Masculine First Steps

Here are some masculine first steps to take to move you down the road toward being the type of masculine man that is much happier and in control of his life.

As a man, it should be fairly easy to be masculine.  I'm not sure why this is so difficult for so many men. 

But it does not have to be so difficult for you.

I hate needless complication when easy should do.  Long sermons instead of quick conversations and back and forth discussions.  Excessively complicated methods instead of simple solutions.

I prefer to break things down so I can easily understand them and so I can tell if someone else will understand it.

These masculine first steps are going to easily help you to enjoy the results of this better type of lifestyle.

Of Course There is a Scale or Gradation of Masculine Men

From extremely feminized men on the low end
To extremely masculine men on the high end

I would assume most of you are probably are more in the middle of these extremes.  You see lots of very feminized men at the bottom who will never have a clue and a very small number of extremely masculine men on the other end who already live a great life.

All you need to do is move your life steadily and persistently up towards the masculine end at a pace you can handle.  There is no need to be concerned with doing everything right and doing all things.

In fact, as you develop more and more masculinity, you care less and less about what others think about what is important or not.  You will notice that you care more and more about what you think.

In other words...relax.  Do what you can.  Take some positive steps forward  to improve your life.  And just as importantly, stop doing things that slide your life backward.

Easy Masculine First Steps
What NOT to Wear

I start with clothing because this is an easy fix.  You change this today.

  • Tight suits.  I know this is the style.  But it is bad.  It accentuates your flaws.  Tight suits make your shoulders look small and your belly look big even if you are in fairly decent shape.
  • Tight, button down shirts, if you are not muscular or have a belly.  I think overly tight shirts look terrible on very fit and muscular men too.  Leave the tight shirts to the women.
  • Buttoning up your button down shirts up tight to your neck when you don't have to.  Leave a few buttons opened to loosen up.
  • Overly tight t-shirts if you are not muscular or have a belly.  Same idea as the button down shirts.  Yes, if you have great muscles, it is nice to show them off in a tight shirt.  But tight shirts are uncomfortable and seem like you are trying too hard to show off.
  • Skinny jeans.  Besides looking ridiculous, they pinch your private parts and squash them down.  It's better to wear jeans a little loose to allow your private parts some space and room to roam.  You will need a belt to hold your pants up.
  • Rolled up pants legs.  I just think this is a goofy look best left for women.
  • Goofy colored socks
  • Dainty types of shoes

All these clothing styles are great for in-shape women with great bodies.

Women look good with their smaller feet and interesting shoes styles.

But not men. 

When men wear clothing that is for women, they look like women.

Your clothing choices are an extremely easy masculine first steps fix.  Just stop wearing those types of clothes and basically do the opposite.

Masculine First Steps
What NOT to Do to Your Head

  • Put your hair up in a bun. I don't know how this got to be a thing.  But it is easy enough to stop doing.
  • Wearing glasses.  All men look terrible with glasses.  Wear contacts and watch the quality of your life skyrocket.
  • Excessively long hair.  Long hair looks great on women, because they're women.  Even the rock stars look horrible with their long hair unless they are on-stage performing.  In general life, long hair looks terribly feminine on men.
  • An untended, unruly beard unless you are extremely masculine.  This is the type of beard that very skinny men wearing glasses tend to wear.  They look like the bearded lady at the circus.
  • Bushy hair.  Overly big or bushy hair is a lady look.  Keep your hair under control so dealing with your hair is not something you need to spend much time on.  Ladies spend a lot of time on their hair.  Masculine men do not.
  • Be completely clean shaven all the time.  Facial hair makes you look better.  Not big, unruly beards, but some hair.  Being clean shaven all the time is not a good look for me.  You look like a slimy politician, lawyer or talking head.

Masculine First Steps
Your Body Should Not Be

  • Skinny.  Some women look good skinny.  All men look terrible skinny.
  • Skinny-fat.  No one looks good this way.
  • Fat with no muscle.  A fat man who doesn't train with weights and who is not strong as an ox is not only non-masculine, he is not going to enjoy anything good in life, except huge quantities of junk food.
  • Pale.  The sun is your friend.  It is free.  It is good to get in the sun long enough to get some color.  Not burned, color.
  • Completely hairless.  Completely smooth is good for the girls, not for the men.
  • Overly hairy.  But you can trim your excess hair so you are not looking like an ape.
  • Completely covered in warm weather.  Wear shorts and a t-shirt in hot weather for f**k sake.  Take your shirt off and sit in the sun a little bit.
  • Overly tattooed.  I'm not sure how this got to be a thing either.  If you are muscled beyond belief, you can get away with it.
  • Head forward.  This is so prevalent.  Gaming, computers, smart phones, poor eyesight, bad habits and weak necks are the cause.  Neck training, proper contacts, putting down the phone and conscious effort to keep your head back are the cure.
  • Small.  If you're short, you need to weight train.  Shorter men can look incredible with some muscle.
  • Weak.  There is just no excuse to be weak.  Your entire life is improved the stronger you get.
  • Hurting.  Getting hurt from whatever does make your life suck.  It is easy enough to get hooked on the hard drugs when you hurt.  It's better to be able to take a bit of pain than get hooked on opiods.  It's also better to avoid the things that make you get hurt like reckless behavior and not watching out for yourself.
  • Making you ashamed.  Be proud of your body.  Get comfortable with yourself.  Just because you want to make some positive changes to your body doesn't mean you can't love yourself now.

Masculine First Steps with Your Choices of Exercise

  • Not weight training with heavy weights. This is the best way to build your body, gain confidence, look good and get strong.
  • Yoga is a very poor choice for men.
  • Bounce around cardio is very good for slender women and very bad for men who want to have feet that do not ache.
  • Stretching is a waste of your time.  When you weight train with full-body, multi-muscle lifts like overhead presses, squats, deadlifts and bench presses you will be flexible enough.  If you participate in a sport that will create enough flexibility also.  Again, it's great when women are flexible for what they do, but you only need to be flexible enough for what you do.
  • Too much cardio that you get too thin and run down and don't have enough energy for your weight training workouts.  It might be better to think of doing cardio on and off throughout your life for specific times.  Maybe prior to a hiking expedition, or the summer beach season or some other big event.  Otherwise, mostly weight train.

Masculine First Step with Your Finances

First of need to decide to do what to do with the money YOU earn.

Not turn it over to someone else.

Not Your:

  • Wife
  • Girlfriend
  • Parents
  • Government
  • Church
  • Financial Advisor
  • Accountant
  • Friend who knows a lot about money
  • Neighborhood bar
  • Grocery store
  • Bad habits

You decide where every bit of YOUR money goes.  Tell them all to go to h**l with their ideas of what YOU should do with YOUR money.

I offer a few simple masculine first steps ideas on how to think about this.

  • Always carry a fair bit of cash on you.  I tend to like a few hundred dollars.
  • Always have a fair bit of cash hidden in strategic areas for emergencies.  This is different than a savings account at a credit union or bank or a money market fund.  Those are good.  But I like to have my initial emergency money available in cash anytime I need it.  You can only withdraw so much out of an ATM at a time.  If you need a lot of cash, you have to go to the bank.  Banks aren't open on weekends, holidays, early mornings or late at night.

Masculine First Steps with Your Money From the Art of Manliness

5 Reasons Why a Man Should Always Carry Cash

Favorite quotes -

It’s always good to carry cash both for handling things when they go wrong, and to be able to make sure things go right.

“Cash should remain, always and everywhere, because it allows, private, peer-to-peer transactions. In doing so, it decentralizes power in society (as well as adding a layer of resilience to the financial system—a diversification between the physical and virtual). Having stuff in society that elites can’t completely control is a good thing. Keeping a large swath of the economy away from Big Finance and Big Data is a good thing. Finally, people like cash; we shouldn’t let the elites take it away.”

Masculine First Steps
Your View of Life

Living in a way that does not suit you

  • Doing a lot of things you do not want to do
  • Bending over backwards for other people
  • Continuing to deal with people who are not treating you well instead of cutting them out of your life.
  • Not planning, scheduling and setting aside money for having the types of fun experiences you prefer.
  • Being overly tired from doing things you do not want to do anyway.
  • Being overly busy.
  • Worrying about politics as something other than an entertaining freak show.
  • Worrying about things out of your control

These masculine first steps will be huge for some of you.  I think the underlying problem is that society goes out of it's way to beat the man out of us. 

It is like some gigantic conspiracy to force us all down to living an extremely unsatisfying life.  Like an ever-present, extremely controlling mother constantly slapping your hand whenever you do something that displeases her.  And continually making comments directed toward you designed to undermine your confidence.

At some point, you have to say...f**k that noise mom.  I'm out of here.  I won't be coming home again anytime soon. 

And then you get busy living your life, your way with your masculine first steps.

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