Money is Good

Money is good. There I've said it.

You know deep in your gut that this is true in spite of what you have been hearing for your entire life. You have been hearing over and over again that money is bad that you actually  believe it.

When you believe a lie and orient your life around that lie, you suffer.

Your life is a mess because of the false belief that money is not good.

Thinking that money is the root of all evil is one of the worst sayings ever. You really have to look at who says this and why.

Money is Good...Duh
Good For Your Life

It is people who have a massive interest in you giving your money to them with as little effort expended by them as possible.

It is also people who just repeat these mistaken notions without thinking.

If you would just switch the saying around to money is good, your whole relationship with money will change for the better.

There has not been one time in my entire life where having more money hurt me. That is all the proof I need. Money is good and it has been an immense help to me.

But there have been thousands if not hundreds of thousands of instances where the lack of enough money has hurt me.

It is really not funny.

Everything I do or do not do is based on how much it costs.


This is true for everyone. Money can buy happiness. It is the lack of money that causes the pain.

From Bold and Determined

21 Rules of the Rich

Thank you Victor.

The media will put out stories of how a wealthy person is suffering because of having too much money. That the cause of their suffering is too much money. This is just another way to manipulate you. This is an easy way to get you to more easily part with your money and give it to someone else.

Intuitively you know this is true. You know that more money helps you and can help you more than anything else in the world. You know the more money you have the more good you can do. There is nothing you need more.

Yet, you feel guilty for thinking this way. You push this feeling down. You deny that this is true.

The only ones who do not deny this are the ones who are busy getting rich and enjoying the life that deep down, you really wish you had.

They are past the guilt or at least past it enough to do well.

Think how the lack of money is what makes for the suffering of you and your family

  • The cheap food you buy for your children.
  • The gifts you cannot afford for them.
  • The lack of things that they need to thrive.
  • How you do not go to the doctor or dentist when you need to.
  • You do not maintain your car very well.
  • You live in a mediocre home.
  • How you surround yourself with lack.
  • How everything you do and do not do is because of a lack of money.
Some people see drug money. I see fun and freedom.

Then, think of all the things you would do and all the things you would buy, how that would be such a wonderful experience. Think of the times in your life when you had extra money, how that was the best time in your life.

Think of how more money was always better than less.

Think of how the extra money made your life better, easier, more fun and stress free.

Images showing the opposite of money is good are always false.

I just saw a headline recently about how billionaires are frugal. Come on. That is just beyond ridiculous. That is just stupid thinking. Wouldn't a billionaire be able to have everything he wanted and do anything he wanted? Isn't that the point of being rich?

Money is good and the most important thing in life.

It is more important than love, by far. Love is normally said to be more important than money.

But that is all wrong. Money is good and the most important thing in life. First you need money, then love. It is not the other way around.

Without enough money your life will just be an endless struggle for survival. Love, is nearly impossible when you are just trying to survive. You just cannot escape that fact.

There are those who say that the best things in life are free. There are some things in life that are free and that are quite nice. Sunrises and sunsets. Smiles from children. Nature. All nice.

But without having enough money to survive those things do not amount to anything. How can you enjoy a sunset if you go to bed hungry? How can you enjoy a sunrise if you are in heavy traffic driving into the sun to a job you hate that doesn't pay enough for you to survive?

Besides, the sun rises and sets everyday.

Your children will not be smiling if they are hungry, sick and have nothing. You cannot be called a good father if your children are lacking. You believing money is good will only help your children.

You cannot enjoy nature without your basic survival needs met. Spending time in nature requires an enormous amount of money. Nature is cruel unless you are well outfitted.

There is nothing right about people saying the opposite of money is good or that it is not important. You have to have your own thought on spending and not get caught up in doing what you are told or what they say is right.

There are a Few Reasons This Myth is out there

It is in the interests of the forces in control to keep you thinking that money is not important.  It is easy to separate you from your money if you think it is not important. They just have to keep you working, but earning less and spending more getting deeper into debt.

You do not complain about taxes, paying without much of a struggle and without finding ways to avoid it.  It is simple to collect taxes when people put up no resistance. The money just comes out of your paycheck automatically. When you want what is yours back at the end of the year you have to work your way through obscure, confusing forms only to learn that unless you are doing what they want you to do, you are not going to get much of your own money back.

Sales tax is added to every item you automatically. No one ever complains about this either.

When you study your utility bills you find more taxes that the utility companies add on to your bill.

You do not complain about inflation because you do not even understand what inflation is even though it is is talked about all the time.

Since inflation is not understood it's effect on taxes is not understood either. If something costs $1.00 and the tax rate is 5% then the taxes collected is $0.05.

If inflation causes the item to now cost $2.00 with the same tax rate of 5% then the taxes collected will be $0.10.

The amount of taxes collected is doubled but the tax rate has not increased. It's a diabolical scheme that is never discussed.

That is why the government cannot end the Central Banks. One of the biggest winners from inflation are governments.

The governments can keep the tax rate constant or only raise them slightly.  Sometimes they may lower them to appease the masses. Yet they go on collecting huge amounts of increasing money.

It is due to inflation causing all products and services to cost more and therefore, more taxes.

The other reason that money is thought to not be that important is that to a person not doing well can justify why by saying money is not important.

If you do not make much money you can sleep better at night knowing that money is not important.

You can justify your meager existence or your ineptness or incompetence.

You may not be doing anything of value or have made bad choices. But oh well, money is not that important anyway and I will not make any changes to how I do things or order my life.

We are also preached at, lectured to, scolded, threatened, cajoled and sweet talked to think of others. To give, give, give. It is better to give than receive. Give to Caesar what is Caesars. We are part of the social contract. It takes a Village.

All of it is nonsense but we listen to it and obey.

We give, give, give.

When you give all your money away and the tax man takes a huge chunk what is left for you?

Not much. But after all, money is not that important.

Just write down what you need, want and desire most and see if anything on your list doesn't require money.  Money is good because you can buy happiness.

The only dollars that have hurt me are the ones that I didn't have.

Every single dollar I have had I have enjoyed. Not one dollar that hurt me. Thinking extra money will hurt you is a myth put out by forces in control. That is why they are called forces in control.

What money have you had that hurt you?

It is so nice and soft in your pocket. It is such a beautiful color. It doesn't take up much room. It looks so good in your bank account register. It feels so good to be on top of your personal finances, paying your bills easily on time or even early and to buy what you need and want without waiting.

Money is good

Extra money is wonderful giving you a better life.

I never feel guilty thinking about money, dreaming about money or thinking that money is good. I only feel bad when I am short of money, never when I am long of money.

Even the lottery winners who some may say squander their new found wealth at least have the enjoyment of spending a lot of money.

Think of it. Wouldn't you rather have a chance to spend a million dollars than to not spend it? Couldn't you enjoy spending a bundle of money like that? Being rich, even temporarily, is a lot more fun than being broke your whole life. The money is good that you won. You will have a lot of fun spending it. You will do tremendous good in the spending. The money circulates. It pays others for the goods and services you want.

It's so nice, warm and comforting.

All the news reports saying how the lottery winner's are now broke again make no sense to me. The reports are trying to make the opposite case of money is good. They are trying to say that money is not good.

So what if the lottery winner spent all the money and now poor again? Money is good when you get it and good when you spend it.

Saying that is just as stupid as saying your team won the championship last year and didn't win it this year so winning it last year did not count.

The winning it once is the thing. Just as the having the money once is the thing.

Let's say you get a great, high-paying job. You buy a big house and have all kinds of success. But then for some reason you lose that job and you cannot afford the house and it is foreclosed.

Some would say that is terrible. The person should have bought a more sensible house and saved all his money for the future.

Enjoy your big house for however long you have it. If you lose it, so what.

You can adjust your circumstances now.  You have to continually adjust your life whether you are rich or not.

The more you can adjust your thinking to money is good, the better your life will be.

When you think that money is good you will put in the time, work and effort to making more.

You will learn how to invest. You will work on your dream business. You will sell things you don't need. You will apply for your dream job. You will invest in yourself and other things that make sense. You will get out of debt and keep your money where it belongs, with you and working for you.

You will change your mindset to money is good.

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