Happiness For Men

There are many things in life that create happiness for men.

Things like a big bank account, winning games, travel, adventure, looking good, feeling good, good food, drinking and good times with attractive women.

But in order to have all that happiness, men need to have 3 main areas of their lives be under their own control.  Everything else fits into and around these main areas.

1. Work

2. Free Time

3.  Strength

Happiness for Men - Work

My desk at work

Work creates the life you want to lead.  Work provides your money, your benefits, gives you an outlet for your creativity and even puts interesting people for socialization nearby without you needing to seek them out.

Work is not just a job that you work for someone else.  Work is for business owners, self-employed, entrepreneurs, writers, artists, musicians and anyone spending time at money making endeavors.

You work most of your life.

We don't work much as young children anymore.  But some children do start working.  It's good for them.

There might be a time in your older age where you don't work as much.  However even if you are living on a social security check, it is still a check you earned from your prior work and you will need to "work" to make it stretch.

As much as you complain about work, you still go.  You still do. 

You have to. 

You realize the only way to create the type of life you want to lead, you need what work provides.

There are ways to make your work, job, career or business more to your liking.

The trick to being happier with work is to have a high quality career and make the happier income level.

If the actual doing of your work is boring beyond belief, inherently dangerous, takes every moment of your waking time or is just stupid - quit that work and do something else. 

You may have to keep quitting and keep finding for years, decades, always.  But this is your life we are talking about.  Your life is worth the constant effort toward making it better.

And you make your life better through work.

Happiness for Men - Free Time

I know the first happiness for men concept of work conflicts with the second.  That's why you need to do work right.  Find work that has built in more free time.

Free time allows you to relax and recharge.  Partly so you can continue to work but mostly so you can enjoy your life.  It provides the time to think and time for fun.

Free time lets you relax and feel good.

Find ways to create more free time for yourself.  I am moving to a home much closer to my work next month.  This will save me many minutes of commuting time each day.  It will save wear and tear on my beautiful truck  It will save the frustration of driving back and forth on the same roads each day that I have driven on each day for years.

I hate having to constantly be in a rush, never having time to just sit and think.  Some of your lives are like that.

Mine was.

When I was married, I got up at the last instant to get ready and rush off to work.  At work I worked  hard all day, never pausing to think about my career or life, rarely chatting with co-workers, never going out for nice lunches and working long past a normal 8 hour day.  When I finally made it home, I had no free time to just be.  My wife insisted I keep busy helping her with a long honey-do list (more of a do these stupid tasks or listen to my nagging and screaming for hours on end list).

What a miserable life I escaped from.

Now I have plenty of free time and I am always looking to carve out more.

So eliminate the time wasters like long commutes, jobs you hate, excessive errands, over-perfection, clutter, disorganization, doing things for others they should be doing themselves, busyness doing things you hate and especially bad relationships.

I am sick of the time wasters stealing my time. I am always looking for ways to reduce these things or eliminate them from my life.

Happiness for Men - Strength

Strength is critical.  You need to lift weights in a progressive manner.  This is the best, easiest and most straight forward way to obtain strength.

Along with the strength, you will gain the big, sexy, muscles that make you look masculine, tough, powerful and good looking.

Gaining strength through physical work is very inefficient.  Your work should be easy to do physically, not hard physically.  If you find your job physically exhausting, it's the wrong type of work for you.

Gaining strength through sports is also inefficient.  Sports training is mostly about developing a higher skill level to play the sport better.  Gaining strength is only a very minor component.

You'll find that the stronger you get, the better you will be at whatever sport you play.  The best athletes in my high school were the 2 guys who weight trained.  They were the only ones who had a home gym.  Our school did not even get weights until my senior year.  Those guys excelled at sports.  In addition to their higher skill level, they were physically more dominant.  From weight training.

Lifting gives you the strength and power.  It builds the muscle, makes you look good and provides the confidence.

Just lift weights and keep lifting.

Some of My Favorite Strength Building Resources

Starting Strength


Massive Iron

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The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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