First let's discuss a few things.

Getting more masculine should not be so hard for men.  You're a man.  You see masculine men.  Do what they do.

But, we are force fed a ridiculous amount of nonsense that far too many men take to heart and absorb.  And they have the mediocre or even miserable lives because of it.

Men are getting more feminized.  You want to avoid this at all costs.

You have to understand that the world does not want any masculine men.  The people at the top cannot have too many masculine men around questioning the need for the way things are, ignoring them and having a great life.

The world needs millions of non-masculine men, with their heads bent down and working tirelessly for it.

You, a man trying to improve your life, enjoy it and get a bit of abundance has to see that first.  Understand it.  Laugh at it.  Ignore it and create and craft your life the way you want it.

Not the way your brainwashed parents, teachers, clergy, feminists, talking heads, politicians and big business leaders want your life to be.

They want you to stay an obedient, little boy doing what he is told.

You cannot listen to them.

So, here are some simple masculine tips to get you started.  As you start to develop the look and feel of a masculine man, it becomes easier to move your mind in that direction.

Simple Masculine Tips for Your Head

 Simple Masculine Tips for Your hair

It is impossible to look masculine if your hair is too long.  Shoulder length or longer only works if you are in a rock band or have an incredibly, maybe almost overly muscular body. 

So cut it. 

Not put up in a bun or tucked into a beanie, cut it.

If you are not balding, then go to a good stylist or barber and get a good looking haircut and keep it cut often enough to not be unruly.  You want your hair to look good all the time.  A masculine man spends a bit of money on keeping himself looking good.

If you have really curly hair, then it is doubly important to keep it on the short side.  You cannot look masculine with a huge head of curly hair.  Sorry.

If you are balding, the options are to get a buzz cut (cut to the stubble) or shave it.  I go with the buzz cut.  I'm not sure about shaving your head.  You need a good looking head and a commitment to shaving all the time.  Constant shaving seems like a non-masculine activity to me.

Facial hair

You are guaranteed to look more masculine with some facial hair.  It is one of the easiest ways to develop a masculine male face and improve your looks.

So do it.

If people insist you shave, f... them.

Color on your face

Pale is not good.  Masculine men spend time outside and enjoy the life giving rays of the sun and the health affects. Your head and face is always exposed so you should look like you've been outside having a great life.

Get rid of your glasses

Your looks improve without glasses. It is nearly impossible to look good all the time wearing glasses.  They get smudged and dirty.  They fog up.  They slip down your nose.  They get twisted.  They break.  They fall off.  You always have to be futzing with them.

Avoid all the nonsense and get contacts or maybe even lasik.


You have to avoid the head forward turtle look.  You look extremely ugly and this posture will severely affect your health.  You  need to keep reminding yourself to keep your head back.  Your eyesight might be causing you to keep your head forward and certainly your work and habits do not help.

You need to focus on some exercises to help you keep your head back too.  This is where the weight training helps.  As you develop your back and shoulder muscles, these will help you to keep your head up and back.

Thicken your neck

A thick, muscular neck will help you look like a masculine man.  It's healthier.  You can absorb a punch, a tackle or a car accident.  Plus you look great with a neck almost as wide as your head or wider.

A strong neck will help you keep your head up and back too.

Lean out your face

Carbs and sugars are the enemy causing a puffy face.  The facial hair will help to hide a bit of puffiness too.  But the main thing is to reduce the junk type foods.

Smile & Laugh

A masculine is happy most of the time so you should be smiling and laughing most of the time.

Me, happy and smiling almost all the time

Simple Masculine Tips for Your Body

Weight train

Weight training is the easiest, most straight forward way to increase your strength and build the muscular size of a masculine man.

It can be fun and extremely satisfying.  If you organize your workouts properly and plan them intelligently the training does not have to take a lot of time either.

Masculine - Defined

Having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness.

Some of my weight training articles:

Eat more red meat

The more red meat you eat and the less everything else, the better your masculine life becomes.  It helps to slim you down, leans out your face and belly, builds your muscles and makes you look good.  It seems to help you avoid getting sunburned from too much sun and helps clear up skin problems and bowel issues.

Use meat to satisfy you to help avoid eating junk food.  Meat itself seems to be a health food.

Get in the sun

There is evidence that sun exposure helps to reduce blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and various issues associated with your brain.

Plus it just feels good to be in the sun long enough to get some color.

A nice 45 minute nap with hardly any clothes in the sun will really invigorate you.

I love to be able to get outside for many hours on the boat, hiking in the desert or mountains or playing on the beach without needing sunscreen because I already used to the sun.

Just use common sense with your exposure to not get too much.

Simple Masculine Tips from Better Health Resources

Starting Strength Main Page

Meatrx Main Page

9 Health Benefits of Sunshine

Favorite quote -

In so many ways, glorious sunshine is good for your health.

Do Not Go Overboard on Excessive Exercise

A frequently overlooked simple masculine tips is that you want to feel good all the time.   You cannot hope to have a good life if you are over-trained, exhausted, rundown, sick, hurting and injured. 

Overdoing exercise of any kind is a big mistake.  I've been guilty of this too many times to count.  I plan my workout but start feeling great in the gym when I get warmed up and inspired, push myself harder than I should and get hurt or worn out and exhausted. 

Overdoing it comes in many forms:

  • Too high of reps 
  • Too many sets
  • Too many exercises
  • The wrong exercises
  • Too much weight for your capacity
  • Not enough rest between sets
  • Not enough recovery time between workouts
  • Using training aids (belts and wraps) to lift through injuries
  • Continuing to train in spite of injuries and illness
  • Adding excessively long cardio workouts before or after weight training
  • Excessive cardio workouts while weight training intensely

Simple Masculine Tips for Your Clothes

Wear boots and good shoes

Always wear good shoes and boots.  This is a large expense but worth it when you compare how terrible men look with ugly, cheap shoes to how great men look with good looking shoes.

A masculine man buys what he wants to improve his life.

Wear leather jackets

Buy an excellent leather jacket or two.   One of cool weather and one for cold weather.  These are expensive as hell.  The work around on these is to scour second hand stores and want ads.  A leather jacket does not really ever wear out like shoes do.

Wear correct T-shirts

Not big, long, loose, ugly t-shirts with some stupid saying on them. 

Proper fitting, snug over your muscular arms that women love to have around them and not too long to show off your muscular butt that women love to gawk at and grab.

Simple Masculine Tips and Your Pants

Do not wear, overly tight and heavy jeans or pants of any kind.  It's much better to wear more expensive, better fitting but looser jeans.  The problem with heavy, tight jeans and pants is they squash down your penis and genitals into your body or down between your legs giving you a non-existent bulge and reducing your testosterone.  You want your jeans to be very soft, maybe even stretchy to flatter you.  Not heavy.

These should be a well-known or fancy brand that women will recognize.  Wearing nice jeans is just something men need to do to stay in the running with other men.

Wear boxers, not tight white briefs

Tight, white brief underwear is extremely ugly.  You should be prepared to take your pants off at any moment.  You want to look good when you do.  You never know.

I've been at late night parties and strip poker parties where I ended up in just my underwear.  You don't want the embarrassment.

Plus, the worst part is that tight, white brief underwear has that same devastating effect on your private parts as tight jeans.  Spend plenty of money on nice, loose boxer shorts.

Wear proper shirts

Button down shirts of various types are always the best.  Short sleeves in the summer and long in winter.  Rolled up sleeves to show off your muscular forearms.

When you wear these types of shirts non tucked in, they should not be long enough to get to your legs.  They should ride down about halfway down your ass at the most.

Wear your shirts open at the top

The shirts with collars do not need to be buttoned up to the top.  Leave the top few buttons open.  You are masculine and not afraid.

Wear accessories

If you want to look sexier, wear, bracelets, rings and necklaces.

If you are masculine you will wear what you want and not care what anyone else thinks about it.  Not your parents or your friends who may ridicule you or anyone else.  If you are masculine you won't wear any of this if you don't want to either.

Simple masculine tips for an example of a man doing almost everything wrong. Long hair in a bun, glasses, ugly coat, ugly t-shirt, ugly pants. The only thing he is doing right is wearing nice shoes. Otherwise he is a mess.

Simple Masculine Tips for How To Speak

Do Not be Too Agreeable or Say Yes Too Much

Over agreeing with anyone, especially women, is a big mistake. You have an opinion don't you?  An easy way to disagree without seeming overly harsh is to say...I'm not sure about that.

Do not say yes too much or too soon.  An easy way to start to say no more often is to say...I will have to check on that. This gives you some time to think about it.

Speak lower

You need to make a conscious effort on this.  Many men let their voices go up an octave, sounding squeaking, feminine and fearful.

That is not good.

Speak slower and Less

Speaking slower helps you speak deeper.  It helps you avoid putting your foot in your mouth.  It is the way masculine men speak.

It is much easier to measure your words if you just talk less and think more.

Simple Masculine Tips and Other People

You First

You cannot hope to have a good life if you focus on others first.  Your life, creating it, making it better, focusing on it...that is first.

If you are not earning your keep, strong, wise and compassionate to yourself, you really have nothing to give to others anyway.  What you can give is not enough to help anyone.

It is kind of like a baby taking care of it's parents.  It makes no sense.

Your closest people second

We all have close people.  Parents, siblings, children, spouses, good friends, favorite co-workers and significant others.

You make these relationships special with your attention on them.  You make these people feel special with your time and energy toward helping them and being there for them.

These are the people you may need to help a times.  The key to enjoying these special people is that they do not require too much excessive energy on your part unless providing this energy is needed for special circumstances.  Things like when your wife is pregnant, caring for small children, caring for children with special needs and frail, elderly parents.

If your friend always seems to need you to work like a dog for him...well...maybe he sees you as just an unpaid assistant.

I faced this with my wife.  She just had unending needs for me to be working constantly around the house.  It was rare that I could just relax around the house.  The house I was working overtime hours to pay for. 

This was not the main reason I left my wife, but it did contribute to my extreme unhappiness with my marriage.

The people you choose to deal with...third

Your employers, the businesses you patronize, the organizations you participate in, the social media you engage with.

These are your choice.  You choose how much effort and time you will provide.  If it is too much, you move on.

Everyone else can go to hell

Bad wives, you leave.  Bad jobs you quit.  People who are not good for you, you avoid.  People who irritate you, you ignore.  People who try to boss you around, you treat with total contempt.

These simple masculine tips are meant to get you started toward a better life.  The changes you need to make for everyone else will take a lot of effort on your part.  This is just a taste.

Simple Masculine Tips Video

Simple Masculine Tips Wrap-Up

Masculine men instinctively do all this.  They know to stop doing what is not working for them to focus on what does work.  They care most about their own abundance, success and happiness. 

You can do this too.

You can begin right now becoming a happier, masculine man with these simple masculine tips.

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The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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