What Non Masculine Men Do

Non masculine men seem to go out of their way to do everything wrong.

It's instructive to know what not to do. 

It's simpler to stop doing things rather than to start doing things.  Simpler, but not easy, as being non-masculine is a terribly hard habit for some men to break.

But, just as you can break most bad habits with attention, focus and persistence, you can break the non-masculine habit too.

And you can break whatever bad that is not working for you

  • Jobs
  • Habits like eating junk food, smoking, drinking or drugs
  • Relationships, even marriages

But, let's start with avoiding some of the easier non-masculine traits to see where you are going wrong.  You're probably in a bad job, with bad habits and a bad relationship because you are too non-masculine.

Traits of Non Masculine Men that you Should Avoid

How You Speak

  • Talking in a high voice.  I'm not sure why men feel the need to talk high.
  • Talking too fast.
  • Talking too much.
  • Over agreeing with everyone, especially women. You have an opinion don't you?  An easy way to disagree without seeming overly harsh is to say...I'm not sure about that.
  • Saying yes too much or too soon.  An easy way to start to say no more often is to say...I will have to check on that. This gives you some time to think about it.

How You Look

  • Being skinny or skinny-fat.  Get weight training and eat plenty of meat.  Don't run quite so much, even if you love running.  Running tends to get you hurt over the long term anyway.   
  • Being fat and flabby.  Being fat without huge muscles.  This is worse for your health than being skinny, of course.  There is nothing worse than being fat and flabby.  You need to build some muscles along with the extra pounds.  If you have a big belly, your back needs to be bigger.
  • Being pale.  The sun is free and is your friend.  Get in the sun long enough to get a bit of color.  Not burned, of course.
  • Being clean shaven all the time.  It's so simple to fix this in a few days, but so many men don't. It's sad.
  • Feminine hair.  Long hair or buns or fancy styles is for the girls.  Masculine keep to simple cuts, usually quite short.
  • Wearing non-masculine clothes and shoes.  Do not look for advice from gay men and from women trying to disqualify you.  Why else would men be wearing such ugly clothes now?  Wear good looking masculine clothes like big boots, comfortably loose pants and jeans, v-necked t-shirts, button down shirts with the top buttons left open, leather jackets.
Great example of doing everything wrong. Wearing a man bun. Wearing glasses. Goofy looking socks. Baggy, ugly sweatpants. Extremely ugly t-shirt. Doesn't look like he does any weight training.

How You Act

  • Doing things you don't want to do.  Quit doing all this and your life automatically gets better.
  • Bending over backwards to please other people.  The only person you need to please is you.
  • Staying in bad relationships.  No one has a right to treat you badly. There is a way out of even the worst marriages.
  • Being afraid to be alone.  There is so much you can do alone. You will make the best progress on your life when you are alone.
  • Being afraid to stand out.  Non-masculine men are afraid of standing out.  So do the opposite.  The more you do this the more invigorating it becomes.
  • Not taking some chances.  This goes with a lot of the above.  But even the most attractive men in the world have to go up and talk to women.
  • Caring what others think about you.  You need to care about you think about you.

From Fox News

How Masculine Men Attract Women

Favorite quote -

The more easy-going and "sure, honey, whatever you want" a man is, the more likely his wife or girlfriend will be to say, "he's a wonderful husband and father and I really love him, but I don't find him sexy. Frankly, sex has never been great with him, even from the beginning, but I married him anyway.

Simple Things Non Masculine Men Can Do to Immediately Start Looking More Masculine

  1. Get a tight haircut
  2. Grow your facial hair
  3. Wear boots
  4. Wear contact lenses
  5. Don't wear ugly t-shirts
  6. Wear collared type shirts and keep the top buttons open
  7. Wear nicer jeans that are not too tight.

You can see that these few changes will not take you very long and you can start looking more masculine almost immediately.

Hard Things Non Masculine Men Can Do to Start to Make Massive Improvements in Their Lives

Non Masculine Men and Spending Money

Non masculine men spend most of their money on other people.  Continually bending over backwards to try to please un-pleasable people and going broke in the process.

Masculine men spend more of the money that they earn on things for themselves.  Things that make them happy or make their lives better in some way.

Things like

  • Nice clothes
  • Good boots
  • Information to make their lives better
  • Haircuts
  • Good food
  •  Meals out
  • Fitness club membership dues
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Rent for a nice place in a great location
  • Vehicles, gas and vehicle maintenance
  • Drinks out
  • Internet dating site access
  • Dating
  • Fun of any kind
  • Travel

Actually Start Doing More Masculine Activities

Wrap Up on Non Masculine Men

Masculine men instinctively know to stop doing what is not working for them.  Their focus is on their abundance, success and happiness. 

When something is not working right, they evaluate it, determine what they need to start doing or stop doing and then act 

You can do this too.

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