Think About You

Think about you. Almost to the exclusion of others.  Since you become what you think about most of the time as explained in The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale and as alluded to in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, then it should be obvious that thinking about you and your life is what you need to do.

You would not spend most of your time worrying about what other people thought or wondering what your neighbor is up to or in front of the TV watching other people live. 

You wouldn't wait for an election to do something.  You wouldn't pin your hopes on someone else doing something.  

You wouldn't have to walk on eggshells and be careful about what you say and do.  You wouldn't live in fear or apprehension about what someone else may say or do.  You wouldn't bother praying that much either.

No, you would need to think about what you want.  You would think about you.  And then act on that.

You can only control you.  Think about you.

Besides it's boring to think too much about other people. Most of the people you know are either living extremely limited lives without anything going on or they are overly stressed out running around in pointless busyness doing nothing of any real value.

The people you don't know (celebrities, athletes, politicians and anyone else famous) who do seem to be living life on the larges side,are only worth thinking about if you know them personally.  Because unless you know someone personally (relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, people you do business with or have spent some real time learning from) you don't know them.

So, you don't really have that many people you would be thinking about anyway.  Your thoughts in relationship to all these other people should be strictly in terms of how what they know can help your life or by how helping some of these people (your children, etc.) strategically would provide you joy and satisfaction.

Think About You

ahappiermanMe at the coffee shop contemplating life

So let's get started with this think about you type of life.  How might that look?

You would

  • Spend the vast majority of your time doing exactly what you want.
  • Be planing your next moves.
  • Be creating the life you desire.
  • Be getting busy with what you want to do.
  • Be grateful that you have the ability to do so.

You would not

  • Worry, fret and ponder about what other people will think about what you are doing or find reasons to plot and plan your moves around their moves.
  • Even need to think positive thoughts about other people because they are in control of their lives, just as you are in control of your life.
  • Try to get ahead by putting others down.

You let other people control their lives, just as you are controlling yours.

My Downfall

I fell into this trap of trying to influence other people when I was married. 

I kept trying to love my wife more, do more for her, revolve my life around hers in the hope that all this positive thinking would influence her to be the kind of wife I wanted.

But it didn't work.  No matter how hard I tried to please her, she could not be pleased.  No matter what I tried to do to make her life better, it was never enough.  Keeping a positive attitude was not enough to overcome her negativity.

I could not control how she treated me.  She controlled how she treated me.  And she treated me terribly.  When I finally woke up enough to think about you, I left her and my life has been steadily climbing upwards.  Sometimes I cannot believe I am the same person.  There is such a difference between the extremely happy, high quality life I lead now and the extremely miserable, low quality life I lived then.

You cannot just think positive thoughts about your spouse in the hope that this will change that person for the better. The idea that you can just love them more or understand them better is just foolish thinking. It is almost as childish as believing in Santa Claus.  The other person has their agenda, their thoughts and what they want.

It they want to control you they will do whatever it takes to get and maintain this control. 

You cannot just wish it away with your thoughts.  Your thoughts can only control you, not others. 

The only way I could get out of this trap was to use my thoughts to decide how I wanted my life to be and my eventual actions were to leave.

Think About You - A Quick Simple Test

Here is a quick test for you to see if you can think about you.  Write down the first 50 things you would do or buy if you won a lottery of $37,000,000.  The first part of the test is can you even write 50 things down. The second part of the test if if all 50 things are something for you.

Most people think in terms of buying gifts for others, paying off debts, giving to charity and taking care of others.

When I do this test I list all the debts I should pay off and then all the important things I have been deferring for years. Then I list the gifts to others and how I would take care of them.

Finally, I get to what I would really like.  I find there is not as much money left as I would like and I do not have any energy to do this anymore.

Can you just do a fictional exercise to clarify your desires enough so you understand what you really want?.  Can you think about you?

Eliminate Ought to Thinking

Avoid thinking what you ought to be doing. 

We tend to think in terms of we ought to be doing.

I Ought To

  • Go to college
  • Stay in the same career
  • Go to church
  • Vote
  • Stay with this person
  • Work in the yard to please the neighbors
  • Go into this line of work to please my family
  • Serve my country and sacrifice

This ought to thinking is just for small minded simple thinking people.  It is childish thinking.  Ought is a work by people who refuse to think for themselves.
Ought to is not really a reason.
Do things because you DESIRE to not because you ought to.
If you always do things because you ought to do them then you are stuck doing things for other people, groups, organizations and even objects.  Ought is a word used for guilt and manipulation.

Focus on Your Life

This is the only way to have the great life you want.

You have to stop spending countless hours working for others, helping others, doing things for others and think about you.

Focus on your career, finances, relationships, fitness, fun, happiness and health.

Care about the most important parts of your life.  Use your efforts, energy, time and money on your own life.

The celebrities, sports stars and wealthy people who go through life with grace and style did not get that way by accident. They use constant effort and energy working on their own lives.

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