Masculine Biceps Tips and Training

Perfect masculine biceps to work toward with huge size, big balled muscle and some veins, hair trimmed and some color

Let's face it.  No muscle looks as good on a man as big masculine biceps.

Big, thick, bulging out your shirt sleeves, maybe even a vein or two criss-crossing your arms.  I thought all men wanted that look and were willing to keep pumping iron enough to get it.

Not really.

Most men today seem like they are going out of their way to keep their arm size as small as possible. 

Maybe they are lazy. 

Maybe they are injured. 

Maybe they are bending over backwards trying to please someone else and have no time to weight train. 

Maybe they don't want to offend someone.

Maybe it is easier to play with a smart phone with spaghetti like arms and thin fingers.

But this is not a very masculine look.

This is what far too many men look like today. Skinny fat, pale and with tiny arms

And a masculine look with big, beefy, thick biceps is a better, more satisfying look.

First let's deal with the easy stuff.  How you can make your masculine biceps looks bigger without the hard part of actual weight training.

Make Your Masculine Biceps Look Bigger

Remove Some Arm Hair

Keep the hair on your arms trimmed down tight.  Excessive hair on your arms makes even the most muscular arms look terrible, smooth and small.

And if your arms are small already, they are going to look really small if you have a lot of hair on them.

You don't have to go overboard with shaving your arm hair all time.  Shaving your arms on a consistent basis is kind of pointless because it grows back so fast. 

Shaving your body hair is a woman thing anyway.  A completely smooth woman's skin is so soft and sexy and feminine.  You don't want to be feminine.  You want to be masculine. 

So, a bit of hair is fine.  You just want to remove the excess volume of hair to make what muscles you do have stand out and look more pronounced.

There are lots of inexpensive body hair trimmers available that you can quickly use to remove most of the hair and make your arms look great.

How often you trim your arm hair depends on how fast the hair grows.  You might need to work some body hair trimming into your weekly schedule so you look good when you need it most.  Probably Wednesday or Thursday of each week so you are trimmed and looking good for the weekend.  With a good trimmer, this task should only take a few minutes unless you have let your hair grow out for a long time.  Then, yes, it will take a long time to deal with.

I like to trim most of my body hair outside to let the wind blow it away rather than having to vacuum it up inside.

This does not have to be perfect like how a woman needs to shave perfectly.  Probably the hardest part is to trim the back of your arms.

Wear Some Accessories Around Your Wrists

Wear a watch.  A nice, chunky watch tends to make your arms look bigger and better.

The more you spend on a watch, the better, because people (women) tend to notice things like that.  Also, better watches tend to make a higher class of man notice you too.

That's why the most expensive watches are bigger and chunkier...they make a man look better.

You might want to wear some type of bracelet on your non-watch hand.  This tends to make this arm look better too.  I sometimes do this because it makes my left arm look really good too.  However, I am older and spent most of my life not doing this.  So, it is weird and I don't do this that much, especially if I am with someone I know.

I still have issues doing things that make me look good that are a little different than the norm.

You might want to start early wearing accessories that make you look good so it is just you and what you do.

Don't Go Overboard With Tattoos

I don't think the overly tattooed arms, sleeved look is a good look for most men.  If your arms are covered in tattoos, your muscles will be obscured. Even the guys with incredibly muscular masculine biceps look like they have small arms with too many tattoos.

A small amount of well placed tattoos can help to flatter your arms.  The barb wire around the middle of the biceps is a classic look to accentuate your size.  So is a medium-sized cool tattoo in the indented area on the side of your arm between the biceps and triceps.

Too many tattoos are still going to be a problem for you in most professional work places and business opportunities.

It makes most people think you've spent a lot of time in prison in addition to covering up the big, sexy muscles you have spent enormous effort building.

Proper Shirt Selection

Try to get short sleeve shirts that ride up high on your arm.  Your arms will look very good with a bit of muscle and the bottom of your shirt just above the top of the bulge of your biceps.

Most short sleeve shirts go down to your elbow.  That is way, way, way too low.  Short sleeves that long will only look somewhat good if your arms are unbelievably massive relative to your body size and the sleeves are super tight.

Masculine biceps this huge are only possible with some pharmaceutical help. But this type of high-riding t-shirt, just snug and a flat belly is what you want to maximize how good you look

Long sleeve shirts, with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows look great on men when the shirts are snug against your big masculine biceps.  But a shirt tight enough to accentuate your arms will accentuate a big belly.


Flatten Your Belly for a Big Arm Look

Work on flattening your belly.  With a flatter belly, you can wear  smaller shirts which will make your shirt sleeve tighter around your arms.  On the converse, if your belly is bigger, you will need to wear a larger shirt, that skirts over your belly, de-emphasizing it.  This will make your shirts larger, and your shirt sleeves larger, hiding your arms too.

I know the current shirt style is really tight.  This style is a really horrible look on most men as it makes your stomach look very large and your shoulders look very small.  I'm not sure why men continue to wear clothes that make them look terrible.

Build Masculine Biceps from Bold and Determined

How to Build Big Arms

Some good information from Victor.

Developing the masculine biceps looks requires an overall body routine and some control over your diet.  So much more meat and fat and much less carbs and sugar.

The good news is you don't have to have a six-pack, just a flatter belly.

A year around six-pack demands an extremely tight diet, excessive exercise and pharmaceuticals.

You don't need that.

You just need a flat enough belly that you can wear a somewhat snugger shirt and not have a big belly protruding out over your belt line.

Yes, a six pack looks great with your shirt off.  But how much time do you spend with your shirt off and at the beach? 

Not much, right.

Women enjoy looking at men with ripped abs, but if your abs are too ripped, you will be better looking than most women, so you have kind of narrowed your options down considerably.  Most women cannot handle being worse looking than the man they are with.  It is supposed to be the woman who is good looking and the man who is masculine.

Besides, you need to get comfortable in your own skin no matter what shape you are in.  If you have a big belly, so what?  You can be happy while you are working to reduce it's size.

Get a Bit of Sunshine on Your Arms

Take your shirt off and get some sun no matter where you are at with your belly size and body shape.  The sun is free and is your friend.  Too many guys stay out of the sun, especially younger,  not as in good shape men.  Those are the type of man that needs the sun the most.

Get plenty of sun and color on your arms.  Your arms should be the darkest part of your body, with the exception of your face and neck because of being exposed to the sun the most frequently. 

Wear short sleeves and tank tops as much as you can.  I think wearing long sleeves shirts in the summer is totally ridiculous.  It makes no sense to be overly hot if you can be cool.  It is like the business and professional world that insist a man wear long sleeves in hot weather is a cult to see how many stupid edicts you are willing to follow without question.

A masculine man would not put up with being hot if he could be cool.  You decide what clothes you should wear to be deal with the weather.

Avoid Injury to Your Arms or Any Part of Your Body

When you weight train, you need to be careful to avoid injuring your elbows, wrists and arms.  It is very easy to go overboard with arm training.  It's fun, for one thing.  Not nearly as taxing as heavy, compound movements.  After a heavy maximum effort set of squats or deadlifts, you are quite happy to quit.

But with curls, you usually want to just keep on going.  Set after set after set.

There is an incredible amount of movements to do.  When you get good at tapping into the mind-muscle connection, you will enjoy an incredible muscle pump with your masculine biceps engorged with blood, bigger than ever with veins starting to pop out through your skin.

But nagging injuries will destroy your gains and make your life kind of miserable always dealing with pain.  One of the biggest culprits in causing these types of injuries is excessive arm volume.  Too many sets.  Too many reps.  Not enough rest between workouts and not enough rest between sets. 

Overdoing not only leads to bad form which can cause a serious injury, it leads to overuse injuries. 

You might want to try to experiment with a lot fewer sets and maybe only ONE heavy set of each exercise once you have an adequate warmup.

I think you should avoid doing any type of biceps training that aggravates an injury.  Train around it if you can.  Lay off the weights if you cannot.  Yes, you will lose size and muscle if you lay off too long.  But weight training is a long game.  Something you ought to be doing forever.  It is most effective if you just keeping doing it.  You will look fantastic when you are young.  You will age quite well if you keep up your strength and muscles.  And it is most critical to the quality of your life as you age.

So weight train and keep training!

This gets into the volume, but try to keep the volume of your warmup sets under control.  I don't think it is necessary to do more than 8 reps on a warmup.  I used to do 12 to 20 reps on multiple warmup sets and it just fatigued me so I could not work as hard on my work set or sets.

It's supposed to be a warm-up not an exhaust up.

Sometimes it is not that necessary to really warmup your biceps that much with curls if you have already done some lifting.  For example, one of my main training days is chest, back, arms.  My biceps and triceps are already warmed up from benching and rowing, so I don't always do a specific biceps warm-up, just going right to ONE heavy set of dumbbell curls.

But if you are only doing ONE set, you have to make it count by going heavy, doing at least 6 reps, with a maximum of about 12 reps, and getting everything out of the set as you can with maximum intensity meaning until you cannot do another rep.

Now for the actual training.

Basic Masculine Biceps Training Exercises

Straight bar curls

I like these.  You can do the most weight.  But they tend to hurt your wrists because of the angle.  Do them if you can, but don't be surprised if you get to the point of not doing them due to wrist pain.

Younger men can usually do these until they get hurt.  Older men will probably have to avoid these.

Easy bar curls

These are great too.  With the angle of the bar, it is easier on the wrists.  You can usually load up the weight on these also.  Even these will bother your wrists and elbows though if the weight gets heavy.  So I don't do these that much unless I feel really good and injury free.


You do these with a fairly narrow grip and your hands facing you.  These work great if your body is not heavy. 

If you are a torso dominant guy who is taller, your body will be very heavy relative to your arm strength.

As an aside, a torso dominant guy has that bigger all over body than an arm dominant guy.  Arm dominant guys are leaner.  Torso dominant guys tend to look like football offensive lineman.  Their arms may be huger, but their bodies are bigger.

Pull-ups are very good for leaner guys and shorter guys with less body weight to deal with.

And you will see this.  Guys much shorter than 6 feet tall and lean guys repping these out.   And enjoying the massive muscular masculine biceps that this exercise creates.

This tends to be a military type of guy movement.  Those guys have to be leaner and of course they are young.

But if you are taller and heavier, there is probably no way you can do these more than a few reps without seriously injuring yourself.

The amount of stress on your biceps when you at the bottom position will be incredible.  So BE CAREFUL.

I'm not young and not lean, so I don't do them.

Cable curls

I tend to not like these as they put you susceptible to injury in the set-up and put down and you have to follow the path. 

Dumbbell curls

These are my favorite biceps exercise because I can handle these to work around injuries.  And I have had a lot of elbow and wrist injuries from years of training and doing things I should not have done.

I think as you get older, you will need to focus on lighter and medium weighted dumbbells curls of various sorts to keep building your masculine biceps.

Best Masculine Biceps Explanations

Start with This Video to Develop the Mind-Muscle Connection

You should be able to flex your biceps in a way and hard enough that it becomes extremely painful.

This mind-muscle connection is how you develop that bigger, masculine biceps muscular ball and helps to keep your biceps big all the time.

Jeff explains the dumbbell technique to force you to "get" this technique.

Do Dumbbell Curls With Both Arms at the Same Time

Doing both arms at once not only saves a ton of time, it is the correct way to maximize masculine biceps development. 

Plus, it is not as hard on your back when you use bigger weights as you tend to twist and swing the bigger weights which puts your back at risk.

Keep Your Wrists Back to Help your Size and Take the Emphasis off the Forearms

Scroll to 3:30 mark for the explanation of the wrist back curls.

I have started to do this and it makes a big difference.  It doesn't hurt my wrists because the dumbbells are not usually that heavy.

If You Want to Barbell Curl Some Huge Weights Watch This Video to Learn the Technique of How to Set It Up Properly

You use a rack to set up the bar at the top.  So you start the curl with the bar in the top position rather than the bottom position.

You hold the bar a little differently than you have been doing too.

This is probably great if you are younger or have not damaged yourself already.

Use Drag Curls for Massive Masculine Biceps

Drag curls might be the unsung hero to develop the largest biceps you can possibly build.

Certainly the trainer in the video has the type of massive masculine biceps you want to develop.

How to Avoid Getting  Sick and Hurt
Don't Lift So Often

The older you get, the less often you can train.  It is not that you don't want to train, it is that if you train before you are fully recovered, you get rundown, sick and tend to get yourself injured.

You should feel extremely good when you get to the gym for your workout.

I know when I was younger, I lifted too often.  Going to the gym when I did not feel well and powering through a workout anyway.  I had a schedule and I stuck to it even when I was sick and hurt.

Weight training is a long game, where the benefits are in the doing it consistently over time to build and keep your strength and a good amount of muscle. If you are always getting sick and hurt and needing to miss large amounts of time, you are missing out on the benefits.

How to Avoid Getting Hurt
Don't Use So Many Sets

All my weight training injuries have happened because of multiple sets.  I do a good work set and instead of stopping, I do another work set and end up getting injured.

You need a long time between heavy work sets to recover.  Long.  Think 5 to 10 to 15 minutes.

That is a long time to sit around between sets.  Most gyms are not conducive to you sitting around waiting.  Everyone in the gym will hate you and you will be bored out of your mind and feel like you are wasting a lot of time.

If you are younger with a lot of time to train and you are starting out with the goal of building enormous strength and muscles, then yes, use the multiple set method with plenty of time between sets.

I know a younger person does benefit and will make the fastest gains by doing multiple work sets.  But you don't have to think in terms of fastest gains all the time.

But if you are older and/or have a lot of other things to do, then this one heavy set idea will allow you to keep lifting rather than giving it up because of the time savings.

Think in terms of gains over time, staying uninjured, not getting rundown and sick and not spending so much time in the gym.

But you will find that if you work that one set hard enough, you will feel it.  Your strength and muscles will grow and you will be tired and sore after a workout with a significant energy depletion.

Things to Buy to Help Develop Your Masculine Biceps

You don't need to spend a lot of money building your masculine biceps.  You already have a gym membership or home gym (don't you?).  The weights are the main thing.  Then you just have the normal things that are necessary for muscle building.

You don't need to wear a lifting belt or knee sleeves when training your biceps.  You may want to wear some elbow compression if you are nursing an elbow issue.  Wrist wraps help too.

Some Things to Get to Build Masculine Biceps

  • Wrist wraps
  • Elbow compression
  • Weight lifting shoes
  • Workout Bag
  • Creatine
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
  • Whey Protein Powder
  • Steaks, beef roasts, hamburger meat, bacon, eggs, pork chops, ribs (you get the idea)

Final Thoughts on Masculine Biceps

Yes, I do realize you need to build the rest of your muscles too.  Not just your biceps.  Everything is important. 

But your biceps are just as important.

So, you should spend time weight training your masculine biceps.

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