Masculine Mindset

You need to develop a more masculine mindset if your life is not good.  You can feel better about your life if you choose to do something about it.

And choosing, is you, using your mind to move your life in the right direction.  Think first, act second.

Too many men have been forced to live in a way that is not good for them.  Basically, living in a non-masculine way.  Continually reacting to events out of your control, rather than doing what you need to do for your life. Kind of running around at a frantic pace without thinking.

Bending over backwards trying to please other people.  Doing what they are told.  Keeping busy dealing with things that have nothing to do with improving their lives.

Eating wrong.  Drinking wrong.  Exercising wrong.  Living wrong.  Thinking wrong.

How can your life be right, if you are doing most things wrong?

It can't.

You listen to others and feel the need to get up early, stay up late, work excessively hard, at a frantic pace, do not take care of yourself and rarely relax.  Is is any wonder you look terrible, feel worse and have a terrible life.  This was basically my life for over 10 years.  Lost years of my life.

So, what can you do about this?

You have to step to the side of this stupid madness and observe the world for what it is, make plans how you can make your life better and then act on those plans.  Like I explain in the 3 Step System.

The 3 steps are (1) Get Your Mind Right.  (2) Take Action.  (3)  Rest, Heal, Recharge, Grow.

The way to get what you most desire is to start with getting your mind right.  Developing a masculine mindset will improve your life. 

But First, Here is a short reminder of what doesn't work

  • Thinking being masculine is bad.
  • Busyness on trivial matters.
  • Concern about world events.
  • Worrying what others think.
  • Doing things for other people they should do for themselves.
  • Not focusing on YOUR life.
  • Getting caught up in the latest ploy to keep you down.

What does help you is understanding what is going on, avoiding spending any time or any energy in trying to fix or deal what you have no real ability to fix or deal.

If your life is difficult and chaotic, if you have a hard time meeting your own needs, let alone meeting some of your desires, you need to spend your precious time and your energy focused on your needs and your desires. 

As you get happier, stronger, with more energy and more abundance you can help those around you to help bring them up and as they improve their lives, they can help those around them.

This is really the only way for us to thrive.

The mistaken way to bring people up is to bring others down.

I believe that this latest ploy of this society wide issue of women treating men terribly is just another way our masters have orchestrated to keep 

Most women are quite nice.  Why would they want to force men down?  It makes no sense to force people down.

Getting back to the masculine mindset.

Most men nowadays do not seem very masculine.  And they are not very happy.  How could they?  Being masculine, if you are a man, helps to create a happy life for you.  Just as being feminine, if you are a female, will make you happier as a woman.  We are be pushed to not be this way to make our lives as miserable as possible.

Hint, if you are miserable, you are doing things wrong.

From Dr. Robert Anthony

Depression, pain, fear, doubt and worry are gifts that say "take a look at what you are thinking right now. You're living in a story that is not true for you  When we get caught up in the dream or the illusion, we try to alter and manipulate the stressful feeling rather than deal with the thought behind it. That's why I say that any negative emotion is an alarm clock that is designed to wake you up to the fact that there's a thought that you may want to investigate and get rid of. Inquiry and investigation of any thought that is untrue will always lead you back to happiness and who you really are.

A Masculine Mindset Means Thinking More Selfishly

You have to avoid being pushed into doing things you don't want to do and avoid acting in ways you do not want to act if you want a happier life.

Isn't this always the case?  You are not happy whenever you are forced (coerced, talked into, manipulated, guilt-ed or even directed by authorities) to do something you don't really want to do. 

You want to shift your focus back to you.  What do you want to do? Where do you want to live?  What kinds of experiences do you want to have?  How do you want to live?

Question your desires and resist more of the outside world.  Keep thinking if what is being said will help you or hurt you.

Be slow to agree to anything.  Take your time. Get everything back on your timetable.  Don't be rushed into making decisions that will take enormous effort on your part to undo...if you can even undo them at all.  Things like marriage, children, mortgages, debts, contracts, obligations and health issues or all difficult to wind back in.

The dynamic needs to be shifted back to you.  Most of us men have allowed others to shift our focus onto their wants.  I know I was extremely guilty of this when I was married.  I could not even really say what I wanted if someone ever asked.  Thinking for myself was not something I did.  My reality was whatever she wanted.  I may have even said stupid things about doing whatever my wife wanted.  

I know focusing on what you want sounds selfish. 

And it is.

But if your life is not what you want it to be, how is being unselfish working out for you?  And is it possible that the reason your life sucks, is that others have taken advantage of your unselfishness?  That they are, in fact, much more selfish than you could ever be?  That all you want is a great life, you can be happy with and that you could not ever take advantage of others the way they are taking advantage of you?

Masculine Mindset - C0nfidence

Be proud and happy of the way you are.  You can act boldly and confidently no matter where you are in life.

The more you act like your life, your needs and your desires are the most important thing in your life, the more likely that you will get the things you desire and the more your life will improve. 

This creates a confidence loop.  You desire something.  You go after it.  You get it or something similar or at least expend the effort toward something you deem worthy.  You create confidence that you can do what you set out to do.  You repeat, over and over again.

But to do this you have to get out of the mindset of blindly following the rules. These rules thrown at you by everyone, don't have to be your rules. 

For masculine men, the rules are just a guide, not something to follow blindly. You may choose to follow some rules to avoid trouble, but you do what you want.

Masculine Mindset -
Focus on Improving the Main Elements of Your Life

Think in terms of basic rights that you just take for yourself.  The Right To

  • Feel good
  • Leave bad circumstances
  • Define what success means to you
  • Be happy with what you have
  • Be happy with who you are
  • Do your best with what you have

Basic tips that work with these rights

  • Always be moving toward your happiness.
  • Keep your energy levels high
  • Take calculated risks
  • Don't bow down
  • Be physical
  • Look like a masculine man
  • Control What's Yours - Money, time, looks, health,surroundings and relationships

If you persistently and relentlessly work toward improving all these items on this list, your life cannot help but get better.  It has to.  Each incremental improvement in anything on this list, will make your life bump up slightly.  The more your do this, the more likely you take up another level, sometimes multiple levels until your life is so much better than most men's and so much better than your own previous life.

Masculine Mindset and Money

Keep a masculine mindset with a wallet full of actual cash and credit cards with huge amounts of available credit

You do not need to waste your money buying the latest fashions and spending on fads. 

Nor, should you spend most of your money on expensive wives, girlfriends, children and other people.  Nothing is more expensive than a bad wife or even bad live-in girlfriend.  Children can be quite expensive, but you can control that type of spending more easily than you can a women with access to your bank accounts and credit cards.

A Better Use of Your Money is

  • Paying down your debts to ZERO.
  • Padding your in-your-name only bank accounts.
  • Increasing itself in well researched investments.
  • Stacking neatly and thickly in your wallet.
  • Keeping way ahead of your living expenses instead of the agonizing frustration of paying bills at the last minute or even late.
  • Buying a great vehicle and keeping it fueled up and well maintained instead of running on empty trying to keep an old beater running.
  • Nutritious groceries consisting of plenty of healthy meat instead of whatever is cheapest.
  • Meals, coffee, deserts out in nice places alone, with family, friends and on dates instead of being forced to make everything yourself to keep the cost as low as possible.
  • Friday and Saturday nights out on the town...Taxis, Uber, drinks, fun instead of boring, long weekends holed up alone in front of the TV.
  •, hotels, admissions, tours and more fun instead of a life filled with nothing but unsatisfying work and endless bills paying for the wants of others.
  • Weekend retreats for recharging, relaxing and adventure.

It should especially be used to liberally pay for experiences making your "Now" incredibly satisfying and filling your memory bank for later recollection.  You don't want to spend your end of days thinking of the miserable life you led.  You want your memories full to the brim with adventures, experiences and achievements.

Masculine Mindset - Your Body

Being healthy, reasonably fit and strong with the muscle that goes with it is a huge part of being masculine.

Isn't it?

You should be big and strong and muscular.  It certainly helps you avoid trouble.  No one really wants to mess with a guy who looks like he could snap a neck like a twig.

Being strong enough to just pick up and carry whatever you need to do is empowering.  You don't need to call a moving company or a bunch of friends to carry something, you just do it yourself.

Instead of needing real men to do the real work, you are the real man who can do the real work.

Here are a few of my articles talking more about developing your masculine body

Masculine Mindset - Your Looks

When you're big, strong and muscular you will feel and look more masculine.

And this feeling is important.  So, is looking the part.

But improving your masculine looks also involves a few other key things.

  1. Get a tight haircut
  2. Grow your facial hair
  3. Wear boots or good shoes
  4. Wear contacts
  5. Keep your shirt collar open

I talk in more detail about your looks here

One of my favorites Masculine Mindset articles from Mike Cernovich

Break Free from Your Mental Prisons

Favorite quote -

If we can just figure out how to be friends and how to work together in a positive way, we have an opportunity within the next 100 years to be something so special that it’s almost indescribable….We’re on the cusp of this, but we’re not there.

Masculine Mindset - Your Surroundings

This should be a fairly simple fix for some of you if you are single.

If you're married or living with a woman, probably not.

Most men living with a woman lack even the most basic comfortable surroundings.

  • No recliners. 
  • Uncomfortable couches that you cannot take a nap on. 
  • Too many stupid pillows all over the bed. 
  • Lots of unnecessary stuff to stumble past. 
  • Lots of knick-knacks to deal with.

As a single man you can just avoid all that stupid nonsense and focus on making your living style as comfortable and functional for you as possible.

Function is important. You should be able to get ready and go to whatever you need to go to as quickly as possible.

Comfort is critical.  After a hard day of work it's best to just sit down and relax with no effort. 

Masculine Mindset - Your Relationships

The main way to fix all of your relationships is to only spend time with people you enjoy and build you up, rather than tear you down.  People you can learn from. Fun people.

Some are just mildly irritating. Some, enormously toxic. 

It is guaranteed that if you remain in relationships with toxic people your life will just be terrible with no hope of anything good.  Sorry, if this is you.  You have no chance until you leave these people behind.

No chance.

Many married men are suffering with a bad marriage and need to leave their wives.  I wrote the book to help you if this is you.

Final Thoughts on Masculine Mindset

So, just work on your masculine mindset, you will be happier.

Block out the shrill noise constantly berating you that your happiness does not matter.  We get drawn into all kinds of things that push us away from living a good life. 

It will take effort.

But this effort will pay huge dividends.

› Masculine Mindset

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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