Luxury For Men

Luxury for men.  Luxury is not just for women.

Luxury is not about the type of clothes you wear, the artwork on your walls, or the fine wine you sip.


Luxury is about you deciding what little, and big things, experiences and circumstances you want in your life.

What types of things or experiences that provides the luxurious feeling that gives you a life that you truly enjoy.

You have to reject the usual things you hear like

  • Men should just suffer with nothing.
  • Men should just give and give and give some more.
  • Men need to continually sacrifice their lives for someone else and it does not even matter who.

Maybe you think that way. I used to, but not anymore. I believe it is my right to live as great a life as possible. I matter just as much as anyone else.

Luxury for Men
Let's Talk About Things First

I start with things because they are easy to understand.  Here are some luxury for men things that make me happy:

A big vehicle

I have my awesome truck.  The thought of squeezing into a tiny car to save gas for future generations just enrages me. Why do future generations matter more than we do?  My safety, comfort and happiness matters to me.

I love my big, comfortable truck. Most cars are too small to be considered luxury for men

A Comfortable Bed

If you don't have this, you won't have much of a life.

  • Strong furniture

  • I cannot stand the embarrassment of breaking furniture because I am a big man. I want big, strong furniture that is well made and lasts a long time.

  • Tables you can get your legs under

  • The one-size fits all table only fit little people.  It's maddening to have to squeeze under tiny tables.

  • Clothes that fit

  • Why does a man have to squeeze into small sizes that look and feel ridiculous? Get the right sized clothes.

  • Big recliners

  • Your life is transformed to pure comfort in a recliner. No piece of furniture is as masculine or provides the ultimate in luxury for men as a recliner. Your life will never be yours if you do not have one in your home.

  • If your wife does not allow you to have a recliner, you are basically a slave to her desires.  My wife would not allow a recliner in our house.  I had no comfort in my huge, expensive home that I could not even afford.

  • But now I would not be without one.
  • My big recliner is so comfortable. It is the ultimate luxury for men chair

    Tip for Gift Buyers

    If you are going to buy something for a man, get what he can really use, a Gift Card. A man knows what the best luxury for men gifts are. He know what he wants and needs.

    I know I am a very tough person to buy for.  I have my tastes that are hard to understand.  Plus, I am a minimalist.  So I prefer to get rid of things, rather than acquire more.

    So what I really want are a few really great things and very little of anything else.

    Luxury for Men
    Take Better Care of Yourself With Some Simple Ideas

    Next are some simple actions that you need to take to feel better.  Many men neglect these simple things and suffer greatly.

    Sleep more

    If you are chronically sleep deprived it is usually because of other people. You change your optimum sleeping patterns to fit other people.

    When I was married I went to bed late when my wife wanted to go to bed. I really needed to go to bed much earlier than she did because I got up 2 to 3 hours before she did. So all the years of my marriage I was not sleeping 2 or 3 as much as I needed.

    Now my kids like to stay up late during the summer because they can sleep in. I just go to bed when I want to. They complain about it, but this is my health and quality of life I am working on.

    I go to bed early, when I'm tired.  Then I get up early to work on what I want to do.

    Eat Better

    You do not have to get caught up in the latest diet craze. You can go about your life in the manner that suits you.

    The powers that be want us doing what they want us to do.  And that includes how we eat.

    You should be determining what types of food make you feel the best.

    For me, I need more meat, more good fats and a lot less carbohydrates.  The more I avoid bread, potatoes, rice, fruit, and sweets, the easier time I have slimming down.

    Buy Smaller Items

    Buy the smaller items that you can afford to buy with the cash you have available now. If you have the money available now, just buy it. I used to agonize about these minor purchases to no end. I was always worried that if I spent $20 or $50 or $100 now on what I wanted my life would fall apart. Well, my life fell apart anyway and I never bought anything I wanted. Just buy the smaller items you want now and start enjoying them now.

    Write Lists

    Write lists of the bigger things you want with a timetable that makes sense to you. Then refer to this list often and fix it in your mind so it becomes your reality.

    Lose the Guilt

    Lose the guilt over your past and the past you had no control of. There is no point in feeling guilt over something that happened 2000 years ago. That was someone else. Even if something you did when you were younger was bad, that was someone else too. A younger you. Feeling guilt will not set you free.

    Luxury for Men
    Doing Good Things for Yourself

    Do good things for yourself.  Luxury for men is you continually treating yourself well.

    You thought I was going to say do good things for others.

    Most men spend most of their time, money and energy doing good things for others. That is not the problem for most of you. Most of you are quite good at taking care of those around you.  Probably too good.  You make sure your wife, your kids, your family, your friends, your employer and nearly everyone else around you live a great life, while you slave away and do not.

    That's the problem.  You are not doing enough good things for yourself.

    If you spend most of your time, money and energy doing good things for others, you are cut out of the mix. What you want to do, you never do. What you want to happen, does not happen. What you want to buy, you have no money for.

    There's a balance.  Consider your needs.  Before you buy another expensive item for someone else, think if this will enrich your life.  The short answer is that it won't.  You will just into more debt buying useless things for people who will not appreciate it.

    Spending your resources on others just causes your life to stagnate and wither away. You feel you have nothing to really live for because you do not even know how to live. You have no experiences that you can reflect back on.

    From Danger and Play

    The Look

    I had "The Look" while I was married.  I could have lived out the rest of my short, miserable life being under the control of my verbally abusive, demanding wife.  But I chose differently and now I have never been happier.  Luxury for men includes rejecting totally anything bad for you.

    If you honestly look at men living a great life you will see that most of the time they are doing mostly what they want. Not what their parents wants. Not what their wives want. Not what their children want. Not what society wants.

    You have to discount or forget what other people want and do what you want. You need to do good things for yourself.

    It is difficult to think this way because you do not do it and you have been trained since birth to think of others first and to not be selfish.

    But what you have really been trained to do is to be a slave to others.

    The way society has us programmed is too difficult to comprehend in a short article. The simpler solution is to just do good things for yourself on a continuous basis starting now. Decide now to be your own best friend and start immediately doing what you want.

    Luxury for Men - Free Time

    Free time must be the most beautiful words in any language.  They are certainly the best thing to have.

    Things that are free to you are wonderful.

    A free life is the best life.

    Time to do what you want is the best resource on the planet.

    What I want most of all from life is free time to do what I want.

    Free time.

    Why are we being told that we have to work longer and longer into our old age?

    Because our masters are trying to deny us what we want the time.

    Keeping people doing something they do not want to do is a method of slavery.

    I have been trying to slip the yoke of slavery my entire life and I have rarely succeeded.

    My entire life has been on a quest for more free time.

    Everything I hate and despise the most have been the people, situations and circumstances that have stolen my free time.

    All the major decisions I have made in my life have been based on wanting more time:

    • Divorce
    • Vasectomy
    • Quitting jobs
    • Avoiding buying a house
    • Avoiding joining anything

    Making these dramatic changes will take some doing.  It take a ton of motivation to make giant changes even if these changes will dramatically improve your life.

    Your time is limited.  Life is fleeting.  You don't have much time left.  You are going to be dead before you know it and that will be it.

    Luxury for Men
    Time to Think in Comfortable Surroundings

    Most of Us Spend Too Much Time in Hard to Think Places

    • The cubicle at work.
    • With your wife nagging you.
    • When your kids are squabbling.
    • Sitting on a hard chair.
    • Engaged in very hard physical work.
    • In front of the TV.
    • In a substandard life.

    That is why luxury for men includes having more free time to think in comfort.

    Having free time and comfort is not easy.  Life does not just give you this time and this comfort, you have to obtain it yourself.

    I make sure I

    • Have a comfortable recliner in my home.
    • Have all the chairs in my home be comfortable.
    • Am left alone at work in an office to not only do my work, but think.

    I believe that time to think in comfortable surroundings is the ultimate luxury.

    Think about what the most pleasant times are for you.

    Are You

    • Working hard physically and at a dizzying pace?
    • Working incredibly hard for not much money?
    • Bored out of your mind?
    • Sitting on an extremely uncomfortable chair?
    • On a bus except for as part of a traveling experience?
    • Squeezed into some place really small?
    • Exhausted?
    • In pain?
    • Too hot?
    • Too cold?
    • Embarrassed?
    • Doing something you do not want to do?

    No, all these things are just somewhat awful situations that are the opposite of a good life.  A good life is none of those things.

    A good life is sitting in comfort in a coffee shop drinking fresh coffee made by others.  Where they do all the cleanup.

    Comfort is going out to eat a delicious meal prepared by others where they do all the cleanup.  All you do is enjoy the good food that you picked.

    Comfort is a great bed, a comfortable recliner and a big enough car that is a pleasure to get into and out of and gets you to even more comfortable places.

    Comfort is not working at something you don't like and being left alone to do what you want.

    Comfort is not having to answer questions you don't want to answer.

    Having time to think in a place and a way that you find comfortable, either stimulating or relaxing, depending on what you need at the time, is the best gift you can give to yourself.

    How can you expect to make positive improvements to your life if you have no time to think about what they even are?

    How can you determine if your relationships, your career, your goals, your anything, is anything close to what you want without spending plenty of time thinking about them?

    But this is your life. You need to think deeply about it. If your career is going nowhere, you need to think about that and make decisions to move towards something else. If you really hate your job, you need to start applying for other jobs. If you want to go into business, you need to work toward that. If your marriage is bad, you need to think of why it is bad to take steps to improve it or end it.

    Things do not get better on their own. You have to cause the change. Not so much by acting without thinking. But by thinking deeply about your own life and then acting on what you have decided only after your thinking about it.

    You think and think and think some more. You concentrate on your life to the exclusion of everything else. You do not worry so much about others only in the context of if they are good for you or not. You need to do good things for you.

    When you have had the free time to think deeply about your life in comfort you can take the correct actions to move toward something better.

    Luxury for Men - Privacy

    You need privacy.  Luxury for men is private time to think, to plan and to work on your goals and mission.

    I love being left alone to do what I want. I structure my life so as to avoid all the negative issues of others as much as possible. I have left the biggest negative person  in my life behind.

    I purposely go through life with the idea of being happy and not having to deal with people I do not like.

    Luxury for Men
    Final Thoughts on Comfortable Surroundings

    It's not easy being comfortable when the world wants you living in a constant state of discomfort.  The world does not want you at ease and enjoying your life.  It wants you to work hard for others, not yourself.

    You are told over and over again that other people are more important than you are and you had best just hand over everything to someone else.

    So, the best thing for you is to take a step to the side of all that madness.  Enjoy whatever luxury for men things/experiences/circumstances that makes you happy and to hell with the rest.

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    The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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