Do Not Pay For the View
Buying an Expensive House for the View Costs Too Much and Limits Your Options

I do not pay for the view.  It makes no sense to buy an already expensive home in an expensive area and then pay more for the view.

When you live in a home you mostly never look out the window anyway.  It's almost like you would not need windows at all. 

You turn on the TV when you come home exhausted from a very long day at work.  You look at your computer and play with your phone. 

You get home after dark anyway.  You collapse into bed.  You hustle off to work then next day.

Where is all the time you are going to stare out the window at that view?

Houses are a Poor Investment Anyway
Do Not Pay for the View and pay more

I have owned three homes.  Two of them to live in and one as an investment.  I lost my ass all three times.

The first one was the inexpensive starter home that I paid too much for and then poured huge amounts of money into to fix up.  Even after I spent a bundle it was still too small, still had a bad layout, still had a leaky basement and was still located in a decaying urban city with dangerous public schools for my precious children.

The second was an investment duplex that I paid too much for and poured huge money to fix up and had a really hard time getting it rented to someone who wasn't a derelict.  Oh and it was next to a drug house.

The third was my dream house in one of the best suburbs with the best schools.  It was a 2,400 square foot ranch house, less than 10 years old, with 3 huge bedrooms, an open concept, 2 -1/2 baths, master suite with walk-in closet and whirlpool tub.

I loved that house except for the massive mortgage and living there with my verbally abusive wife who refused to work and made my life miserable.

Not one dime of all that money I poured into those 3 "great" investments did I get back.

I did not go into these with the idea of losing all my money.  I was hoping I would make money.  I am not stupid.

But all the assumptions I made, that I had read about, that I was told, turned out to be wrong.

I Wish I Had Read James Altucher Before Making the Massive Mistake of Buying Homes

From James Altucher

Why I Am Never Going to Own a Home Again

Why I Would Rather Shoot Myself in the Head Than Own a Home

I Love Looking At Views

I love to see beautiful things.  I go out of my way to do so. I am not against views.

I just say do not pay for the view.  You will regret it.

I rolled out of bed one weekend at my friend's weekend place.  He is paying for the view.  But I enjoyed it more.

View from the couch early one Sunday morning. I was staying at my friends place for free.
Same Sunday morning view of the river.

I can walk down the street and hike in beautiful natural areas without paying anything.

For just a few bucks I can get into wonderful parks too.

View of the marsh I hike in near my home. I hike here for free. The homes near it cost nearly half a million.
When I don't pay a lot for a house, I have more money to do fun things.

I don't want to just stare out my window anyway.  I want to see more.

› Do Not Pay For The View

The only way I could become the happier man I am today was by leaving my wife.  You might be in the same situation I was in.  I suggest you take a look at my book - Leave Your Wife & Become a Happier Man with the 3 Step System.

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