Happier With Facial Hair

You will be happier with facial hair. 

The hair can cover up some flaws. 

If done right, it will save you some time in the morning. 

It is fun to have a beard, giving you something to scratch or stroke intelligently. 

It is a fashion statement. 

It makes you look like you will not bow down to the man. 

It is a more masculine look...at least you won't be mistaken for a girl. 

Plus women seem to love facial hair on men.

Why I was Happier With Facial Hair When I was Young

I like having some type of facial hair. I enjoyed those first few wisps back in my early teens and then was always growing it during high school and college. It was just a fun thing to do. Something my friends and I were always working on and commenting on and teasing each other about.

But I always shaved it tight whenever I was going to go out. I mistakenly thought I looked better clean shaven. I guess I was following the tired old advice that people trust men who are clean shaven.

Are Clean Shaven Men More Honest

This idea is one of the stupidest ever.

You never see a politician, banker, CEO, military generals or talking head in the media without a clean shaved face. Yet these guys are the worst liars and scum of the earth. If they are not directing the slaughter of innocents, finding ways to tax and regulate us out of existence, they are apologizing for the ones that do.

It is hard to believe that any rational person on earth can be swayed by a lying, clean shaven face, but it happens every day.

Now, when you look at one of the smooth talking, clean shaven faces you will see what I see, a liar who will do anything to increase his power.

Of course, facial hair does not make you honest.

You are either honest or you are not.

Control Freaks Do Not Want You To Be Happier With Facial Hair...Or Happy At All

You need to be careful around people who insist that you not have a beard. This usually means the person is a control freak who will think nothing of insisting you look the way they want you to look.

My High School Coach Hated Facial Hair

My high school basketball coach insisted we not have beards. You would not play if you showed up with anything on your face except a smile. To him, your skills on the basketball court meant nothing. Of course, I had no skills in basketball anyway and did not play, but I still kept a clean shaved face to satisfy his lunatic behavior.

Even the all-state starters shaved to keep him happy.

So Did My Wife

My wife also insisted I keep a clean shaved face. If I ever let it grow a little on the weekends she would get all upset and say it caused her face to break out.

One time I had a Thursday and Friday off from work. I let my whole beard grow during that time. On Sunday I shaved except for my mustache. We had a family get together with her parents that day.

One hour into the drive to her parents house she noticed my mustache and flew into a rage. She spent the next hour berating my thoughtless behavior and screaming how her father could not stand a mustache. I tried to point out it was my face, not his, but she wouldn't listen.

One more reason I left her.

It was my face after all. I should be able to grow some facial hair once in awhile.

How to Be Happier With Facial Hair and Keep Your Job

Most normal office workers, act normal, dress normal and have the normal clean shaved face to fit into this normal type of life.

This spills over into all other fields too.  I even see rough and tumble construction workers in my civil engineering job with a clean shaved face. It's a shock to see a guy climb down off a giant earth moving scraper or climb up out of a sewer trench with a baby face.

But some of these guys get it and have huge beards making them look like they just walked into an old mountain man rendezvous.

Here are some ways to enjoy facial hair and still look normal for work

  • Go with a nicely trimmed goatee like I do.  This look is probably the best for most men.
  • Grow your sideburns nice and long below your ears.
  • Have a full beard but keep it trimmed down tighter to your face.
  • Shave normally Monday through Wednesday but not on the rest of the week so you get nice and scruffy for the weekend.
  • Experiment with all of these looks.

One of my old co-workers did this all the time.  He was constantly changing up his look.  One week he would have an unruly full beard looking like a Hell's Angel.  The next he would look baby faced clean shaven.  The following he would look scruffy then come to work with a nicely trimmed goatee.

I teased him about never knowing what he might look like.  But he enjoyed changing his appearance.  He was definitely happier with facial hair.

He looked good, and tough with the facial hair.  He did look awful when he was clean shaven, as most men do.

Someone besides me even commented on this saying he did not understand how he could have the time to keep making changes to his appearance.  This is the normal overworked, exhausted family man talk who has so little time, so little control of his life and so little imagination that he cannot just let his facial hair grow a bit to improve his mood and outlook on life.

I just stay with the goatee.  Once I saw how much better I looked like this I have not experimented with other looks.  I have a lot of other things to think about.

happier with facial hairHere is my normal tightly trimmed goatee

I went to a meeting once and was amused to see most of the men had what I refer to as a milk face.  They were all clean shaven. No mustaches. No beards. No goatees. No stubble. Not even a hint of sideburns. Not a hint of beard to be found.

They wanted to blend into the surroundings. You don't want to blend in.  You want to stand out.

You have to get it out of your head that you need to be clean shaven all the time. That is the wrong way to look at it. You want to look tough. You want to look rough. You want to look like a man. The rounder, softer and younger you look, the more this matters.

I seem to get my way more and more at work as I get more comfortable with my facial hair look.

Your career will improve as you get happier with facial hair.

Women Like Men With Facial Hair

The more you look like a man the easier it is to attract women.

Women love men with some facial hair as long as it is carefully groomed and not too overgrown. You need to carefully plan how you use your beard, mustache and sideburns to your advantage.

I think they love it because it makes you look like a man and they cannot grow one.

Although I did have an incredibly wild sexual encounter with a cute girl with a fairly nice stubble on her chin.  In fact she had a better beard than I did at the time. I was happier with facial hair that night.

Why Facial Hair helps you with women.

From Blackdragon

Facial Hair

Facial Hair Part Two

You have to read his blog if you want to learn how to be more free, make more money and have better relationships with women.

Go ahead and grow whatever type of beard you want. It is your face. Not only will you  be happier with facial hair you will feel better and look better.

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