Masculine Male Look

The more you develop the masculine male look the better your life will be. You will attract women easier. You will do better in business and your career. You will have more fun and have a better life.

I'm mostly going to discuss your look related to women.

The easiest way to do better with women is to have them come up to you. This will happen to you more and more if you develop the masculine look .

Of course, most women do not just come up to men and start the interaction, even if you are very good looking or extremely masculine. They are more coy. They come up to you in a way, that if you are unaware, you do not think they are doing anything.

This recognition problem is a huge problem for most men. Most men are clueless about how women come on to them. You do not even realize when a woman is interested in you.

After studying this and analyzing this I am just starting to realize how often women came on to me, or came up to me, that I did not even realize.

Masculine Male Look and Women Coming On To You

Looking back now, the girls were throwing themselves at them.

If you are tall, understand that all you need is a simple comeback to this "you're tall" comment.  Tease her about how short she is, shake her had,  then give her a twirl,  ask her name, add some more small talk about where you are at the time, and then tell her to give you her phone number.

Pretty simple stuff when you are tall.

If you don't like her, just move on.

If you really like her and the logistics are better, like at a club, you tell her that you two should dance. Or move it even faster along.

I cannot stress this enough, if you are tall, that is sometimes all the masculine male look you need.

To repeat, if you are tall, that may be all the masculine male look you need.

Let's look at another small example of how women come on to you when you have the masculine male look.

Say it is late in the evening at a club or bar with a band or DJ. The music is blaring great songs or at least songs that are good enough for dancing. You are standing there with a drink in your hand looking at the girls. You are with a friend, but you are talked out because you have been with him all night, besides the music is too loud to hear each other anyway.

Then you notice a girl who just showed up near you. But she has her back to you. Is this girl just lost and looking for her friends? Is she standing by you by mistake? No, she is trying to get your attention. She is coming up to you to try to get you to say something to her. She wants some male attention from you. You have the masculine male look that she wants. She wants you to do something. She is not going to just grab you and grind on you, unless she is very bold or quite drunk.

But this is what most men wait for. The extreme bold or extreme drunk behavior from women. Most girls just do not come on to guys that way.

We don't want a woman who is so bold and drunk that she comes on to us in an outrageous way, but we will not make a move on a normal girl who is shyly trying to get our attention.

If you realize she wants you to approach, you are wimping out if you do nothing. Of course, if you do not like the look of her, you can ignore this.

But a better way to train yourself to be better with women is to say something to her. Instead of you not ever doing anything, you become the alpha male who is always talking to the girls. You can always bail if you do not find her attractive in either her looks or her personality. But you cannot really know until you talk to her a little.

Waiting for women to make the first big move is no way for you as a man to be. When you notice a girl in your space, you have to act. You have to say something. You have to do something. She is in your space because you have the masculine male look.

From Man v City

How to Look More Masculine

His List -

  1. Build Muscle
  2. Grow Facial Hair
  3. Lower Body Fat
  4. Get Tan
  5. Grow Taller
  6. Get Tattooed
  7. Build a Big Neck

Good advice.  Seems to be a pattern here.

I'm happy with my masculine male look. I'm tan, with big muscles, big neck, facial hair, a tight haircut and happy at work and with life. I'm even thinking about tattoos

Look More Interesting

One way to make the girls come up to you more and to talk to you more is to look more interesting or be more interesting in some way. You take a physical action, to improve your masculine male look.

Some Items or Actions to Make You Look More Interesting

  • Big, good looking, maybe expensive watches
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Expensive shoes
  • Good smelling cologne
  • Tattoos
  • Dress up
  • Extra article of clothing that is not necessary.  Layers, scarves, ties, pocket square, bandanas.  All these things are not necessary.
  • Leather jacket
  • Interesting hat
  • Get a good haircut
  • Dress to show off your big muscles
  • Manly facial hair
  • Laugh and joke around with your friends or the people around you

What are all these items or actions but a way to stand out.  You stand out from the crowd the other guys.  They may be great guys but they are boring.

Boring guys do none of these things.

Some of the less boring guys try to do these things, but they are self conscious about doing them.

Girls don't like boring.  It isn't only about the girls either.  You won't have much of a life if you are boring, trying to fit in and standing on the sidelines.

If you are masculine, you do not mind standing out. You welcome it. You enjoy looking big, or tough, or well-dressed or something. You enjoy laughing, joking around and having some fun.

Seems like a better way to live, doesn't it?

These are things that women can get into. These are all things they are interested in. They consider these things to be an alpha male look. They want to comment on your beard. They want to feel your big arms. They want to smell your cologne. They want to know why you wear a ring. They want to see you closer. They want to be in on your fun.

Can you get it into your head that as a man, women want you? Women desire you. Women will kiss you within minutes of meeting you. Women will have sex with you without knowing anything at all about you, not even your name.

This has happened to me. It happens still. At the times where I had the most masculine male look, incredible things happened.

Sometimes I think back to the women I met and have been with and have been amazed at how fast it happened. I wonder if this was even me.

Women have come on to me and I do not even realize it. It is hard to comprehend. I have been actively working on myself to make myself be manlier and more of an alpha male and to develop the alpha male look I am talking about but I still have the beta thinking that says all this is impossible.

I think that all those things happened to me 20 years ago. It is impossible for them to be happening now. I am so old.

But that is not true.

20 years ago I had a lot more hair. 20 years ago I was leaner. 20 years ago I went out a lot more and drank more and had a lot more fun times with my friends. We were always laughing and joking and having the times of our lives. We had so much fun that it did not matter if there were women around or not. If there weren't we had fun. If there were women around we had fun and the women were just drawn to us and wanted to be in on our fun.

But now things are different. In some ways things for me are worse but in some ways things are much better.

I am balding. I am overweight. I don't go out that much. I only get together with my good friends a few times a year.

But I choose to look at how much better my life is.

I do not go out that much because I am spending time on things that mean a lot to me. I care for my children. I work on my health. I especially work on my internet businesses.

I am balding but I now have great looking facial hair that I never had as a younger man. I look like a man.

I need to lose weight but my muscles are huge. I have much more muscles than I did years ago. Plus, I have huge muscles relative to my age group. I do not look like the typical fat, pale middle aged man in his fifties.

I look like I can beat people up, because I can. I look like I can lift huge weights because I can. I look tan and outdoorsy because I am.

I have chosen to be this way. I have chosen to continue to lift huge, heavy weights.

I have chosen to be tan by consciously spending more time in the sun. I have chosen to ignore the mainstream advice that says the sun is harmful. I feel better and more healthy by getting more sun.

I am more outdoorsy because I have spent many days outdoors doing hard physical work that is impossible for most other men of my age.

When I do go out I have fun. I talk to people, I joke around with whoever. I make it a point to be having fun and feeling good in the moment.

When there are women around I do fine.

You can create in yourself the masculine male look that women love by choosing to do this. The information is available.

Spend some money on making yourself look better.  Don't give all your money to others. Focus on you, how you feel and how you look.

Easy Way to Start to Get the Masculine Male Look

You can certainly look more masculine very quickly by

  • Getting a tight haircut
  • Growing your facial hair
  • Wearing boots
  • Wearing contacts
  • Keeping your shirt collar open

You can start doing these things right away.  This is simple stuff that men do to look better. 

Bushy hair makes you look like a slob.  No facial hair makes you look like a child, or a crooked politician.  Small, lightweight shoes make you look like a girl.  Glasses make you look like a clueless nerd.  And a shirt buttoned up to your neck makes you look afraid.

So, don't do those things. Do what I suggest.

List of More Difficult Things to do for a More
Masculine Male Look

  • Get in the sun.  It's demonized.  But do your own research on the benefits.
  • Lift weights as your main form of exercise.  Avoid cardio or too much cardio.  Do your own research, but you cannot go wrong by being stronger.
  • Spend most of your money on your desires.  Avoid spending money on others or giving money to them.
  • Avoid taking care of too many people.  It makes no sense to have a family if you cannot even take care of yourself.
  • Eat more meat and good fats so your gut will get smaller.  Do your own research, but you will not get fat by eating too much meat and fats.

Final Thoughts on Developing the Masculine Male Look

How you feel and how you feel about how you look are two of the most important components to a mindset of happiness and fulfillment.

When you are unwell, sick, pale, weak and tired, you will not be able to enjoy your life.

When you are not comfortable in your own skin.  When your clothes do not fit, or you cannot do the things you would like to do, or you are excessively embarrassed about your appearance, you will not think that life is great.

Doing these easy things to look better and these more difficult, but simple, things to look and feel better will create an awesome life for you.

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