Do It Yourself

Do it yourself.  You do it  by yourself.  Help yourself.

Your life gets so much easier the more you can do for yourself.  Relying on others makes your life hopelessly irritating and frustrating.

I know this is a cynical view, but that is the correct view.  Not because people are trying to be unreliable.  They have their own lives to deal with and going out of their way to help you does not help them very much or at all.

Think of it this way...if you spend an enormous amount of your energy doing things for other people, how does that help you?

Most people do not wake up each day wondering what they can do to make your life better.


They wake up thinking what will make my own life better.

It does no good to get enraged over this, complaining about how people are too selfish, because this is the way the world works.  In order to have some success in the world you have to understand the way the world works and use that to your advantage.

And a major way the world works is that each person is mostly concerned with what he can do to improve his own situation.

Knowing that, it is up to you to do it yourself rather than convincing lots of other people to help you.  The more you set up your life to rely on other people, the more difficult your life becomes.

The key to a great, easy, successful life is to set up your life in such a way that you don't need that much help.

If you need a lot of help you are helpless and that is exactly the opposite way of living a happier, successful life.

Do It Yourself

Let's look at some times when you are usually counting on others and how by changing things somewhat you do not need others at all or only a little bit.


Normally you will call a bunch of friends and family to help you. What if they cannot make it? What if they are too old, too sick, too frail or too busy to help?

A better way is to move as much as possible yourself and hire moving men to do what you cannot.  Rely on yourself, your strength and your financial resources to handle this difficult task.

You should make things easier on yourself.  You can minimize the size of your furniture. Toss out as much as possible. Reduce your possessions. Sell and give away things to make the move as simple, easy and inexpensive as possible. It costs nothing to throw things out.

Remodeling or Working on a House

Most of this type of work is straight forward and simple to accomplish for a hard working man.  You don't need to have a bunch of people to do this work unless you want to have it done very quickly.

Working With a Partner

Doing any type job where you have to work with a partner or a helper or assistant for most of the day would just drive me insane.

I am just not interested at all with putting up with someones idiosyncrasies and problems. I am not interested in spilling my guts to someone at work.

The few times where I had to work closely with a partner were very unpleasant  I only did it for the money to get through some hard times.

I love to do the majority of my work on my own. I like to work at my own pace. I hate to be slowed down by someone else almost as much as I hate being rushed by someone else.

Jobs that Requires Others to Help

Some work relies on other people to do part of it.  My earlier civil engineering jobs depended on CAD operators to complete the plans. That part of the job was frustrating to no end. I hated the mistakes they made.  I hated how slow they worked.  I hated that they would not stay late to finish or show up late the next day. 

This type of work creates enormous stress in your life.

Relying on Others for Income

Depending on your spouse for financial support is a huge mistake for both the one working and the one not working.

The main reason people stay in terrible, dysfunctional, loveless, and even abusive marriages is for the money. They fear what would happen in they leave. It does not matter if you are the person who is making the money or the person receiving it. Women who are dependent on their husbands income fear leaving and men who make all the money in the marriage fear leaving due to finances.

Businesses that Need Very Capable People

Operating a business that depends on having very capable people working at peak efficiency all the time is a huge mistake.

A better business model is one in which almost anyone can do the work without needing to work that hard or be really bright. Look at how some of the most successful businesses are staffed by high school kids, senior citizens and even disabled people. McDonald's, all fast food restaurants, convenience stores and Wal-Mart are all staffed with people who are not that great of workers. Yet, those businesses thrive.

The reason they thrive is that the business model is set up so the business does not rely on any one person or even need a capable person to run it.

Businesses that Need Complicated Machines

Being in a business that relies on complex, expensive machines that need really capable operators or experts to repair is not good. A better model for staying organized is to have machines that are easy to maintain and can be easily run by anyone.

Personal computers, hand tools, pickup trucks, lawn blowers, snow blowers, sewing machines, calculators and telephones are all types of simple machines that are inexpensive to buy, inexpensive to replace and easily fixed.  Plus these tools are easy for most people to operate.

Looking For Answers from Others

Looking to leaders to tell you what to do is the wrong way to lead your life.  Our leaders will always lead us astray as they are only looking out for themselves.

Other people do not have all the answers.   They are good for guidance, recommendations and motivations.  But the final answers need to come from within you.

A Simple Do It Yourself idea From Bold and Determined

Cut Your Own Hair

Start to do it yourself with some simple things.

Do it yourself haircut

Why to Do It Yourself

If you can de-complicate your life and do things yourself life becomes easier and easier.  You just don't need to have so much help.  It's better to obtain a few of the correct tools and devices to act as your reliable helpers.

You can hire a few people occasionally to do a few of the tasks you don't want to do yourself.  Just realize if you do need help from others, you keep realistic expectations of what they can accomplish.  Determine what you really need them for, and keep following up with them to get that much, and no more, out of them.

Let's face it, people will always let you down. Counting on others is a mistake. It will be great if they help you, but set things up so that you can do it without their help.

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