Windfall Planning
A Method to See if You Are Living Your Life the Way You Really Want

I like to spend quite a bit of time windfall planning.

This is a type of affirmation or feel good technique I picked up from various prosperity teachers.

The theory of this idea is that if what you put in your mind eventually manifests in your physical reality.

So you might as well think high-level, excellent thoughts about how your life could go rather than down on yourself thoughts about how bad your life could get.

I have taken this one step further and use this method to determine if I am moving toward my ideal life...or not.

So what I do is sit down with a paper and pen and plan out various scenarios with a lot of money...windfall planning.

I receive a significant amount of money one day and then what do I do with it.

It's quite fun.  It is a very pleasant way to spend your time.  I would rather do this than turn on the TV.  I can do it couch, my recliner, in my reclining outdoor chair, in spare moments here and there, at the coffee shop.  Anywhere.

This exercise helps you to clarify what you should do with the money you have now.  Whatever is at the top of the list, you work on now.

 Try it.

My Windfall Planning List

Deal with the Past by Paying off all my current debts

I happily spend an hour or two  online paying debts, updating my checkbook and checking off these debts in my various checklists.  The freedom from debt repayment is incredible.

Transfer money to savings

I spend a few minutes transferring money from my checking account into my various savings accounts.  Kind of loading them up for future use and the prosperous feeling of having a bunch of money safely stored away in a safe manner.

New zero in my checking account

This is a trick I learned from a few people where they keep a fairly significant amount of money in their checking account by just artificially deducting money from their account.  So even if their checking account balance says $00.00 in their check book register, they still have money in the account.

Invest in a Variety of Ways

  • Open a new mutual fund account for a new investment I want to build and grow for future use.
  • Maximize the amount of money I set aside in my work deferred compensation account since I have plenty of money to pay bills and have fun.
  • Buy stocks, increase savings, work on other investments

Get Some Cash

Go to the bank and get a significant amount of cash, say somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000.   I still love cash even if it seems like it is being phased out.  I will hold onto mine.

I think this is quite beautiful

Buy Some Cool Stuff

  • A new couch
  • Comfortable dining room chairs
  • Shoes
  • Boots
  • Comfortable and stylish clothes
  • Tasty liquor
  • Steaks for the freezer
  • Gold and silver coins

Give My Favorite People Some Money

  • My kids, of course
  • Family

Pay Into the Future

  • Rent checks for the rest of my lease
  • Write in many months worth of automatic payments

Start Making Significant Plans & Paying for it if Possible

  • Travel.  Book flights and hotels if possible.  Set aside vacation time.  Firm up plans.
  • Increase the rate and frequency of the fun and adventurous life I love having.  I know what I like to do, I would just do more of it.

From Randy Gage (one of my favorite prosperity teachers) -

Blowing Up Bad Beliefs About Money and Success

Favorite quote -

Money simply reveals who you really are.  If you’re a grounded person with positive self-esteem and strong character – coming into a large amount of money would lead you to use it for higher good for yourself and others.

Windfall Planning
What I Would NOT Do with a Lot of Money

  • Quit my job.  I would keep working at what I do now.  It is my dream job and it would be simpler to phase into a rich life rather than start abruptly.
  • Buy a house.  I would continue to rent where I am now with the idea of starting to think about where and how I would like to live in the future.
  • Buy an overly expensive car.  I would probably buy a top of the line Ford pickup in the fairly near future as a happier man drives a truck.
  • Buy anything that is really expensive, except maybe a great watch or two.
  • Hire a financial planner.  This might be needed in the future, but since I am continuing to work and not going overboard on the spending I would not think it is necessary.
  • Tell anyone.  I would limit this for as long as possible until I get my plans in place.
  • Make significant changes to my life for a significant length of time.  I would think I would just continue to live my happier man life as I am now.  Everything is so good already.

Windfall Planning Wrap-Up

Since I have a number of things to obtain and a number of experiences to have  based on my current income and doing that over a number of years, I would just compress the time I do these things while still savoring them.

I would not be in a hurry.

I would expect that as I am doing many of the things I want to do and acquiring many of the things I want to have, other opportunities and ideas would open up.

I feel no need to over-plan the future.

Again, this windfall planning method helps to ensure you are on the right track now.

One of the main benefits of this method is it leads you to what you really want to do now regardless of how much money you have.

You just do the things at the top of the list and as you accomplish them, you move down the list.  As you do this, you may shuffle the order a bit as new money, new ideas and other things pop up.

But you are always making progress.

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